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Arrow Season 4 Trailer Discussion: Will the show redeem itself?

arrow season 4 trailer discussion analysis breakdown

So the Arrow season 4 trailer just dropped online, and after a disappointing season 3 I was definitely interested to see what direction this season decided to go. So let’s discuss and breakdown the Arrow season 4 trailer!

The trailer opens up to domestic Oliver Queen living in suburbia with his girlfriend, Felicity. Now like most people, I loved the relationship between Felicity and Oliver in the first 2 seasons. They were flirty friends, and it was cute. Then the writers decided to take story inspiration from Tumblr and instead of Felicity and Oliver having a deep bond that ultimately transcended sexuality, and was just a really tight relationship, they gave into fan service and made them a couple. With that we saw Felicity’s characters go downhill. Felicity wasn’t the same smart, independent Felicity she was before. And although I’m 100% down for change, I wouldn’t have minded the pair of them getting together if Felicity’s character didn’t go from lovable to whiny, annoying, and overly dependent. So fingers crossed this whole domestic living doesn’t last for too long.

We then see that Starling City has adopted its comic book name ‘Star City’ in memory of Ray Palmer who is assumed dead. Of course we know he isn’t actually dead, he’s now the Atom and fighting crime with the Legends of Tomorrow.

Cut to a bunch of action shots, now everyone has a costume, including Diggle. Hmmmmm I wish Diggle was the one character that didn’t get a costume. In the midst of all the crazy chaos, Diggle was always the one calm rational mind, and it’s why we loved him. However I guess with Oliver missing, someone needed to step up. Now hate has already been thrown intensely at Diggle’s costume so I will not bother talking about it, but yeah it isn’t great.

And of course the ghost they are talking about must be a reference to the big bad of the season, Damien Darhk. And who is Damien Darhk? He was the former friend and rival of Ra’s Al Ghul and member of League of Assassins, however now he is the leader of H.I.V.E, which is basically League of Assassins 2.0.

Clearly domestic Oliver Queen doesn’t last long as he gets his Green Arrow costume, hopefully the natural evolution of his superhero persona has grown enough for him to adopt the Green Arrow name. 

Oh and in a quick shot we see Constantine! And although I didn’t love Constantine the show as much as other shows like The Flash, I did love his character so it’s great to see him again. So far he’s only set to appear in one episode, episode 4. With all these people coming back from the dead (as we saw with Sara later in the trailer) it makes sense to bring in his character. Hopefully he comes back for more episodes.

The theme for this season seems to be order and chaos. Star City is a city in chaos, and as Lance suggested, the monster that Oliver bred to become the Arrow infected the city and created other monsters, that don’t have the same intentions Oliver does. Damien Darhk who seems to be a big fan of order (or his perception of order) wants to see the city burn so he can ultimately rebuild it in his image. Basically like many villain plots we’ve seen before, including Batman Begins.

Thea seems to be a crazy, ruthless person. This will be interesting to see. There’s repercussions for those that are brought back by the Lazurus Pit, so we might see a bit of Jason Todd type antics in Thea.

Overall the Arrow season 4 trailer didn’t do much to overly excite me, probably because I’ve lowered my expectations after season 3. However I’m going in with an open mind, and hoping that instead of fan-service, the writers focus on what’s best for these characters. Instead of focusing on what will create the most soap opera tension, let’s focus on how to help these characters evolve in a way that accurately reflect the events they’ve been through. Maybe now Thea has gone dark, and Diggle has lost faith in Oliver, and Oliver feels the need to be more than just some vigilante. Hopefully Damien Darhk proves to be a worthy villain, and we see that season 2 awesomeness in Arrow season 4!

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  1. I am so glad to see Echo Kellum get a role here– and Mr. Terrific is a great character. I wonder if he will eventually take on the “Fair Play” motto/jacket? I’ve loved him as an actor since “Ben and Kate” so I am very pleased to see him in this role.


    • I haven’t seen him in anything, but sounds like he will be a great addition! Haha I hope that he does! I’m not sure how close to the comics they will play his character though


  2. Season 1: Olly and Laurel.
    Season 2: Olly and Sara (my personal favorite!)
    Season 3: Olly and Felicity.
    By this point, not only is Felicity’s character actually cheapened by her romance with Olly (I was always a BIG fan of her and Ray Palmer together, it was MUCH better for everyone involved), but now it’s like they just inserted her into the role just to fill the seasonal vacancy. And I really don’t like how each season can be summed up as “Which girl Olly got with.” It cheapens all three of them, ya know?

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    • Yeah it seemed as though initially the long-term plan was for him and Laurel, but because fans didn’t respond to her character well they changed it. Olly has about 100 different love interests on the show, it really wasn’t necessary to make Felicity one of them

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  3. I didn’t mind season 3 too much, but I really hated how it ended, getting rid of Arsenal, and only ONE appearance of Deathstroke. Aside from Diggle’s stupid outfit, in which he looks like Shafter if he were a 90s comic book character (not the Youngblood Shaft), it looks alright. Excited for Constantine appearing and hopefully lead to more appearances and maybe even a Constantine revival. I’m cautious about Anarky being in the show and how he’s descried as a mercenary wanting to please his employers, which makes me think of how he was terribly adapted for Beware the Batman. At least Arkham Origins got him right. Damian Darhk is also a weird choice for an antagonist seeing as how he was a Titans villain in the 90s, then again so was Deathstroke but at least he got developed further as a Green Arrow villain and his own character. Also Amanda Waller was there so I guess that so-called “restriction” on using her and Suicide Squad in Arrowverse due to the Suicide Squad movie is moot. Hopefully that also means Deadshot returning and helping out Team Arrow since he worked for HIVE. Can’t wait! 🙂


    • Yeah more Deathstroke is never a bad thing! I don’t think we’ll ever see Constantine the show come back, but I hope that he gains a bigger role in the CW-verse. I really don’t think Deadshot is actually dead, I mean we didn’t see him die. And it would be weird for them to set-up his connections with HIVE and never really go further with it. So I wouldn’t be surprised if we saw him again


  4. Cool analysis yo. Like you I wasn’t too keen on season 3, so I’m finding it hard to get hyped for season 4. Now after seeing the trailer I’m a little a excited, mainly because Matt Ryan is back as John Constantine! I know not a lot of people liked the show, but I thought it was good, especially towards the end and the fact that this character will return to TV is more than enough reason to give Arrow a watch again. I’m curious to see what’s going on with Thea and the effects of the lazarus pit. But other than that besides a few new threats, trust issues between Oliver and Diggle and more lovey dovey stuff from Oliver and Felicity, I’m not seeing anything too exciting.


    • Yeah I think that Constantine and the world that he brings will be a really cool addition! And agreed, right now there isn’t really anything to be overly excited for yet, but hopefully we’ll enjoy season 4 more than season 3!

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  5. I used to like this serie, but now seems too much like a Batman rip-off. The third season was a Batman story arc and I didn’t like at all, because wasn’t Green Arrow. Even Amell acts like Bruce Wayne and sometimes seems he have studied Bale in the Batman Movies and not Oliver Queen from the comics. The Arrow Cave is just a copy of the Bat Cave, Felicity is like Oracle, Roy is like Robin and Thea seems like a Batgirl type. I’m glad that the tv universe is separate from the movies.


    • Yeah I guess it’s easier to pull from Batman material than Green Arrow material. It is weird that they use so many Bat villains though. And yeah, definitely couldn’t imagine this taking place the same universe as the movies


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