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Legends of Tomorrow Episode 1 Discussion: This is insanity.

legends of tomorrow episode 1 discussionFinally Legends of Tomorrow episode 1 premiered, and it was as epic and action-packed as the previews promised. I can’t believe this show is actually on air, because it’s just so crazy and ambitious. So let’s discuss Legends of Tomorrow episode 1!

Spoilers follow.

After watching this episode, it’s insane to think that this happens in the same world as Arrow. Everything that happens on that show just seems so tiny compared to what’s going to go down in Legends of Tomorrow.

So the concept is simple: Vandal Savage murders Hunter’s family, he decides to go rogue to stop him. To help him out Hunter enlists a group of people, who aren’t legends…yet. Obviously a big part of Legends is going to be these group of people really finding their purpose in life. Even though Ray had a city change its name because of his apparent death, he doesn’t think his life is important yet, nor do the others. Hopefully saving the world will help with their existential crisis (and give Heat Wave some people to kill).

legends of tomorrow episode 1 Because we already know all these characters, except for Rip, it’s easy to quickly jump into this world. The team have already started to establish some interesting dynamics. Ray and Martin like to nerd it out together, whilst Sara and Snart like a little chaos.

As a massive Doctor Who fan, I can’t help but geek out over this show about a Time Master, who stole a ship and left his people to travel through time to save the world. The scale of Legends of Tomorrow is huge, and you could definitely sense that from the Pilot.

Compared to Arrow and Flash, Legends seems cinematic in scale. There’s been rumblings that The CW are hesitant to give the show a season 2 because of how expensive it is to produce an episode, but if the show does big numbers, I’m sure they’ll work it out. But hey the cost is worth it, because visually the show actually looks really good.

So much happened in just this first episode it’s hard to talk about it all, but the big thing to talk about is Vandal Savage himself. Interestingly enough Vandal Savage is currently the main villain in a major Superman arc that’s been crossing over most of his titles. In the story we see that Savage was a man who was denied power, which he thought he was worthy of, when he was younger. However it was his fearlessness that lead to him receiving immortality, and now he travels across the ages finding places that are worthy to have him as a leader. However most fail to impress him, and they end up having a painful end.

vandal savage superman annual legends of tomorrow

He’s been portrayed in the recent comics as highly intelligent and sophisticated, yet when he doesn’t get his way, well he gets a little bit savage.

From what we’ve seen of TV’s Vandal Savage so far, he seems like a real threat. But I hope they explore his character a little more, and really get into his motivations. Because I get the whole jealous lover thing, but I would like to see a little more complexity from him. Which I’m sure we’ll see considering the whole show is based around him.

Basically right now Legends of Tomorrow just seems like it’s going to be a really fun show that isn’t embarrassed to embrace it’s weird sci-fi, comic book world. I’m definitely looking forward to seeing the inter-team relationships grow and what other weird places they end up going!


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  1. Speaking of Doctor Who, don’t forget Rip Hunter is played by Arthur Davill aka Rory. So you can trust him, cause he’s The Doctor…’s former companion lol. Wouldn’t be surprised if there’s some Doctor Who jokes or references made later on.

    Yeah I loved the pilot. It was a bit rushed but because the Arrowverse has been around for a while, with now 3 live action shows, an animated series about Vixen who’ll appear in Arrow at some point and hopefully this show, and the cancelled Constantine show, fans already know these characters and any newcomer to this can either feel comfortable with it or bring themselves up to speed.

    I hope there’s a second season for it because there’s so much potential and a ripe opportunity to make it the premiere live action teamup show, with a rotating cast. They’re already getting Jonah Hex which is awesome, and hopefully that could lead to something with him since there’s potential for him too despite that crap movie nearly ruining it (never saw it don’t plan to). Constantine is gonna be in next season hopefully, of which the quips between him and Rip will go thru the roof lol. And I heard Robbie Amell will return as Ronnie Raymond, judging from what I’ve seen and heard, yeah I know he’s coming back as Earth 2 Deathstorm but the Earth 1 version can come back too. Doesn’t mean I want Jefferson or Stein to leave, there’ve been multiple Firestorms existing in the comics all at once. Also Deadshot too, regardless of the movie version because Michael Rowe was awesome and again, brings up the point of why have a multiverse if you can’t have multiple versions of stuff.

    I’m also trying to work on a series of posts of various characters I’d like to see show up on LOT, be it ones that’ve been in Arrowverse b4 and newcomers. Until JL or Suicide Squad movies happen, THIS is the premiere live action superhero teamup thing for DC.


    • Haha it’s pretty weird seeing Rory Williams like this!
      Exactly a show like this has so many story telling possibilities, and it premiered to solid ratings last night so hopefully it keeps it up.
      Awesome! Yeah this is basically the JL on TV until we see the real JL


  2. I have a question which might be stupid. I don’t understand the timeline here. Eobard Thawne was apparently born in 2151 and Vandal Savage kills Rip Hunter’s family in 2166. So does Eobard Thawne come from a dystopian world ruled by Vandal Savage?


  3. Watched the first episode of this one today and it was good fun. Found it odd that on a whole team of super-heroes there is only one metahuman, the rest have technology and gimmicks.
    The show feels very much like a D.I.Y. super-team plus a bit of Dr Who with the time travel thing (allowing the writers freedom to do whatever), and I mean that in a good way.


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