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Justice League #44 Review: Did [spoiler] really just die? It appears we have a winner!

justice league 44 review darkseid

Okay wow Justice League #44 happened, and it was a game changer! It’s called Darkseid War, and it looks like this war just found a victor. Now we knew this event would be big, but Justice League #44 just upped the stakes in the biggest way possible. So let’s discuss Justice League #44!

Non-spoiler thoughts first: Another amazing issue from the Darkseid War arc! A Justice League comic should always feel bigger and more cinematic in scope, and Darkseid War has definitely brought that. And it isn’t just spectacle, Johns is giving us some really great character focused stuff in this arc, diving into the psyche of the Justice League and what ultimately separates gods from men. The pacing in the issue was phenomenal and it was anything but a filler issue. Big things happen in this issue, it’s not one to miss!

Okay spoilers for Justice League #44 follow now!

Where to start! A lot went down in this issue, first of all Bat-God continues to be a real dick. Hal has always been a troubled hero, who has had to overcome his arrogance to become a true hero and leader. But things don’t always work out for Hal, and Bat-God just had to go and rub it in his face. With the knowledge of the universe Bat-God and Green Lantern go to Qward, birthplace of the Anti-Monitor, to find out more about him. justice league 44 bat-god green lanternMeanwhile a corrupted Superman decides to take on Luthor. Luthor is always the one to claim that Superman is the farthest thing to a human. He sees Superman as nothing more than an unwanted alien god who has no business with the rest of humanity. However we know that Superman embraces his humanity and doesn’t like to see himself as some alien god. However corrupted Superman has ditched his humanity and has finally become the figure Luthor always thought he was. An uncaring alien god who believes he is better than humanity. And corrupted Superman is right, the only reason why Luthor ever gets close to defeating Superman is because Superman just doesn’t outright kill him to remove the problem. However corrupted Superman doesn’t really care about holding back anymore, so Luthor might be in some trouble. And maybe it will make Luthor realise how good non-corrupted Superman really is (probably not though).

Then we get to one of the biggest moments of Justice League #44, we find out who Anti-Monitor was before. Now we know that Anti-Monitor was Mobius and gave the chair to Metron. Mobius wanted to start a war with Darkseid to end the era of the New Gods, but Metron warns him that it will lead to the demise of reality. But then we find out that whereas free will is the core of the Justice League’s universe, the opposite is the core of the Anti-Matter universe. And it is that very core that turned Mobius into the Anti-Monitor. In Anti-Monitor’s veins runs the Anti-Life equation!

justice league 44 review did darkseid die

And what is the Anti-Life equation? Well it’s pretty much the thing that drives Darkseid. Forever Darkseid has wanted to get a hold of the Anti-Life equation. The Anti-Life equation allows the holder to dominate the will of anyone. The equation gives a person mathematical certainty that life is pointless and hopeless and removes their sense of free will. Darkseid being the tyrant he is, it’s not surprising that he’s always wanted it. To dominate and thrive on the suppression of others has always been Darkseid’s pure goal, and the Anti-Life equation would allow him to fulfill that.

However Justice League #44 changed everything when it revealed that Anti-Monitor has the Anti-Life equation. Remember back in Forever Evil when Anti-Monitor popped up and declared he will have Darkseid in his grasp? Well he wasn’t kidding. He knew the equation has always been Darkseid’s desire, and now he can use that against him.

And at the end of Justice League #44 we see Anti-Monitor uses the Anti-Life equation on Darkseid. It appears at the end that Anti-Monitor has killed Darkseid! The next issue teases the Death of Darkseid! What??? Did Geoff Johns just do that? Did Justice League #44 just kill off Darkseid? The one and only Darkseid?? You know what I hope it did. I don’t want to see Darkseid back next issue better than ever. Killing Darkseid truly shows the power and significance of Anti-Monitor. He threatens the very core and drive that the universe thrives on, free will. And without free will, what is humanity? This truly is one of the biggest threats the Justice League have faced.

justice league 44 review

Of course this is the world of comic books, so if Darkseid is dead, it’s not going to be forever. But in the foreseeable future we might not see Darkseid again. The one desire, the one true drive and purpose of Darkseid, ended up being the thing that killed him. 

And it’s been said time and time again but Fabok’s art is just gorgeous. From the huge cinematic splash panels to the close-ups of intense expression on the faces of the League members, he’s been perfect for this arc. However we won’t see Fabok return for a little while, with Francis Manupul taking over next month.

Justice League #45 will be exploring the repercussions of Justice League #44, with the Justice League becoming the New Gods, and Anti-Monitor being the victor….maybe. And in October we’ll be getting 6 different one-shot issues exploring the Justice League and their new New Gods status.

Overall Justice League #44 was another amazing issue of the Darkseid War arc, and what’s great is that even after decades of reading these characters, Johns can still deliver something surprising and interesting. I’m definitely looking forward to what comes next! 9.2/10.
Justice League #44
Written by: Geoff Johns
Illustrated by: Jason Fabok
DC Comics

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  1. Another phenomonal issue from Johns and Fabok, and what a shocking turn of events! Will definitely miss Fabok’s absence in the next two issues but, hey, the guy surely deserves a break after delivering some of the best comics art of recent years (and that’s even with Bryan Hitch writing and pencilling his own Justice League book)!


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