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Arrow 4×03 Discussion: Sara back from the dead…again

arrow season 4 episode 3 sara

Arrow season 4 episode 3 brought back the original Team Arrow to continue the hunt on Darhk and H.I.V.E. And with the return of Team Arrow came the return of Sara…back from the dead! So let’s discuss Arrow season 4 episode 3!

Spoilers follow.

This week featured another villain Darhk had chosen to unleash to kill Green Arrow, this time in the form of Double Down. It’s about time some more meta-humans from Central City made their way down to Star City. Unfortunately evil Gambit did not accomplish his mission, which is a very bad thing.

Because Damien Darhk is a pretty scary employer, and he made that perfectly clear this episode. Killing Diggle’s only lead to his brother’s death means we’re back to square one. Hopefully we’ll find out soon what H.I.V.E’s connection is to Diggle’s brother, and what their overall plan is soon.

Speaking of plans, Laurel continues her plan to bring Sara back by going to the League of Assassins. It was great to see Malcolm again, as the new Ra’s Al Ghul. The Lazarus Pit is way too powerful to just use for anything, but Laurel is adamant on using it to bring Sara back.

arrow season 4 episode 3 laurel and thea

Even though everyone warns her not to, and seeing what it’s doing to Thea, she still insists on doing so. But I mean fair enough, if you had the power to bring back a loved one, would you not at least consider it?

The problem with this whole Sara coming back from the dead story arc is that, we know what happens to Sara. There’s a lot less dramatic tension to the plot when we know that Sara will become the White Canary and join the Legends of Tomorrow. She’ll be time travelling and saving the world soon enough.

Next week’s episode previewed Lance trying to kill Sara because she isn’t the same. Again we know that this won’t happen, and that Sara will be relatively fine anyways. Of course I’m not expecting her to go back to her normal self, but Sara always had a little darkness in her.

Then you have the case of Felicity and her phone. So what’s going on with Felicity’s phone? I think it’s fairly obvious what’s happening, Ray in his tiny form is sending messages to Felicity. Her phone seems to only send messages when she’s in Palmer Technologies so it’s clear that tiny Ray is still hanging around. It will only be a matter of time before Curtis and Felicity figure out what happened to Ray, and reverse his technology to bring him back to normal size.

arrow season 4 episode 3 double down

Again we already know Ray’s fate as well, with him joining Sara on the Legends of Tomorrow team. But I am curious as to how long it will take everyone to figure out where he is right now. And also what is he doing to burn time? Could be fun to run around whilst you’re the size of an atom.

What’s great about this season is that whilst we’re getting deeper into the world of magic and meta-humans, the show still deals with the human drama behind it all. From Diggle and Oliver rekindling their bromance to Laurel and her love for her family. Arrow was always at its better when it focused on the human element.

Overall Arrow season 4 episode 3 was a great episode that continued to showcase how intense Darhk is. It’ll be interesting to see how the original Team Arrow react to Sara’s return. Now that the Lazarus Pit is supposedly gone, we can’t rely on it to bring back whoever dies this season on Arrow.

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