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Zack Snyder on Marvel: Taking shots or does he have a point?

zack snyder on marvel

So the internet has been up in arms the last couple of days (but when isn’t the internet up in arms over something) because of what Batman v Superman director Zack Sndyer had to say in an interview with The Daily Beast. It appears he’s thrown some shade at Marvel, aw hell no!

Okay but in all seriousness he didn’t exactly throw shade at Marvel, but that’s the angle people seem to be taking. So here’s what happened: In an interview with The Daily Beast Snyder discussed the comments Spielberg made over the nature of superhero films. Spielberg basically said that like the fate of the Westerns, the superhero genre will soon phase out. Which is true, because trends don’t last forever. In response Snyder made the following controversial comment, “But I feel like Batman and Superman are transcendent of superhero movies in a way, because they’re Batman and Superman. They’re not just, like, the flavor of the week Ant-Man—not to be mean, but whatever it is. What is the next Blank-Man?”. Zack Snyder on Marvel

Look could he have worded that better? Yes. But is he right? In my opinion, he is.

zack snyder ant-man comments

Maybe in the next 5 years we’re going to be seeing several superhero movies each year, but that’s not going to last. Eventually people will get sick of seeing 5 superhero movies a year and will move on to something else. But that doesn’t meant that we’ll never see superhero movies again. Just because Westerns aren’t as frequent as they were before, doesn’t mean we still don’t seem them (Quentin Tarantino still loves them). And when the frequency of superhero films starts slowing down, it won’t be the last we see of them, I’m sure we’ll still get at least one every couple of years.

And the thing is, we’re lucky that we get to see an Ant-Man movie and Aquaman movie etc, but will we still see them after this superhero trend is over? Probably not. The ones I can pretty much guarantee we’ll keep on seeing for decades to come are Batman, Superman and Spider-Man.

zack snyder on marvel

These are the characters that are so ingrained in our modern mythology that they do transcend the superhero trend. And as much as I love watching a movie with Ant-Man and all the other random characters, the likelihood of them having a permanent impact on pop culture to the extent that we keep seeing movies made about them for decades to come, seems pretty low.

So when it comes to Zack Snyder on Marvel I don’t think he’s exactly taking a shot at them or Ant-Man, it’s just the way it is. Because now is the time for the really niche superhero characters to shine. But in the long run it’s Batman, Superman and Spider-Man who are always going to have some kind of presence within our pop culture.


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  1. I think the logic is faulty. He says “that is popular, so that will always be popular”. Well, say that to the Fantastic 4, who used to be Marvel’s first family.

    I can only speak for myself but…while I don’t feel Superhero fatigue, I do feel Batman fatigue. I have seen so many incarnation of Batman (and to a lesser degree Superman) over the years in movie and TV (not to mention the countless animated shows), I am really, really tired of this character, and the only reason why I don’t feel the same about Spider-man, is because I want to see him interact with the other heroes, not because I really, really want more of him either.

    I originally looked forward to suicide squad, but the inclusion of Joker and Batman has dimmed my enthusiasm a little bit. I hope that they are both only minor characters. I want to see Wonder Woman, but I fell kind of annoyed that DC feels the need to introduce her in another movie beforehand. And the only reason I am invested in Dawn of Justice at all is because if that movie fails, I most likely won’t get all the movie about the more minor heroes I am actually interested in.

    You really can’t predict this. The genre might loose popularity, but it is impossible to predict when this will happen and how far it will fall. The Western example which is often used isn’t a particular good one because the Western is a very limited genre. But a Superhero movie can be whatever it wants to be.

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    • Yeah but Fantastic Four was big, but only for a little while. He’s talking about the legacy of these characters, and their ability to have remained important for decades. I agree that it’s good to get new characters, but the mainstream audience seem to still be interested in Batman and Spider-Man. But yeah it’s hard to predict, what’s popular now might not be next year, it depends on the quality of the films and their ability to keep the audience interested


      • In any case, it is kind of a cheap shot to use Ant-man as an example. He is hardly the Marvel equivalent to Batman…he is more the equivalent to Aquamen, when it comes to reputation.


  2. It’s funny because “internet” become angry when someone say something “against” Marvel, even if I think wasn’t a shot but is opinion and everyone has their, but when actors or directors they insult DC Comics without reasons, no one say anything. Hypocrisy everywhere.
    The point is simple, are they making movies or commercials? Because movies can resist, but a tv commercial/tv series type of movies with the same style and plot, can be a problem. If they will be able to made real movies and not a “tv movie series”, I think that this genre could continue without problems, we must remember that Batman and Superman were serials in the 40s, so this kind of “movies” aren’t something new but a part of the film history. The problem is that there are too many useless movies made just for profit and this will eclipse the entire genre.
    The real problem is not just “there are too many superheroes movie”, because there are much more movies of the others genre, the problem is there are too many identical movies with the same plot. We need diffrent type of “superhero/comics movies”, like Suicide Squad or maybe even more adaptation from Vertigo. It’s all about consistency and make the right choice.
    Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, and the others big DC Characters are myths and legend and with the right hands, they will accomplish wonders.
    By the way, every years there are at least 30 horror movies and 30 animated movies but no one say nothing.


    • Yeah as long as they keep the superhero movies different and fresh, they will stay popular for a while. I think with horror movies and animation is that they are generally cheaper to make, so it’s not a problem if there are lots. Superhero movies are big budgets, and are expected to make big returns, so there’s a lot more riding on them


    • Unless you count foreign releases, the number of animated movies per year is currently more around 20, which is actually a lot. Until the rise of Pixar, there were years in which no animated movie at all was produced. And the animation market actually is oversaturated, which is why dreamworks has scaled back the number of releases per year. It will be interesting to see which studios will still be around in ten years or so.


  3. I can understand Snyder’s comments, but in Marvel’s defence the fact that they’ve been able to change things up with each of their films is smart and keeps people guessing. I mean if every MCU film had the same tone, feel and style people would have gotten sick of these films a lot sooner. I’ll be curious to see if DC’s films will be able to be as versatile in tone and genre and see if the fans will use the “flavour of the week” comments or dismiss it because they’re more “adult or mature”.

    As for the superhero genre in general, it won’t die and while some people are getting tired of it, I feel like there are still too many characters that deserve some big screen time. And it’ll probably slow down, but then pick up again after a while.

    I just want to calrify that I’m not a Marvel fan boy and I am down for any comic book film adaptations regards of who is making them.


    • Yeah fair enough! I definitely love the tone BvS seems to be going for, but I don’t want all the DC movies to have that same feel. Marvel have done a good job mixing things up with Winter Soldier and GOTG, so hopefully DC takes a similar approach. As long as these films are different and entertaining, they’ll remain popular for a while

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