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Arrow 4×10 Discussion: Sooo who’s in the grave?

arrow season 4 episode 10 who is in the grave

Arrow season 4 episode 10 picked up from where the finale left off, as Oliver goes on a lovely rampage across the city. This was another one of those moving the pieces in place episodes, because really the story didn’t move forward at all. So let’s discuss Arrow season 4 episode 10!

Spoilers follow.

Let’s just jump right into grave talk: I guess the writers really want to drag this one out. In a non-shocking moment it was revealed that Felicity did in fact survive. We know that she ends up in a wheelchair (from leaked set pics), however after some fan outrage the producers came out saying that there was a hallucination in an upcoming episode, suggesting that the wheelchair scene wasn’t real.

The context for the outrage is the fear fans have that the show will turn Felicity into Oracle. Oracle aka Barbara Gordon after she survived the Joker’s attack, shares similarities with Felicity in that they are both hackers for superheroes. So really their similarity is pretty thin.


People are passionate about Oracle, because she went through a lot to earn that title. But that doesn’t mean she’s the only character that can be in a wheelchair. So if Felicity does end up in a wheelchair, it’s not a big deal. I mean I don’t think they should call her Oracle, but it doesn’t mean Felicity can’t have her own story arc involving dealing with a new disability.

Anyways back to grave talk, many people are freaking out that Diggle is dead. Felicity did seem pretty angry in the limo, suggesting it’s someone close to her, but c’mon they wouldn’t kill Diggle, would they???

Nahh I’m sure Diggle would be safe, I feel like the original trinity won’t ever be touched. So the other likely candidates seem to be Lance, Thea, Laurel or even Felicity’s mother (however I doubt they would drag it out so much if it was just Felicity’s mother).

People are thinking Barry came to the grave because he also knew the person and was close to them, but maybe he was just there for moral support.


Others are thinking it’s Laurel’s time that’s up, as her role in the show has become a lot smaller. I really hope not, I would like to see a little more focus on Laurel and actually explore her growing into Black Canary a little more.

I don’t feel like it would be Thea either, considering we’ve already killed off the rest of his family. And at the scene in the graveyard he almost accepted the death, an acceptance that I don’t think would come too quickly if it was his sister.

Basically my grave talk has given no answers, but I’ll just say that I’m still thinking it’s Lance. It would make sense if Darhk found out that Lance helped Team Arrow, and his death would be big, but not so big that it would leave a massive hole in the show. I mean I love Lance, but I would take his death over Diggle’s any day (sorry Lance).

As for Arrow season 4 episode 10 itself, as I mentioned earlier, it was the episode that set the stage for the rest of the season. Oliver continues to be angry, Thea continues to crave blood and Darhk (and his wife) continue to be insane. No answers this episode, let’s hope things start moving quicker here on out.


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  1. I think I already mentioned about how I’m not exactly thrilled they’re turning Anarky into a generic psycho, tho hopefully not as bad as Beware the Batman did it, because he’s way more complex than that. And now he’s got an obsession with Speedy, which oddly enough I’m ok with, given her record with damaged bfs lol.

    As for Felicity, they could turn her into Oracle or they probably won’t. “The Secret Origin of Felicity Smoak” episode was originally going to be called Oracle, so I guess they’ve been building it up anyway. Regardless, Barbara Gordon, regardless of what DC does, is always the OG Oracle.

    As for the grave, my money’s on Felicity’s mom, Oliver’s kid, or Lance. For the last one, well it isn’t a season of Arrow unless a main character dies, goes to jail or simply leaves, usually the first one.


    • Yeah they tried to give Anarky some lines this episode that made him seem really deep, but he ended up sounding even more generic.
      I remember that, and apparently it was Geoff Johns who told them not to call her Oracle, so I doubt we’ll ever get that name drop.
      And yeah true, I don’t think it’s his kid because by the way Felicity acted it seemed as if whoever it was was really close to her as well, but I guess we’ll have to wait and see


      • Also idk if I was seeing things but did it look like in the previews Felicity was either standing up or sitting on a really high chair because when she said she couldn’t be a part of the team, the camera angle was over someone’s shoulder looking at her as if she was standing.


  2. My latest theory: it’s John Diggle’s grave. You ever hear of any superhero called “Spartan?” Yet that’s what they call him. And they have his little brother on the road to redemption who can become “Guardian,” which was what some of us thought John’s name was going to be. It would explain everyone’s heartache, Barry’s presence, Ollie lingering longest at the grave after everyone else has left, and both Ollie and Felicity giving up the whole “no kill” thing, at least in Damien’s case.

    We know it’s not Ollie or Felicity. If it were Felicity’s mother, she’d be there alongside Ollie. If it were Lance, Laurel would be the last one there, I think. If it were Andy, which is a possibility, then it would be Diggle at the grave last. If it was Thea or Laurel, well, you’ve already addressed that. Diggle himself, however, is very possible, especially if he has an eventual successor in the form of Andy.


    • Ahh I really hope you’re wrong. I think killing off Diggle would be a huge mistake. His character adds a certain balance on the show that’s definitely needed, esp with all the Olicity crap. Hopefully the writers don’t go down this route, but right now it’s looking like a strong possibility

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