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Arrow 4×02 Discussion: Looks like we got a new Mayor

arrow season 4 episode 2 review oliver queen mayor

Arrow season 4 episode 2 continued to explore how messed up Star City really is. With H.I.V.E expanding their power and Team Arrow having issues, I’m wondering if Star City will ever get better. So let’s discuss Arrow season 4 episode 2!

Spoilers follow.

It looks like for the next couple of weeks we get to watch the H.I.V.E auditions. The bad guys know who the new big boss in town is, and they all want to be part of it. Which is why Anarky auditions by trying to kill Jessica Danforth, Oliver’s friend who wants to run for Mayor.

That isn’t the smartest move because if you work for the government in Star City, there’s a good chance you’ll end up dead. It takes a person with a lot of courage to run for Mayor, which is why it wasn’t surprising when Oliver decided to run for Mayor at the end of the episode.

Oliver Queen as Mayor of Star City is not an unfamiliar concept, and has been played out in the comics before. In the comics, as Mayor, Oliver was able to use his power to help his Green Arrow alter ego, and remove corrupted officials and basically make Star City the way he has wanted it to be. It will be pretty interesting to see Oliver run for Mayor in the show, and see the return of his public Oliver Queen persona.

arrow season 4 episode 2 review

But of course Oliver has a pretty big obstacle when it comes to being elected, H.I.V.E. Now that Lance is working for them (because he’s being forced to) he has to power to tell Darhk who Green Arrow really is. But I’m sure Lance will soon figure out it’s probably smarter to help Oliver, than it is to help H.I.V.E.

Darhk continues to just hang around in the background, and it probably won’t be until a few more episodes that we find out his master plan. Remember H.I.V.E. is connected to Diggle’s family and Deadshot used to work for them, so they’ve been a puppeteer in the background for a long time now.

And now that Laurel and Thea are taking a visit to see the League of Assassins, I’m curious to know how their new leader, Malcolm Merlyn, feels about what H.I.V.E. are up to. I have to say that I’ve been enjoying Laurel a lot more, and I’m glad her and Thea are venturing off on their own.

arrow season 4 episode 2 thea

Also now we know why Sara is back in Legends of Tomorrow, Laurel decided to bring her back! Maybe it’s not the smartest move, but if anyone is going to be able to handle the Lazarus Pit, it’s Sara.

Back at Palmer Technology Felicity and Holt are apparently on their way to developing innovative tech that will save the company. Everyone thinks that Ray Palmer is dead, but we know that’s not the case. No, he’s probably still hanging around, all super tiny and all. I’m assuming that the tech to save the company will be the same tech Palmer used to shrink himself down. Perhaps Holt and Felicity, through their research, will figure out Ray isn’t actually dead, and find out a way to bring him back.

As for the flashbacks it’s still unclear how that’s connected to anything right now. The flashbacks last season weren’t as effective, so I’m hoping that they actually serve greater story purpose this season.

Next week we’re getting another bad guy auditioning for H.I.V.E. as Laurel and Thea head to Nanda Parbat.

Overall Arrow season 4 episode 2 was a pretty good episode that moved the story along nicely. Oliver Queen running for Mayor and Thea and Laurel going to the League of Assassins will definitely be interesting to watch. Hopefully we start to see more of Darhk and what he’s up to though!

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  1. So far it seems like the flashbacks may be just telling how Ollie got back on the island AGAIN after being in Hong Kong and other places, but there’ll hopefully be more to it later on. I was cautious about Anarky and the approach to him, seeing that whenever he was used in comics, it was pretty big considering that Anarky is about social issues, and so far media adaptations that include him were either somewhat faithful (like Arkham Origins) or made him a generic mastermind (like Beware the Batman). It seems like there was a mix of those two here, but seeing that Anarky is gonna be a recurring character hopefully he’ll be more like his comic counterpart, though I guess kinda updated to modern anarchists I guess.


    • Yeah he’s actually a really interesting character so hopefully they use him well in the show. I feel like his premiere ep didn’t really explore his beliefs as much, but once he pops back in the show I’m sure they’ll look more into it


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