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Batman v Superman: Is Doomsday a good idea?

batman v superman is doomsday a good idea

The latest Batman v Superman trailer was quite polarising, but regardless it did confirm that Doomsday is in Batman v Superman. And with that reveal comes the discussion, is including Doomsday a good idea?

It’s been rumoured for months, but we finally know for sure. When the synopsis came out teasing the greatest threat humanity has ever faced, the idea of Doomsday actually being in the film became greater. But it wasn’t until the trailer that all those rumours were confirmed.

Doomsday is a famous character in the Superman mythology. He’s known as the villain who killed Superman. And because of that people have very strong opinions about him. Many wanted him for a solo Superman movie, and think it’s ridiculous that he’s being used so early.

But here’s the thing: Doomsday really isn’t that interesting of a character. Yes he’s super strong, but he doesn’t have the depth that characters like Lex Luthor, Darkseid, Brainiac etc have. I know there have been stories that explore him more like the recent Doomed story arc, but from a story perspective, what you can do with him is lot more limited than what you could do with other villains, if Doomsday was used as the solo villain.

Many people said they should have saved him for a Death of Superman movie. I for one don’t want to see Superman die in the universe. If these were standalone Superman movies, yeah a Death of Superman story could be cool. Seeing the greatest hero fall would be incredibly powerful. But this is a shared universe, and to remove such a big character from that universe doesn’t make sense. 

batman v superman doomsday death of superman

So if they really wanted to use Doomsday, this is the best way to use him. The current Doomsday theory in Batman v Superman is that he is created from Zod’s DNA. This is why he seems a little different in the trailer.

There’s been a lot of complaints about how Doomsday looks visually. Yes we’ve seen the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle jokes, and no he doesn’t have as many bone protrusions. He looks a little more human, but that would be the case if he was created from Zod. But also here’s the thing, is this even really Doomsday? Maybe they’ll call him Doomsday (or will get his name similar to the comics where someone makes a comment about Doomsday coming), but he won’t be like comic book Doomsday.

Instead he’ll be this Frankenstein’s monster, this creature created from Zod. A Bizarro/Doomsday composite character. The general Doomsday theory is that Doomsday will evolve. The form we see in the trailer isn’t his final form. That would make a lot of sense considering that’s what Doomsday is supposed to do. You kill him, he just evolves and comes back stronger.

So when Doomsday is defeated in the movie, even if he is killed that doesn’t mean it’s the end of his character. It would be very easy to bring him back in the Superman solo movie, evolved and looking different. Bringing him back evolved, stronger than ever down the line could be really interesting. We see him in the early stages of his life and he is defeated and Superman is feeling good, but then he comes back. Superman may underestimate him as he was able to defeat Doomsday before, but now Doomsday is closer to what we know in the comics and is able to get the upper hand. Hence if you believe he will be underused in Batman v Superman, there very well could be plans to bring him back.

batman v superman doomsday comic

Honestly I could care less if he comes back. It’s a good idea to include Doomsday in Batman v Superman in this role. Lex Luthor’s weapon. The Trinity needed a physical force to match them, unite them, and Doomsday represents that.

The better Superman villains are the ones Superman can actually have a conversation with. Who have their own conflicting ideologies and goals compared to Superman. Who can be a physical threat, but also challenge Superman on a mental and intellectual level. Doomsday doesn’t represent that, making him the main villain in a solo Superman movie would be limiting compared to the use of other villains.

Overall at first when I heard about this Doomsday rumour I wasn’t the biggest fan, but using him in the context the film is using him in makes sense. Hopefully the fight between the Trinity and Doomsday isn’t too long and smashy smashy, and we see the trio try to contain the fight and save civilians, otherwise we’ll get those Man of Steel complaints all over again!

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  1. To me the question is more why there is yet another villain needed at all. Isn’t the movie supposed to be batman vs Superman? Shouldn’t the climax be about them most likely solving the conflict? It looks like Doomsday is only there because they needed a reason to show a lot of destruction yet again.

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    • Considering that they apparently have Batman acting out of paranoia about Superman, perhaps they figure the only way to resolve that is for him to see Superman in desperate straits? See that he is *not* the most powerful creature out there? I dunno, maybe that’s the plan, maybe not.


      • Yeah good point, this Batman seems incredibly paranoid and stubborn. I think there needs to be something like Doomsday, in which Superman can prove himself to be a hero, which will help Batman finally really trust him

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    • Well I mean it’s also called Dawn of Justice, so there needs to be something that brings them together. Doomsday is less of a villain, and more just Luthor’s weapon against them

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  2. Still not 100% sure about having Doomsday in this film, but following the fight between Superman and Batman, they obviously need a major threat like Doomsday to unite the trinity of Batman Superman and Wonder Woman in battle against him.

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  3. As usual your commentary is spot on. Doomsday isn’t a big enough villain to carry a solo superman film, period. This is the only way to use him. Also, he serves as a way to bring the 3 together in a way no one else could. Sure, braniac and darkseid could, but they’re jla foe. Zack Snyder is a really smart guy and knows the cannon more than the so called “fans”.

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    • Yeah there are a bunch of other villains they could have used, but those villains would be much better in a completely separate movie. A role like this for Doomsday is probably the best

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  4. Maybe it’s not so much Doomsday as it could be Bizarre or a merging of them. Regardless, Doomsday is best known for killing Superman. Yes there’s been comics that have “explored” him, and some are pretty good like the Superman/Doomsday tpb collection of stories that show Doomsday evolving or the Reign of Doomsday storyline in which various Doomsday clones are attacking the Superman family, at least the ones that came about in the aftermath of Death of Superman like Superboy, Steel, and others, and that the mastermind behind it all was a future version of Doomsday, I think (this took place right before New 52). Haven’t read Doomed, both the bloated storyline which had WAY too many issues for it or the series with the same name which was promoted as ongoing but ended up being a mini. And yeah there was the Smallville version whis actor, Sam Witwer, was pretty awesome alongside other characters he’s played. I just don’t think the current direction with Doomsday is the right way to do him. If this movie uses him, I hope he’ll be saved for later for a Death of Superman live action movie, which if it’s like the comic, Supes won’t stay dead he’ll come back.

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    • I don’t know, if you did do a Death of Superman movie I feel like he would need to be dead for a little while before they bring him back. Like he can’t die and come back in the same movie, it wouldn’t have the same amount of tension. So if they do the story, Supes will be out of commission in the universe for a while, and I just can’t imagine them doing that

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      • i think there are two superman – lex when said “…..devil will do” then superman was standing behind lex in the scene. And if he’s not superman then who and if he’s superman than the dialogue of lex doesn’t make sense. Imagine if there are any how “Cyborg Superman” is there then the desert scene might be a reality. Might be that thing some how act as catalyst in fight between batman vs superman. And they united after knowing the truth but then somehow doomsday arrives. We all know lex is a humanitarian in his own awkward manner. Also one thing more creates a doubt like in trailer 1 he mentioned “superman as devil – devils don’t come from beneath us” and here “…..then devil will kill the god” . People things they get the whole story but actually they are just joining the dots inside their own story because trailers are really confusing and i think Lex is going to chew up all as a character.


      • That part of the trailer intrigued me as well, but we know that desert scene is a dream sequence so I don’t think there will be 2 different supermans. But yeah we don’t really know how the story will unfold, we just have a general idea right now


  5. In some ways I was hoping Doomsday would be reserved for a solo Superman story but on the whole I’m happy for the inclsuion in BvS as there needs to be a large enough threat to unite DC’s Trinity (and holding back even bigger threats from the likes of Darkseid for Justice Leauge).


  6. Doomsday, like Bane was always intended as a gimmick villain. I really enjoyed the super hero slug fest in the Death of Superman storyline. It’s a fun read and I like the visual design of Doomsday in the comics. The reign of the Supermen storyline that followed I felt was very weak sauce. The best Doomsday storyline to me was s/d Hunter / Prey a 3 book prestige format mini series with fantastic art that explored Doomsday’s origins, which potentially included Kryptonian dna. It was a simple storyline that actually made you feel for the monster who turns out to be a genetically engineered bioweapons who has died hundreds of times, then been regrown, getting stronger each time, but with a devolving intelligence of an animal that remembers all the suffering / abuse it was subjected to. Doomsday was a lab rat, and very much the victim of bad amoral science.


    • Exactly, it wasn’t until later that they actually made him more of a character. And in a way we’re still getting a form of that origin in BvS, except this time he’s the lab rat for Luthor

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