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Gotham 2X08 Discussion: Why is Jim Gordon so dumb?

gotham season 2 episode 8 jim gordon dumb

Gotham season 2 episode 8 focused on the craziness that is Barbara Kean and Jim Gordon’s relationship. Sometimes all I can do is shake my head furiously whilst watching Jim Gordon make dumb decision after dumb decision. So let’s discuss Gotham season 2 episode 8!

Spoilers follow.

It’s hard to remember the days back in early season one when Barbara was just a normal gal. Now she spends her days kidnapping and making elaborate plans to kill her ex-boyfriend and his new girlfriend.

So your crazy ex-girlfriend walks back into your life and tells you she wants to take you somewhere mysterious, and you say yes? Look I understand what Jim’s goals were, but he is honestly so frustratingly stupid sometimes. It’s like Jim never learns. Even when his boss tells him they have clearly just wandered into a trap, Jim says, nahh let’s keep going anyways.

gotham season 2 episode 8 barbara

Barbara isn’t far off when she talks about how her and Jim are the same. Jim may not be on the level of Barbara crazy, but he clearly has mental issues himself. Jim’s illusions of invincibility draw him into the worst situations all the time. And he has yet to grow from that. Even with someone as level-minded as Lee in his life, he still can’t keep out of trouble.

Next week’s episode looks at Jim’s further descent into darkness, as he struggles to stop himself from crossing the line. Jim has a lot to figure out, and hopefully he figures it out quickly, because it’s tiring seeing him walk into death-traps all the time.

The other part of Gotham season 2 episode 8 focused on Bruce and Theo. Theo knows who killed Bruce’s parents (probably had a hand in it as well) and wants his company in return. Like Jim, Bruce doesn’t have a handle of his emotions and often walks into traps as well, but at least he’s just a kid!

What’s interesting is that even after his training and the events of season one, Bruce’s goal is still of vengeance, not justice. He has a long way to go before becoming Batman, that’s for sure. And at least he didn’t sell his company. Although Theo was about to get arrested anyways. Regardless of his arrest, I’m sure Theo will keep his plan in motion one way or another.


The other focus of the episode was on Nygma and his struggles to bury a body. Of course his mission of burying one body would end up with him having to bury two. We’re starting to see more of the calm yet eccentric psychopathic Riddler character we’re used to in the comics. It will be interesting to see when he decides to go full villain and adopt the Riddler name.

And it wouldn’t be a party without Penguin. Small world that the two of them bump into each other. The pairing of Penguin and Riddler could be a lot of fun. Really they need each other. Penguin is dying and on the run, and Nygma is struggling to adapt to his new identity. Together they can return to Gotham better than ever.

Overall Gotham season 2 episode 8 was an intense episode that changed the status of a lot of characters. This season seems to be moving at a much better pace than last, so it will be good to see where everyone goes from here!

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  1. It seems like Jim is going thru the Heisenberg transformation, in that he is touching darkness, thinks he’s invincible, but also gets into shenanigans. Makes sense since sometimes I think of Breaking Bad but with Batman and Gotham City in it.


  2. Honestly lost all interest in Jim’s story-line. It’s not just that he’s so consistently stupid, but he’s at least as thorough a psychopath as any of the villains yet nobody seems to care about that. His decisions kill officer after officer and no one even bats an eye. It’s the show giving him a pass bc he’s ‘a good guy’. If not for that he’d be in prison.


    • I think now the characters on the show are questioning Jim a lot more, about the monster inside him. It’s definitely a thing that’s going to be brought up in the next few episodes. But yeah he can’t keep acting this way, because sooo many people have died because of his reckless nature


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