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Batman v Superman Trailer 2 Analysis: Enter Doomsday

batman v superman trailer 2 analysis

Yes we’re still four months out but the official Batman v Superman trailer 2 just dropped, and it revealed a lot! Like a lot. So let’s dive into the Batman v Superman trailer!

Well I wasn’t expecting that much, but we got it, so lets break it down:

batman v superman dawn of justice trailer 2 analysis

We open up to a brief discussion between Bruce and Clark. Their first meeting is at Luthor’s party, and their differences are instantly clear. “Civil liberties have been trampled on in your city”. Clark doesn’t like Batman, Bruce doesn’t like Superman. Being the world’s greatest detective he is, Bruce may already know at this point that Clark is Superman, and with the way he’s talking to Clark, it seems like he might.

Clark Kent also is nothing like Christopher Reeve Clark Kent. Clearly this portrayal will be following more of the New 52 route, where Clark just acted like himself when he was in his normal life, just you know downplaying the whole superpowers thing. I’m glad we’re getting a competent reporter Clark Kent.

Bruce then drops a nice Joker comment, “Just have a bad history with freaks dressed like clowns”. I’m not sure how much of his past with the Joker will be revealed in Batman v Superman, but it’s obvious that there will be a lot of references to the Joker and what happened to Jason Todd.

batman v superman trailer 2 lex luthor

Then enter Lex Luthor! He’s not exactly how I expected him to be like. He’s charismatic, quirky and super hyper. They seem to be going for the mad scientist vibe. He’s all happy now but he will snap in an instant (as we see later in the trailer). I’m still not completely sure how I feel about this Luthor just yet (also when the heck does he go bald in this movie?) but I feel like once we see more of that darker side from him, I’ll buy into his character a bit more. And really what we’re seeing here is his public persona, behind closed doors Luthor is a different man.

What we know is that Lex will have a big role in fueling the fight between Batman and Superman. Which is hinted at later in the trailer.

batman v superman fight trailer 2

“That son of a bitch brought the war to us”. Batman v Superman will pick up directly where Man of Steel left off. We see more shots of the end fight in Man of Steel in this trailer, as Bruce rages up over the damage Superman caused.

batman v superman trailer 2 lois and lex

This scene between Lois and Lex was great. It really demonstrated that first of all, Lois continues to be in the thick of it whilst being wonderfully sassy, and that second of all, Lex is incredibly arrogant. He talks down to her because he simply believes he has the greatest human mind of all. No other human being is at his level of intelligence.

batman v superman dawn of justice trailer 2 analysis

Here we see the potential dream sequence again. The question is, what are those flying creatures? Some think it might have something to do with creatures from Apokolips (Parademons), planet of Darkseid. I feel like it might be too much/early to bring in those elements right now. However if just briefly mentioned it would be a nice tease to what may come in Justice League. There’s also been an interesting theory that this dream sequence might be brought to us courtesy of Wonder Woman’s lasso, which could be really interesting.


I love the line Superman gives when he says, “Stay down, if I wanted it you’d be dead already”. He says it in this classic calm, but authoritative Superman voice. This could be something he says to Batman during their last fight. I believe that Superman will be the one who breaks the fight up, giving some inspirational speech about how they would probably be a lot better off working together. Superman may update Batman about what’s going on with Lex here, so that the pair end up working together from this point on.

batman v superman trailer 2 lex luthor

Here we get more of the mad scientist look from Lex. “If man won’t kill god, the devil will do it”. Yes Doomsday is in the movie. I’ve been back and forth about whether I think he’ll be in it, but now it’s confirmed. Zod’s body will be used by Lex to create Doomsday. His purpose? To destroy Superman I presume. There was an old Batman vs Superman script a few years ago, where the main plot was that Lex manipulates Batman and Superman to fight, because Lex wants Batman to kill Superman. When that doesn’t work Lex decides to try to kill Superman himself.


I think we’re getting a similar situation here. Lex will push Batman to fight Superman, so that Batman destroys Superman for him. But when man can’t do it, then he will just have to use Doomsday instead. What’s interesting is that whilst Lex is saying this, Superman is just chilling in the background. Why is here there? Is he a hostage? What’s going on? Because he seems to be fine, just watching as Lex creates Doomsday.

batman v superman trailer 2 doomsday

I’m iffy on the CGI work right now, but Doomsday looks okay. I’m not really a big Doomsday fan, but if anyone is going to bring the Trinity together, it would be Doomsday. Typically Doomsday was a Kryptonian child who was forced into experiments by a scientist. Basically he would just throw him out into extreme conditions and expect him to survive. He would do this over and over again until Doomsday was born, a creature of evolution. When you kill him, he just evolves so he can’t die that way again. This time Frankenstein comes in the form of Luthor. What’s interesting is that here Doomsday has heat vision, which he doesn’t normally have. So perhaps this Doomsday will be a combination of Doomsday and Bizarro, with Doomsday having the same powers as Superman.

batman v superman dawn of justice trailer 2 jokes

Here we have some quick banter between Superman and Batman as Wonder Woman enters. I love that this was included in the trailer. We knew that Batman and Superman would eventually team-up by the end, but it’s moments like this that starts building the friendship between the pair. And as a big World’s Finest fan, this makes me very happy (yayy for friendship!)

batman v superman trailer 2 analysis trinity

And there you have it, your money shot. Diana will appear throughout the movie not in costume. It’s said she will be investigating Luthor on her own. Obviously she eventually finds out about his Doomsday plans and comes to help out Supes and Bats. This is probably the first time we see her in costume in the film, in the third act. And with that the Dawn of Justice begins.

So there you have it, the Batman v Superman trailer 2 analysis! Overall I enjoyed the trailer. I like that some lighter moments were shown, showing that the film will have a bit of humour and fun. The shots are beautiful, and the dialogue is great. The trailer was a bit choppy for my taste though. However that’s just a trailer editing problem, not a problem with the film.

As for the amount we saw, yeah we did see a lot. For me it’s not really a problem because for people like me, who have been following the film closely, everything they showed was obvious. We knew it was happening. However I understand that people who haven’t been following the film production, may think that this showed a bit much. I wasn’t expecting Doomsday to be revealed this early on, but he was.

But don’t freak out just yet, because there’s still a lot we don’t know. It is a 2+ hour  movie, and we’ve seen like 6 minutes of footage. If I had the restraint, I wouldn’t watch anymore footage for Batman v Superman. Unfortunately I don’t think I have that restraint. Anyways overall an interesting trailer, that’s for sure, probably will have a mixed reaction, but that’s pretty much the norm for anything Batman v Superman related!


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  1. They should definitely have kept the Zod/Doomsday thing out of the trailer. Did they think that was the only way to reveal Lex’s scheming and Diana joining Clark and Bruce? Or did they think that was the key to making more people want to watch this movie than Civil War? (sigh) As a storyteller, my brain hurts when I see professionals showing their hand too soon.


    • It’s just the problem with most movie trailers these days. This need to show a lot to help gain the general audience. It would have been better if they cut to black after the roar, but oh well

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  2. Didn’t like the trailer. For one, I don’t like this take on Lex Luther AT ALL. It reminds me more of a wannabe Loki than of the poised scheming businessman I expect in the role. It is also a big let-down that Louise apparently figures out that he is the villain already. I had hoped that he would make it through the first movie without getting find out because he is simply too smart to get implicated. The real Lux Luther is perfectly capable of pitting Superman and Batman against each other without them ever noticing what he has done.

    The interaction between Superman and Batman is kind of flat, but that might better in the movie.

    I am pissed that they showed how Wonder Woman jumps in, and a scene from the end-fight. I mean I never had any illusions about the basic plot of the movie, but now it looks like they basically revealed all the most important beats.


    • I guess what we saw from Lex was more of his public persona, so I’m hoping we see the more serious, darker side to him when he’s in private.
      I personally loved the interaction between Clark/Bruce, but maybe you’ll like it more within the context of the film.
      And yeah perhaps they shouldn’t have shown the last 20 seconds of the trailer, but hopefully this means that there is still more to be surprised by in the actual film


  3. Why is it that with this trailer all everyone points at are the negative aspects? Seriously, everyone ignored the whole Batman fighting Superman aspect and went straight to attacking Eisenberg Luthor. (I thought he was ok, I’m assuming the giddy outlook is something of a cover face for the media)


    • Oh, the action scenes look good. But so did the ones in Man of Steel and I didn’t like the movie nevertheless because everything else didn’t work for me. Which is why I consider it as so important to see that the characters are compelling and interesting this time around.


    • Yeah people are more focusing on the whole revealing too much aspect. The scenes between Batman and Superman were great, and even though the trailer showed a lot and was cut a bit weird, the movie still looks incredible to me at least


  4. Nice overview. Personally I’m not fan of this more energetic Lex Luthor. Just not the personality I’d connect to him. Also, I’m guessing he’ll go bald due to the chunk of kryptonite in the first trailer.

    Honestly I like the changes for Doomsday here. In the comics he was a pretty boring villain with nothing interesting about him but since here he’s being made from Zod and by Lex it looks like he’ll be more interesting here. Althogh I wish he was a bit more boney… Also about the heat vision, he did develop a fire breath in the comics and he used it against Martian Manhunter once. Not heat vision but close enough.

    Not a fan of Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman. Wonder Woman’s an Amazon warrior so she should be a bit more muscular. In promotional images she just reminds me more of a fashion model than a Amazon warrior.


    • Yeah Lex will probably go bald at the very end or something like that.
      And agreed about Doomsday, I don’t know why everyone is so obsessed with keeping him the same as the comics.
      Hmm I really love how Gal looks, she has such a presence about herself as well

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