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The Flash 2X04 Discussion: Firestorm, Harrison Wells and King Shark????

the flash season 2 episode 4 harrison wells firestorm king shark

The Flash season 2 episode 4 focused on the creation of the new Firestorm, further setting up Legends of Tomorrow. But it also set up future arcs involving some very famous characters. So let’s discuss The Flash season 2 episode 4!

Spoilers follow.

First let’s talk about the new Firestorm (I know it’s F.I.R.E.S.T.O.R.M but that’s a lot of effort to type). With Ronnie “dead” (we know he will come back, this guy never stays dead), Stein found his new half in the form of Jefferson Jackson. Jackson wasn’t Firestorm in the comics so he has a new origin on the show, a Cyborg-esque type origin. He was a star footballer who had an accident, but got incredible powers from it.

We know that Jackson and Stein will be Firestorm in Legends of Tomorrow, so this episode helped to nicely set up that show. How Ronnie will return is the question, but even when he returns it will only be for short while. We’re going to be seeing this new duo as Firestorm for quite a while.

the flash season 2 episode 4 firestorm

This episode also further looked into the West family. Iris’ mother wants to reconnect, because she’s dying, but Iris isn’t buying what she’s selling. And fair enough, she’s been without her mum for so long now. But of course as I mentioned earlier the introduction of Iris’ mother wasn’t just to add a bit of emotional drama to the show, it was to introduce Wally West!

Yes we should soon be seeing Wally West on The Flash. Wally West is of course another famous Flash from the comics, but may be taking more of a Kid Flash role on the show. Traditionally Wally is Iris’ nephew, but it appears the show is making him her brother, who isn’t that much younger than her anyways.

If Wally has the powers of the Speed Force in him, then he must have been in Central City when the particle accelerator exploded. We’re not sure exactly when he will be introduced or how he will be introduced, but I’m assuming Iris will use her investigative skills to find out where Wally is.

The Flash season 2 episode 4 also brought back Harrison Wells! Well a different Harrison Wells. Earth 2 Harrison Wells to be precise. He appears to be a nice guy, saving Barry’s life, but original Wells/Thawne seemed like a nice guy as well.

Jay Garrick may know a thing or two about this Harrison Wells, and whether we can trust him or not. I doubt we’re just going to see Harrison Wells help Team Flash out then never return again, there has to be a bigger story here. Right now it’s best to be cautious about his character.

the flash season 2 episode 4 king shark

And what was that giant shark thing at the end? Well that was our King Shark cameo! I love King Shark! Unfortunately he is wayyyy too expensive for The CW, so we won’t be getting a full episode with him. But he is an Earth 2 villain helping out Zoom. That means there’s also an Earth 1 King Shark as well.

Normally we see King Shark as part of the Suicide Squad team. He does what a typical shark does, eats a lot. Although his meals are normally humans. He’s a really fun character, so hopefully we see a little bit more of him.

Overall The Flash season 2 episode 4 was another great episode, with a classic heart attack ending. The world the show has set up allows for so many great story opportunities, and even with the multiple story arcs, the show manages to balance them well and keep them all interesting. Looking forward to some Harrison Wells drama next week!

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  1. I vaguely remember reading an issue of Flash Season Zero and I think King Shark was in it, though probably the Earth 1 version I’m guessing. And it makes sense to make Wally Iris’s brother considering he’s about the same age as her and Barry. Just wish they’d get on with bringing in Wally already!


    • Yeah I think they mentioned they put him in the comic so they were like, might as well put him on the show!
      I know so much lead up to Wally, hopefully we see him soon!


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