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What will Lex Luthor be like in Batman v Superman? (Discussion)

what will lex luthor be like in batman v superman

So far we seem to be getting a good idea of what each character will be like in Batman v Superman, but the one who seems to confuse people the most is Lex Luthor. From all the promotional material there seems to be very different views regarding how Lex will be like in the film. But with the latest piece of viral marketing, I think it’s become a lot clearer.

First of all, who really is Lex Luthor? I think the judge in All Star Superman summed it up the best when he said “You’re a human monster, Luthor- an amoral, sociopathic predator, driven by jealousy, greed and a grandiose self-delusion”. 

Lex has the potential to be the greatest mind there ever was, to truly be a force for good for humanity. Instead he lets his limiting worldview define him. He allows his ego and insecurities take over him and can’t see beyond his prejudices.

Lex is at his best when he truly believes he is the hero humanity needs. That he is the necessary means to human advancement, and that everyone else gets in his way, like Superman. Really the only reason Lex doesn’t like Superman is because he feels insecure around him. Lex doesn’t ever like to feel inferior, but Superman does make him feel that way. Hence he feels the need to overcompensate, act like Superman is this terrible force that needs to be stopped.

lex luthor batman v superman

Back to Batman v Superman, from the trailer we saw a very fast-paced, eccentric Lex Luthor. At first I was a little worried about Eisenberg’s portrayal of the character, but looking at the viral marketing pieces with the trailer, it’s clear what’s happening.

Lex will have two very distinct personas in the film. His public and private persona. I’ve read a lot of opinions from people stating that they don’t think that Lex even seems like a villain. But that isn’t what his character is. I mean here’s the guy who was even the President at one point in time in the comics.

It’s not because he seems like a villain, it’s because he seems like a hero…at first. He seems like a good man with a vision. But look closer and you’ll see the darkness within.

lex luthor jessie eisenberg batman v superman

Now I’m not saying that Eisenberg will definitely be a good Luthor, but looking at everything I think the character has the potential to be really interesting. Conflicting philosophies is a big theme of Batman v Superman, and as the film progresses Luthor’s conflicting philosophy will become clearer.

In the film Luthor will use any means necessary to get what he wants. To be the dominant figure in society, to be the one that people look up to. He hates that Superman is perceived as a god, because he believes he is more worthy of that title. He will turn Batman against Superman, he will even try to work with Waller and the Suicide Squad as the article hinted at, to get what he wants.

lex luthor role in batman v superman

So what we will see in Batman v Superman is a man who at parties may be all happy and quirky, but behind closed doors is completely different. Even from the article you can sense a completely different tone from him. He’s a lot more blunt and serious. I’m sure that once Batman and Superman stop fighting the frustration will grow and his darker side will become even more prominent. It’s almost like the film is just leading up the point where Luthor becomes bold, that is the point that he really becomes the Lex we know from the comics.

So for those complaining that Lex doesn’t seem like a villain or doesn’t seem intimidating, maybe that’s the point? Not every villain has to be so obviously villainous. And really once we see the film we’ll see a lot more of his darker side. We’ll see Lex’s facade slowly fade in the film, and in the next films I’m expecting to see the type of Lex who would set up the freaking Legion of Doom or something like that.


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  1. I agree with your points; in any case, he’s definitely breaking the trope of ‘white guy in a suit, power/world domination/money as a goal’ that’s been a staple of Marvel Studios’ films. No doubt intentional on the part of DC/WB Pictures.


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