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Arrow 4X06 Discussion: Too much Olicity isn’t a good thing

arrow season 4 episode 6 olicity drama

Arrow season 4 episode 6 brought back Ray after his small adventure. It was a great episode, however felt a little dragged down by the constant Olicity drama. So let’s discuss Arrow season 4 episode 6!

Spoilers follow.

This was the episode of Ray’s breakout! Of course if anyone was going to capture Ray, it would be Darhk. Darhk is always one step ahead, even when you think he isn’t. I was hoping to see some flashbacks of Ray’s small adventures (like him meeting those giant cockroaches), but on a CW budget, it may be a little hard to do.

Watching the team help break Ray out was a lot of fun. Having Ray back is pretty great. Although his personality is more fit for The Flash, his presence is a good balance to the otherwise darker and grittier show.

However this episode didn’t feel as dark and gritty. You know things are weird when Oliver is one of the happier characters on the episode. He definitely seemed a lot more level-headed and cool, calm and collected compared to Felicity this episode.

arrow season 4 episode 6 ray atom

Although I may not be the biggest fan of Olicity, I accept that it’s a part of the show. However the key is to not overbear the audience with the Olicity drama. The show shifts from this superhero action show, breaking out their friend from capture, to some cliche soap opera.

Tension in any show is crucial, however seeing Olicity fight then make up, fight then make up, rinse and repeat isn’t doing the show any favours. The writers need to find that balance between dealing with their relationship and the other aspects of the show. Because when the Olicity drama starts to happen I feel like I’m watching a completely different show.

And now with Ray back I’m sensing we’re going to be seeing that love triangle come back. It’s like the writers feel the need to always tie Felicity’s character to the men on the show one way or another. It’s not Felicity if she isn’t having some drama with some guy. Hopefully I’m totally wrong and we don’t see some cliche love triangle between the three of them, surely we have moved on from that.

Although I may sound like a total hater of Olicity, it isn’t all bad. Oliver’s character seems like a breath of fresh air this season compared to his normal brooding self. It’s good to see him smile, make jokes and be rational and not over dramatic. And that is in thanks to his relationship with Felicity. She makes him a better person, that’s for sure.

arrow season 4 episode 6 sara

The other part of Arrow season 4 episode 6 focused on Sara’s return. Like when Thea returned from the dead, she has a blood lust. It doesn’t help that she was already a bit of a crazy killer assassin before she died, so the Lazarus Pit is just adding to that already inherent instinct in her. Of course we all already know Sara’s fate, she will become the White Canary, but it will be interesting to see how she gets there.

Damien Darhk continues to be a real jerk this episode. Magic is continuously becoming a bigger focus of the show, and it’s clear that what ever is found on the island is somewhat tied to what Darhk is doing now. We still don’t know the extent of his powers or where exactly he gets them from, hopefully we get some answers soon.

Next week Diggle’s brother makes an appearance. Like most characters on the show, he wasn’t actually dead! Shocker! We know that he is working for Darhk, but the question is why?

Overall Arrow season 4 episode 6 was a fun episode that was unfortunately dragged down by too much Olicity drama. Darhk continues to be super mysterious, so I’m curious as to when we find out more about him and what his plans are!

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  1. What were those designs Darhk laid out on his table? Is that a HIVE complex or something? Also, never liked Olicity, more of a Raylicity lol. I know I’m being repetitive, but they should’ve been like Bond and Moneypenny, not some couple demanded by Tumblr fanservice. I got a feeling that things aren’t gonna end well for them, but hopefully not in the way that flashforward suggested. I don’t want to see Felicity die.


    • I’m not completely sure, but I heard it had something to do with calling the gods or something, which seems a bit much for Arrow but who knows anymore, since they introduced magic. Yeah I don’t want Felicity to die, but them together isn’t helping her character much.


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