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The Flash 2X03 Discussion: Snart/Team Flash bonding session

the flash season 2 episode 3 discussion legends of tomorow

The Flash season 2 episode 3 may have been more of a moving pieces episode but it was a good episode of bonding. The episode helped moved us towards Legends of Tomorrow. So let’s discuss The Flash season 2 episode 3!

Spoilers follow.

Not every episode can be a big episode when you have 23 episodes per season, so although this episode felt a little smaller in scale (compared to all the Multiverse stuff that’s been happening), it still was a good episode.

The Snarts make their return thankfully and we see the reunion of the budding romance between Lisa and Cisco and the budding bromance between Barry and Leonard. 

What’s great about the Snarts is that they’re not outright evil, Leonard especially lives by a code. However his father does not. I loved that we got to see Barry and Leonard team up this episode, and Lisa and Cisco team up.

It’s clear that the episode was setting up Leonard’s role in Legends of Tomorrow. We were all a little confused as to why Captain Cold and Heat Wave were part of a superhero team-up TV show, but it seems Barry is set on helping Snart become a better person.

the flash seaason 2 episode 3 leonard and barry

And Captain Cold is capable of being good, but he will never have the morality of your typical superhero. Which does keep things interesting. Not sure if we’ll see Golden Glider in Legends as well, but I’m sure her and Cisco will have some more adventures down the line sometime.

The episode also revealed some more about the West family. Luckily for Joe, Iris is pretty forgiving about the whole telling Iris her mum was dead situation. I definitely think the only reason we’re getting this whole story arc is to help introduce Wally into the show. In the New 52 Wally West (yes I know a lot of people don’t like the New 52 version, but it’s the version they appear to be going for), was a bit of troubled teenager. Iris wanted Barry to help Wally out with his problems. Perhaps the theme of the troubled West family member will carry on to Wally as well.

We also saw more of the Patty/Barry flirting this episode. I have to say that I totally love this pairing, and their awkwardness perfectly complements each other. The long-term pairing will probably be Iris and Barry, but until then it will be nice to see Barry have a bit of love in his life.

Then you have Stein who isn’t exactly dealing well without his partner. Next week Firestorm is brought back, but this time with a new partner in the form of Jay Jackson. Again these episodes will help set up Legends of Tomorrow as well (wish Legends came out this year!).

the flash season 2 episode 3 caitlin

Oh and of course the multiverse arc continues. Caitlin is clearly starting to fall for Mr. Garrick and convinces him to stay for a little while, which is great because he’s a wonderful addition to the show. But I definitely feel like they didn’t think the whole doorway thing through. Sure they can get out, but others can get in as well.

And who gets in, well Harrison Wells of course! Oh how I have missed seeing him. The question is though, what does this Harrison Wells want? We’re assuming that this is Earth 2 Harrison Wells, so is he evil or just curious? We can’t be sure of that just yet, but it will be fun to see Team Flash meet him.

Overall The Flash season 2 episode 3 may have not as big as some other episodes, but it was still really good. The show has done a great drop setting up story arcs and developing relationships. Looking forward to seeing how everything unfolds with the return of Harrison Wells!

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  1. I like how some certain supervillains, especially ones that Geoff Johns worked on (Captain Cold being one of them and his favorite, apparently), are being turned into anti-heroes because maybe they have been that way all along in some way shape or form. It did seem at times though the whole “Captain Cold being good” was kinda forced instead of gradually happening, but hey it showcased he isn’t completely evil just, well, cold lol.


      • Sorry I meant to say in that moment when Barry and him talked in prison Barry suddenly says there’s good in him and it just sounds forced. I like the moral ambiguity for Cold as well because while he is, well, “cold”, he’s also got a warm spot somewhere.

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