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The Flash 2X01 Discussion: Welcome Earth 2; the multiverse begins!

the flash season 2 episode 1 earth-2 jay garrick multiverse explanation

The Flash season 2 episode 1 marked the return of the show, and I am so very glad that it’s finally back. After an amazing first season that exceeded expecations, the show is back and as confusing as ever. So let’s discuss The Flash season 2 premiere!

Spoilers follow.

The Flash season 1 finale ended on quite the cliffhanger, and the season 2 premiere didn’t pick up where I thought it would. We see The Flash fighting Captain Cold and Heat Wave, and returning to S.T.A.R Labs where Eddie and Wells are still hanging out. What?? This is The Flash, so that probably wasn’t a dream sequence. That must be some kind of alternate timeline. That wormhole screwed up time…a lot, and we don’t know the full extent of the damage yet. But this episode gave us a bit of an idea of what went down.

So here’s what we know so far: Ronnie is dead. When the Legends of Tomorrow teaser aired we were all a little confused as to why they were hiding Ronnie, and then we found out Firestorm would have a new half in the form of Jay Jackson (a new character created for the show). Now we know that it was Ronnie who helped stabilise the wormhole and inevitably died.

the flash season 2 premiere earth-2 multiverse explanation

And because of Ronnie’s and Eddie’s sacrifice, Barry is feeling guilty. He can’t celebrate Flash day when he doesn’t feel like a hero. Barry needs to learn that being a superhero means losing some battles and winning others. Unfortunately things don’t always go as planned, and Barry has quickly learnt that. This was the biggest battle Barry had faced, and it wasn’t without casualties, but it’s the loss that makes him more determined and ultimately a better hero.

What we also know is that Harrison/Eobard gave Barry the greatest gift, released his father. Eobard basically said that even though he is giving Barry his father back, he doesn’t believe Barry can ever be truly happy. And we saw that being The Flash does bring up a lot of internal conflict for him. So even from the grave Eobard just wants to screw with Barry’s head. I don’t really understand the whole having his father leave (after finally getting out of prison) so that Barry can be a better hero, but what ever. It’s great that this is one less burden Barry has to deal with.

Then we have our freak of the week, Atom-Smasher. Al-Rothstein is dead yet also the Atom-Smasher, so what’s going on? Atom-Smasher claimed that Zoom (get to him later) sent him to kill Barry, because he promised he would send Al back to his world.

the flash season 2 episode 1 atom-smasher earth 2

Okay so this is where it gets interesting because at the end of the episode we see Jay Garrick who claims that Barry’s world is in danger. So who is Jay Garrick and what does he have to do with Zoom and Atom-Smasher?

Well first of all Zoom is the big bad of the season. He’s another Reverse Flash. Now I’m not completely sure if they have created a new character for the show or are basing it off the comics (you never know with The Flash), but Zoom could be Hunter Zolomon, the other Reverse Flash in the comics. Typically this character is associated with Wally West Flash. He was Wally’s friend, but then after Wally refused to take Hunter back in time to prevent him from being injured, he became Reverse Flash and had the sole purpose of inflicting pain onto Wally, as Hunter felt Wally couldn’t be a true hero until he suffered like Barry did.

Now to use Hunter Zolomon in that context doesn’t really make sense for the show, so this Zoom will probably be completely different. I’ve already heard theories about it potentially being Eddie or another character we know. I’m not completely sure just yet, but what I do know is that Zoom has the ability to travel across the multiverse, which is something Barry has not really accomplished yet.

Going back to Atom-Smasher, the reason why there was a dead version of him and an alive one, is because the Atom-Smasher we saw in the episode was from a different Earth. With the wormhole we saw that the multiverse started to collide with each other, with Barry’s trip in the Speed Force revealing information from different timelines and Earths.

the flash season 2 episode 1 jay garrick earth 2 explanation

This brings us to Jay Garrick. Right now in the comics Jay Garrick is The Flash from Earth 2, however previously he was just from an earlier timeline. I think they may be going with what’s going on in the comics now, and have Jay Garrick be from a different Earth. The wormhole allowed Garrick to travel across the different Earths (we saw his hat fall out in the season finale) and I’m assuming the danger he is talking about is Zoom. Perhaps Zoom was originally from Jay Garrick’s Earth, and came to Barry’s Earth when the wormhole opened.

So yeah we may have alternate timelines and parallel Earths, a little confusing I know. But I’m sure they will find a nice way to explain it all.

Oh and I must add, I actually liked Iris in this episode. Now that she’s up to date with everything that’s going on, she’s actually being helpful, not a hindrance, which is good!

Overall The Flash season 2 episode 1 was another solid episode that promised an exciting start to the season. We still seem to be getting both the emotion and action from last season which is great. It’ll definitely be interesting to see where they go with all these timelines and parallel Earths, it’s gonna be a big season!

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  1. I was sad to see Ronnie die (again) and I understand Robbie Amell couldn’t exactly keep doing the role with his film career kicking off, but as has been proven with other Arrowverse characters, like their comic counterparts, no one ever really stays dead (ex. Sara Lance, Deadshot hopefully, Deathstroke, Merlyn, etc.). Hopefully he’ll come back again. Also, is Atom Smasher dead too? Cause that wasn’t exactly made clear after putting him in radioactive chamber and I’m like “did they just kill him?” Afterwards everyone is being all hunky dory about it


    • Well Robbie Amell has kinda teased on social media that he would come back, so I wouldn’t be surprised if we see him again. And yeah no idea about Atom-Smasher haha i kinda just forgot about what happened to him, too much other stuff happening


      • Well I guess that’s a relief lol. Yeah I kinda figured he’ll come back at some point and I understand it won’t be right away. Probably an awesome way to do that is after Caitlin becomes Killer Frost, he tries to stop her but she’s too far gone, something like that. I know I’m sounding fanboy for Ronnie Raymond, but that’s how much I like the character. I grew up watching him on Super Friends reruns, sad to see him needlessly die in Identity Crisis (only one out of MANY problems with that story), and glad he came back in Blackest Night/Brightest Day.

        As for Atom Smasher, again Idk if they killed him or not. He looked pretty messed up after absorbing all that radiation, and some sources say he’s dead, others say he’ll return “depending on the writers”, so again I hope they make that clear at some point because he’s also a big legacy character in the comics and I’d like to see more of that if he ever comes back.


      • Yeah that definitely could be the case. Haha I love his character too (although I love Identity Crisis), so I’m sure we’ll see him back in some way or another.


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