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Where’s the marketing for Captain America: Civil War? (Discussion)

captain america civil war marketing

Captain America: Civil War is going to be a big Marvel movie, it will have more of an impact on their cinematic universe than Age of Ultron. Yet unlike Marvel’s other movies, the marketing for Civil War has been basically non-existent.

Avengers: Age of Ultron and Captain America: Civil War both have the same release month of May. Last year in July we already saw the marketing for Age of Ultron begin, with magazine covers and official interviews. Then in September the trailer for Age of Ultron was released. After September there was a pretty consistent marketing campaign of stories, posters, trailers etc.

Yet the same can’t be said for Civil War. The movie is coming out in May, its November now. Still we have no trailer, magazine covers, official stills etc. And for any other movie, that’s normal. But for a big superhero movie like this, it’s odd.

Suicide Squad is coming out a few months after Civil War, yet we’ve already seen a trailer and magazine stories for that. Same with X-Men Apocalypse. So why haven’t we still seen a trailer for Civil War? Why hasn’t there been any of those classic EW stories?


Well the rumour is that the Civil War trailer will be attached to Star Wars. Considering they’re both Disney, that makes sense. I’m thinking Marvel are hanging back and allowing the Star Wars hype to grow before marketing Civil War. Now that we’re only just a few weeks away from Star Wars, it’s all most people are thinking about when it comes to blockbuster movies.

So perhaps once Star Wars has been out for a few weeks, we’ll start seeing the magazine stories and official stills for Captain America: Civil War. If the rumour about the Civil War trailer being attached to Star Wars is true, I’m going to assume that they drop the trailer online a few days before. Because sure you can premiere your trailer in front of Star Wars, but then as soon as that movie starts playing everyone is going to forget about the trailers they just watched.

It’s a little odd that they have waited so long to drop the Civil War trailer considering you can find really crappy versions of the trailer online. After the Age of Ultron trailer leaked, it only took Marvel a few hours before putting it online. Releasing the trailer so close to Star Wars doesn’t seem like the smartest move to make, but I definitely think that they would want to release the trailer this year, waiting until early 2016 seems way too late for a movie like this.

captain america civil war marketing

Especially because in early 2016 we’re going to be seeing a lot of marketing for Batman v Superman, so they don’t want their trailer to be competing with that as well. I feel like now is a better time to release the trailer. No other superhero movie is doing much marketing right now, and Star Wars is still a little while away.

Now it’s not like Marvel need to do an intensive marketing campaign for this movie, it’s going to do big business no matter what. But because it seems like such a different Marvel movie, that will be introducing a lot of new elements and characters, it seems like they should start building towards that movie now.

But again until Star Wars stops dominating the headlines as much, I’m not expecting much substantial Civil War marketing. Hopefully we see the Civil War trailer soon because you don’t want the only footage of your movie so far to be crappy bootlegged trailer clips.

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  1. What are you talking about? The trailer hasn’t leaked yet. The ones out there are all either fake, or some snippets of mostly unrelated footage which doesn’t really show much.

    I think that they wait for Star Wars and then go full Civil war. They did the same with Ant-man, there was next to nothing about the movie until after Age of Ultron was in theatres. And if the drop the trailer in front of Star wars, when all the fans are already pumped up, well, it will most likely make the excitement even bigger.

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    • The trailer from D23 leaked online, it’s more of a teaser than a trailer but it’s still something.
      And yeah I remember there was really nothing for Ant-Man until after Avengers, it makes sense to wait until after Star Wars

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      • Yeah it’s the second one but I’ve seen one with the sound as well. It’s really crappy footage which is why I’m surprised they didn’t just officially release that teaser when it leaked, but I guess they want to wait


      • There isn’t really much to see…if there were proper sound it would be different, but as it is, it is more or less on the level of some set photos. In a way I am impressed that Disney managed to keep security that tight, despite having show footage during two different events.


  2. I think maybe they’re trying to save Civil War for later. Age of Ultron had WAY TOO MUCH marketing, almost to the point where I think the whole movie can be compiled from it. I understand promoting, but there’s promotion and just overdoing it. Hopefully it’ll be a bit more vague like what Star Wars and Ant-Man have done.

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    • Yeah agree, AOU had way too many clips and trailers, it was an overload. Hopefully we don’t find out the whole story before the movie comes out with Civil War


  3. I believe that it’s fine, it is a pretty big film and I reckon any time after the trailer drops, it’ll gain traction because of the Marvel brand and regardless of the people who weren’t keen on Age of Ultron, I think there’s this many people excited for the next Captain America adventure. I just hope that the film is still within the same tone of Winter Soldier and doesn’t rely too heavily on the humour because if there are stakes then you can’t have tonal inconsistencies.


  4. I kind of prefer a shorter marketing campaign compared to Age of Ultron. It makes it less likely that people will get bored or forget about it ahead of time. Start releasing trailers next year, after Star Wars 7 releases.


    • Yeah true, sometimes you feel a bit of wearout when they over-saturate the audience with marketing. AOU had too much stuff released, so it’s good they’re not doing the same for Civil War atm anyways


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