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Supergirl Premiere Discussion: Is it any good?

supergirl premiere discussion is it any good

The next new superhero TV show is here, and it’s Supergirl! With the potential to be the biggest of all the superhero TV shows, with its home over at CBS, and the fact that its female lead, there’s a lot riding on this show. So let’s discuss the Supergirl premiere!

Non-spoiler thoughts first: Overall it was a pretty good start. I may not be the biggest fan of the big changes they made to one of my favourite characters and her world, but looking at it as an episode of superhero TV, detaching it from my character bias, it was quite good. There’s a good mix of characters that complement Kara well, and we get a good sense of the type of person Kara is. The action is good, and with the CBS budget, so are the visual effects. The show definitely has potential.

Okay spoilers for the Supergirl premiere follow now!

So the main story of the premiere was Krypton exploding, Kara landing on Earth, Kara having a normal life, Kara starting her superhero life and we get our main villain story arc.

The great thing about the episode was that a lot happened, but it was paced quite well. A pilot episode for any show is hard, because a whole new world needs to be set up, but the show did it pretty well.

supergirl premiere discussion

Looking at her character, she has a lot of room for growth. I don’t particularly like that the show just gave Clark’s story to Kara. Clark was the one who crashed on Earth, was raised by a nice family on a farm, went to the big city to work in the world of media, acted like a dork while he was there (old school Superman that is), and had Jimmy Olsen as his good pal.

The show gave all of this to Kara as well, which is a little odd, but that’s the route they wanted to go down. Personally I prefer the Kara who comes to Earth as a little older after growing up on Krypton, doesn’t really like Earth but grows to love humanity and becomes a hero. It separates her from her cousin, and makes her more of a unique character.

I hope that we ditch the ditsiness and see Kara become more confident in herself, and I believe that we will. The Supergirl premiere allowed for a lot of character development for Kara. The montage of her growing as a hero was a lot of fun.

It’s clear the episode wanted you to know that she’s related to Superman, but in doing so they’ve tied her so closely to him. Supergirl is at her best when she’s an independent force. She’s a little feisty and angry, and sometimes screws up, but she has a lot of passion and love in her heart.

So hopefully they don’t feel the need to keep mentioning Superman. They’re not allowed to show him, so really there’s no point. And you know, it kind of makes Supes seem like a dick. I mean his cousin, the only family he has left, lands on Earth and he just gives her away. They don’t seem that close, and he communicates to her through Jimmy. I mean hello, you don’t even have time to talk to your cousin in her time of need? Slightly rude.

supergirl premiere superman

Looking at the supporting characters they all seem to add something interesting. You have your classic tech guy in Winn (will he turn into his evil self later on is the question), the moral support and guidance in Jimmy, sorry James Olsen, the sassy independent boss in Cat Grant and her sister, who goes around tracking aliens.

It’s clear that the whole Phantom Zone landing on Earth thing will set up a freak of the week type formula in the first few episodes of the show. Almost like Smallville, each week she’ll be facing a new Kryptonian with weird powers. These trials will help her become a better hero.

Then we have our big bad of Supergirl. Who is this General at the end of the Supergirl premiere? Well she’s apparently Kara’s aunt (and perhaps twin sister of her mum), and she believes she should be leading Earth. I feel like they are trying to go for a Zod type character here, which could be interesting.

Overall the Supergirl premiere was jam-packed with stuff, and allowed for a nice set-up. As long as the show doesn’t feel the need to lean too heavily on Superman, and continue to grow Kara’s character I think it could be a lot of fun. Before Wonder Woman and Captain Marvel, this will be the first big test for the audience’s reception to a female lead superhero show, so hopefully the show continues to improve and gains an audience.

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  1. It seemed like it was cramming a lot in, but I liked it. Plus it’s nice that it has a fun tone with almost every other comic adaptation having to be “dark and gritty”. And as much as I’d love to see Superman appear considering all the mentions, it’d be best to let Supergirl shine on her own.


  2. I still think it is awful. The story makes really no sense, I think the changes they made to the characters are insulting, and they rode the whole “we have a FEMALE Superhero” thing so hard that the episode ended up being quite sexist. To be honest, I am stunned how many woman which seem to be intelligent actually fell for the “If you have a problem with the word “girl”, you are the problem” speech. No! Just NO! Every grown man would be insulted to be called a boy, so why the hell am I supposed to accept to be called a girl? I am a woman. Not a girl. That is a difference not just in age but also in mental growth.

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    • Yeah the whole girl power thing was really on the nose. I feel like they felt they needed to overcompensate because of everyone’s complaints about the lack of focus on female heroes in film/TV, but it didn’t really work too well. I don’t know, Pilots are often one of the weakest episodes of a TV show so hopefully we see a bit of improvement


      • The ironic thing is that while females in the movies are underrepresented, the same is not exactly true for television. Arrow actually started with a lot of interesting female in the cast (they then proceeded to ruin or kill off every single one of them), Agent Carter has a female lead, Agent of Shield is an ensemble show which is very female dominated, Jessica Jones is the next Netflix show and even DC technically already has a female lead show with iZombie. and none of those entries have this need to overcompensate.

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      • I’m with Swan on this one, on every count, and that’s not even going into the choppy acting and over the top dramatic soundtrack. Everything felt so unnatural, stiff and forced. And the script could not have pushed for more campy drama if it tried. “I can’t do it!” “It’s your destiny!” Oh gag me with a spoon.

        I know what you mean about pilots, but, honestly, this felt so much more like something I might watch just to laugh at how bad it is.


  3. Considering this is on a major network and is meant to be the proverbial cream of the superhero show crop, Supergirl story, cast, as well as effects pails in comparison. It is just hard not to notice that she is being hoisted up by cable on many scenes. Lastly, its amazing how tawdry the uniform looks. I expected much better.


  4. I think it’s ok. The girl power thing is a little over the top and for my tastes, it feels obnoxiously positive at times. There’s also the moment on the plane where a bunch of people take pictures of her, and you have to wonder how nobody figured out who she is. However, the action is pretty good, the cast is likable for the most part and the story looks like it could get interesting fast. I’ll give it at least a few more episodes to win me over.


    • Yeah true hopefully they’ll be a little more subtle about the whole girl power thing later. Definitely think I’ll need a few more episodes as well, it all depends on what direction they want to take her character. I want to see her break from the stereotypical ditsy, shy girl to be a little more confident and strong.


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