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Arrow 4X07 Discussion: Family is complicated.

arrow season 4 episode 7 review discussion

Arrow season 4 episode 7 was an episode that talked about the nature of family. It’s been a strong theme throughout the show, and especially so this episode with Diggle’s brother returning in a way he had hoped not to see. So let’s discussion Arrow season 4 episode 7!

Spoilers follow.

Although this episode was more of a setting-up episode of bigger things to come, it was strong on emotion. In season 3 it felt like Diggle was being shoved into the background to help create more room for Olicity drama. Thankfully they have moved on from that in season 4, and this episode was a Diggle centric episode.

The basic plot of the episode was to remove Diggle’s brother from Darhk’s grip. Darhk basically have these men under mind control, but they volunteered for the service in the first place.

arrow season 4 episode 7 diggle

It’s understandable that Diggle wasn’t the biggest fan of giving his brother the benefit of the doubt. As the show has made it clear, family can be your source of love and joy, but it can also bring you the most pain. We’ve seen fathers betray sons and brothers betray sisters etc on Arrow. And here we see Diggle’s brother betray him, but at least he has another brother in the form of Oliver.

We didn’t really get many answers surrounding Darhk and the involvement of Andy, but we do know that he was a criminal back in the day. The question is why, because I’m sure there’s more to it than, he was always a bad person. Diggle never saw him that way, he was completely shocked to find out what Andy had done.

The other major part of the episode focused on Oliver Queen, and his Mayoral run. Darhk of course wants to have control over who is Mayor, or he will just do it himself. But Oliver says no to being threatened, and instead decides to fight Darhk in the light, as Oliver Queen.

The whole light vs dark theme is a clear one this season. From season 1 we’ve seen Oliver grow. He had his dark moments, but he’s grown from them. Darhk is someone who will never grow out of the darkness, he thrives in the darkness. But Oliver refuses to play his game. Oliver wants to know that even after all his dark moments, there’s still hope for himself. And Darhk is that one big test that determines if that’s true or not.

arrow season 4 episode 7 darhk

I was hoping we would get a few more answers on what Darhk’s actual plan is, other than dominate Star City and inevitably the world. As much as I love hearing his intimidating speeches, it will be good to find out exactly what he wants and how he plans on getting it. 

Interestingly enough, even with all his powers, Darhk was unable to use them on Thea. It’s slightly convenient that Thea has found a way to get rid of her blood lust, which doesn’t involve killing people, but the Lazarus Pit works in weird and mysterious ways.

Unfortunately we won’t be seeing Arrow until December, when the big “Legends of Today” crossover event begins. Those episodes will be dealing with Vandal Savage, so it will be interesting to see if Darhk has any role to play in that or not.

Overall Arrow season 4 episode 7 was an emotional episode, but was more of a lead-up to greater things, rather than giving any answers. The contrast between Ollie’s life as Mayoral candidate and Green Arrow has been a lot of fun to see. Looking forward to the big crossover!

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  1. That scene with Thea and Damien? I was all like, “The Pit! The Pit! The Lazarus Pit! His powers don’t work on her because she’s been revived by the Lazarus Pit! Oooooh, that was lucky!”

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  2. Good review. I liked how the light vs dark theme played out as Oliver pushed forward with this mayoral campaign and didn’t back down against Darhk. Looking back on this episode, it could have been cool to have a Diggle flashback instead which showed his relationship with this brother. David Ramsey did a great job in all his scenes. And that fight sequence with Thea vs Ghost was really cool and well directed! Can’t wait for Legends of Today. 😀


    • Yeah I’m liking this back and forth between Oliver and Darhk. And yeah good point, it would be good to see how Diggle and his brother were like before. Can’t wait for the eps to come back!

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