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The Flash 2×10 Discussion: Reverse Flash is back???

the flash season 2 episode 10 reverse flash spoilers

The Flash season 2 episode 10 marked the return of the show from break, but they don’t seem to be in a rush to really jump into the main villain of this season, Zoom. Instead we got a more character-driven episode, exploring the relationships between Barry and Patty, and Joe and Wally. Oh and somebody decided it was a good time to make a comeback. So let’s discuss The Flash season 2 episode 10!

Spoilers follow.

It’s one of the most overdone stories in all of superhero fiction. Superhero finds a girl, doesn’t want to tell girl his secret to “protect her”, girl ends up getting kidnapped anyways. This episode definitely felt a little more like a filler and drawn out. I guess because it’s the same story we’ve seen many times before, it was all a little predictive (I mean we all knew something was going to interrupt Barry before he got to tell Patty his secret).

Obviously it’s fair enough that Barry is freaked out by Zoom. Zoom is the guy that knows he’s so good at being bad, that he just loves to show it off to everyone. Hearing Wells tell the story of how Zoom got his name, really demonstrated how ruthless and cunning he is.

Unfortunately still no Zoom this episode! They’re really loving just giving us little moments with him, and then hiding him away for a little while. I really would love to see more of Zoom, and maybe get a little more perspective from him. Everything we’ve seen from him has been from other people’s perspectives, so I hope we get to peep into his mind a little more later on.

wally west the flash

The other part of The Flash season 2 episode 10 focused on Joe and Wally. Clearly they’re going the New 52 route, and have Wally be this troubled kid, who perhaps needs to find a mentor in Barry. We know eventually Wally will get his speed, but that won’t be for a little while now probably.

Oh and in an interesting plot reveal, Jay is sick??? All the more motivation to get his powers back. I can’t wait to see the inevitable team-up between Jay, Barry and maybe Wally. That will be pretty awesome.

Harrison Wells continues to be determined to save his daughter. He seems to be back to not backstabbing Team Flash, and instead of helping Zoom, is trying to find a way to slow him down. Here’s where the freak of the week, The Turtle comes in handy. Although Wells really isn’t interested in having Team Flash (i.e. Cisco) help him out.

Now of course let’s talk about that ending, Reverse Flash is back! Here’s the thing with timey whimey nonsense, it’s nonsense! So yeah this is Reverse Flash who has come from a timeline before he stole Harrison Wells’ identity. So that means it’s the Reverse Flash who still is out to get The Flash (the producers confirmed he’s not from Earth-2).

reverse flash the flash season 2 episode 10

So why bring Reverse Flash back? Well that’s a good question. Will he be used as bait for Zoom? Maybe experimented on to see if Team Flash can slow him down? Perhaps be key to unlocking Jay’s speed again??? If Eddie killed himself, how does Eobard Thawne even still exist? Did he come from some alternate timeline where Eddie never died?? Who knows right now. But it will be pretty great to see the real Harrison Wells go face-to-face with Eobard Thawne, talk about trippy.

Next week’s episode will answer some of those questions as Team Flash finds out about the return of Reverse Flash.

Overall The Flash season 2 episode 10 was a bit of a slow episode, that focused on more of the relationship drama on the show. Next week has been teased by the producers as one of the greatest episodes, so let’s see how all this Reverse Flash drama goes down!


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  1. The funny thing is, the Reverse-Flash was actually a massive Flash fanboy before he turned insane (discovering his destiny was to become evil and the Flash’s greatest enemy) in the comics. Sadly though, I think Matt Lescher is only back for 1 episode, but it would have been great to incorporate that…

    With all this timey-wimey nonsense, I was actually wondering (since Harry apparently killed the Turtle), what if, in a complete reversal from season 1, Harry took over the Reverse-Flash’s body??? That would be amazingly trippy.

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    • You know I wouldn’t be surprised if they did something like that. I think there will be some kind of big moment between Wells and Reverse Flash, and even if he only returns for one episode, his return will surely have some major consequences


      • Oh my god, it just occurred to me…Reverse-Flash comes from the future. Legends of Tomorrow involves time travel…maybe we’ll see the Reverse-Flash appear in Legends??? Might be a bit of a long shot, but that would be amazing (especially if he’s still a fanboy for Flash and has powers haha – I can just imagine Stein being super awkward around him since he knows what he’s destined to become).


      • That would be awesome! I mean it’s the perfect opportunity to revisit his character and see what he was like in his present/our future


  2. Judging by how the episode ended and the previews, maybe Thawne is still a Flash fanboy before turning evil, or they’ll probably incorporate that later. Season 1 did leave things open as to why Thawne hates Barry so much, and considering that Thawne is responsible for the ENTIRE Arrowverse existing in the first place, I don’t think it’ll be the last we see of him.

    As for Wally, yes it seems like they’re doing New 52, but at the same time it’s more relatable. New 52 Wally just spray-painted graffiti for no reason other than DC wanted to make him more “diverse”, he has no parents and needs to be guided and blah blah blah. Here, he’s street racing to make money for his mom’s hospital bills, doesn’t want help from his dad because he wasn’t there (which wasn’t entirely his fault, more his mom’s really since she was messed up and left, and I can understand Joe not saying that because Wally loves his mom and doesn’t want to make Wally divided), and wants to do it his own way without help. He does have a good heart though and is willing to start some kind of relationship with Joe and his family, including Barry at some point, which will be interesting to see if a brotherly bond forms between them, and will probably be an interesting way of looking at the dynamic between Barry and Wally as brothers instead of surrogate father-son/uncle-nephew relationship like the comics. My only problem with Wally was that him street racing reminded me WAY too much of how Fantastic Four 2015 did Human Torch, though again at least Wally had a reason for doing it other than to be “diverse”.

    Speaking of bad comic book movies The Flash is ripping off lately, they also ripped off Batman and Robin by having Francine West diagnosed with that madeup disease McGregor’s Syndrome. Now I’m not sure which is worse for Flash to rip off from, Fantastic Four 2015 or Batman and Robin…


    • It would be good to see more from Reverse Flash, but I feel like right now they won’t spend too much time on him, because we’ve still yet to see much from Zoom.

      And that’s very true about Wally, you can understand what he’s doing and why he’s the way he is now. As long as they don’t play up the angst too much.

      Hahah I didn’t realise that was from Batman and Robin, hmm well we can’t pretend like it never existed!


  3. I’m going out on a limb and saying Eobard Thawne aka Reverse-Flash aka Professor Zoom is probably the greatest villain in the Arrowverse. The Arrowverse exists because of him. He traveled back in time to kill his greatest enemy, failed at it, yet it changed the timeline. He realizes his mistake in changing history, cause time-travel has ripple effects, but he’s still an asshole. Even hid death caused a singularity. Maybe things that’ve happened in the Arrowverse so far would’ve happened anyway, maybe not. Until there’s a villain that does more damage than him, he’s still the best. Shame he only got one season but at least they still explore him every now and then and he still has an effect on the Arrowverse.


    • Yeah I agree, he’s had such a huge impact on everything, so it’s hard for any villain to outdo him. The fact that we’ll always see the aftermath of his actions means that he’s legacy will always remain, regardless of whether they bring him back more or not


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