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Gotham 2X09 Discussion: Order of St. Dumas arrives (and what this means)

gotham season 2 episode 9 order of st dumas

Gotham season 2 episode 9 continued to explore Jim’s dark side, as Tabitha decides it’s time for some payback. There’s been a lot of build up to Theo’s big plan, and it appears a lot is about to go down very soon. So let’s discuss Gotham season 2 episode 9!

Spoilers follow.

After last week’s arrest of Theo, it’s no surprise that Tabitha wanted to seek revenge. Enter Missy a woman who runs a club of assassins. Because if there’s going to be a club of assassins anywhere, it would be in Gotham City.

So soon enough you have assassins appearing trying to kill Jim Gordon. Now no offense but these assassins aren’t really good. They’re way too busy focusing on theatrics to get the job done right. That assassin could have easily killed Jim in the elevator if his choice of weapon wasn’t a piano chord…

The exploration of Jim’s darker side has been a prominent theme of this season, and it reached its peak this episode, as he was faced with a countless number of monsters. So when faced with such monsters how do you beat them? You either become them or become better than them. Jim wants to be better than them, but it’s hard. With all the chaos that goes down in Gotham on a regular basis, it’s no surprise that Jim is so crazy, but he does need to learn how to separate himself from the monsters he hunts.

gotham season 2 episode 9

And I have to say, I don’t know how the GCPD deal with so many cops dying all the time. We had at least 6 die in this episode, and a lot more this season. It’s horrifying, and it shows just how much this city needs a certain man in black.

The other part of Gotham season 2 episode 9 was the bonding session between Penguin and Riddler. It’s about time the pair of them found each other, and it’s going to be a lot of fun witnessing their schemes. Their men with nothing left to lose, which is incredibly terrifying.

Then you have little Bruce continuing to be a bit of an idiot. I really love how they are handling Alfred on the show. He’s a little tougher, but he still has that classic Alfred wisdom. If only Bruce would listen to him. Bruce is still so distracted with finding answers about his parents’ death, that he can’t even tell when he’s being played. Hopefully Selina knocks some sense into him.

Now let’s talk about that ending. Who were those guys in hood who arrived at the end of the episode? Well they are the Order of St. Dumas. Basically think of them as warrior priests. They have arrived to Gotham to impose their will and to bring to power the Order of St. Dumas in Gotham.

There always seems to be some kind of weird organisation trying to take over Gotham. So what does this mean for the rest of the season? Well producers have said that with the introduction of the Order of St. Dumas will come Azrael. Azrael is basically the assassin warrior who is completely obedient to the Order.

gotham season 2 episode 9 azrael

Azrael was a mantle passed onto Jean-Paul Valley in the comics. Jean-Paul Valley replaced Bruce as Batman whilst he was dealing with the whole Bane breaking his back thing. Now of course it would be weird to introduce Jean-Paul onto the show, when there’s no Batman to replace. So Azrael probably won’t be Jean, and some are speculating it is Theo, which could be interesting.

So yeah basically with the Order here, Gotham is about to be thrown in to chaos…which really is the norm in the city anyways.

Overall Gotham season 2 episode 9 was jam-packed episode, that was more of a set-up of everything that is to come. Looking forward to seeing how the show handles the Order next week!

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  1. The “piano chord garrote” is actually a fairly proven method for assassination. Gordon was very quick and extremely lucky to grab it like that, and even then it was a near thing. Something like that, small, easy to conceal, dispose of, and replace, impossible to trace the way ballistics could trace a bullet and a gun, it can’t even be identified the way specific knives can be, and its use is typically quick, clean, and, above all, quiet. One good yank from that, and it cuts straight into the flesh, both crushing and severing the windpipe, either choking them or, more often, leaving them to drown in their own blood. It’s a brutal method of murder.

    Now, that bit with Parks at the end, that seemed a bit contrived to me. Killing someone with your teeth like that would have to involve either getting at their windpipe, which he did not, or severing the carotid artery, which is possible but awkward as a human. Those cops, on the other hand, were complete amateurs. Not only should they have kept his hands cuffed BEHIND his back, but cops actually know a thing or two about tossing lunatics around, and if nothing else, just shoot him in the throat at point-blank range. I could buy the other rookies’ demises, but this one was just too out there.

    …hmm, I wonder if I just made anyone wonder, “How does he KNOW all this?” 🙂


    • Hahahah wow thank you for the lessons is assassination! Typically Gotham criminals aren’t very subtle so I was expecting to just bring out a gun and shoot him in the head to be over with it.
      And to be fair, it’s clear since the beginning that the GCPD are pretty incompetent with handling their bad guys, they seriously all need a lot more training

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  2. Also, my personal theory is that Barnes will be Azrael. His absolute adherence to “the law” reminds me of Azrael’s “perfect obedience.” He just confessed a terrible mistake he made to Gordon, the sort that leaves one psychologically and spiritually scarred, which would be a weakness the Order could exploit in brainwashing him. And who would be a worse enemy for Gordon to face than Barnes?


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