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Wonder Woman Movie Casting Rumours: WB aren’t messing around

wonder woman movie casting rumours

With production on the Wonder Woman movie set to begin in November, it’s not surprising that we’ve started getting some casting rumours, and aren’t they good ones. Sean Bean, Eva Green and for a moment there even Cate Blanchett!

So the source for these latest rumours is Heroic Hollywood, who are pretty hit or miss so we have to take this all with a huge grain of salt. Sean Bean is being eyed for Ares, and Eva Green is being eyed for Circe. Ares is of course the God of War, and a major villain of Wonder Woman (and all Amazons), and Circe is an evil enchantress, also from Greek mythology.

Now Sean Bean and Eva Green are both great names to have in this film. Like Man of Steel who had cast a relatively unknown Henry Cavill, and surrounded him with Oscar nominees and winners, Wonder Woman seems to be doing the same, surrounding Gal Gadot with great proven talent. That seems wise.

man of steel cast

It also shows that WB aren’t messing around. Chris Pine, Sean Bean and Eva Green are all great talents that add a sense of legitimacy to this film. Gal Gadot right now is unproven until 2016. We get to see Gal in 4 movies next year: Criminal (with Ryan Reynolds, Kevin Costner, Gary Oldman etc), Keeping up with the Joneses (with Jon Hamm, Isla Fisher etc), Triple 9 (with Kate Winslet, Woody Harrelson, Norman Reedus etc) and of course in Batman v Superman. I definitely think those appearances will give us an idea of if she’s capable of carrying a film on her own. And the fact that she’s in so many movies next year is encouraging, although the size of her roles in those films are unclear right now.

So until Gal Gadot is more of a credible actress, it’s a good idea to help boost the appeal of Wonder Woman by getting great talent on board. As for the Cate Blanchett rumour, it was confirmed that she was offered a role but ended up turning it down. Again showing that WB are aiming high for Wonder Woman.

wonder woman movie casting rumours ares

And with the character casting rumours, we get a sense of what this film will be. Earlier there were rumours that Wonder Woman will be explained through Kryptonian history, suggesting she is related to Kara Zor-El aka Supergirl aka Superman’s cousin, after she crashed to Earth and escaped thousands of years ago (as shown in the Man of Steel prequel comic).

I really, really disliked the idea of that, because as a fan of Greek mythology, I loved the roots of Wonder Woman’s character, and it would have provided some great story opportunities. Thankfully we now know that isn’t the case, and she is indeed going to have her Greek origins, which is great.

Wonder Woman seems like it will be a fantasy movie, spanning across decades, rooted in rich Greek mythology with Ares and the other gods appearing. And you know what? That sounds awesome! I don’t want to just see Wonder Woman on modern Earth, fighting Earth-based heroes, it’s not interesting or different enough. Embrace the character and explore the Greek Gods and mythology. The only other superhero film that is similar to that is Thor, and even Thor failed to really explore the mythological side.

wonder woman movie casting rumours

It’s clear that the Wonder Woman movie will be mainly based off the New 52 Brian Azzarello work which means her father will be Zeus and Ares will likely play a mentor role in her life. And because Wonder Woman doesn’t really have strong villains that aren’t related to her Greek mythology side, it’s smart to focus on the gods.

Anyways here’s hoping that the Sean Bean and Eva Green casting rumours turn out to be true. Eva Green is a scene stealer so it would be interesting to see her play off Gal Gadot and how that works out. And of course I bet none of us are expecting Ares to survive in this movie if Sean Bean ends up playing him. So far the rumoured cast and crew for Wonder Woman have sounded amazing, we should get official word on all of this within the next 2 months, so here’s hoping we hear some good news!

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  1. I have given up following casting rumors…most of them turn out to be false anyway. Until there is an official announcement or at least a more reliable source, it is a little bit pointless to speculate. And in the end, we have to wait how the actors do in this particular movie anyway.

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  2. The trick with these movies is generally to do the Richard Donner Superman and Nolan Batman Begins thing and cast notable actors in the supporting roles to prop up unproven leading men, or in this case leading woman. However, in the case of a Wonder Woman that might take its inspiration from the Greek leaning New 52 version that will probably mean they’ll be close to Thor territory where Anthony Hopkins joked that the costumes and sets do most of the acting. Either way, if the rumors pan out wonder woman could end up with an impressive cast.


    • Well if WB are looking to make Wonder Woman a more character-driven story, which was the earlier rumour, then it only makes sense to round up a supporting cast like this. Sean Bean and Eva Green would be such great additions!


  3. Another enjoyable article Nkay. Hard time keeping up reading these cool posts. If this were the Hunger Games you would be the girl “catching fire” about now. But hopefully there is a fire extinguisher nearby… because that sounds painful.


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