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Cyborg #1 Review: Booyah! He finally gets a solo series!

cyborg 1 review

It was weird that 6 of the core 7 founding Justice League members had their own solo series but Cyborg didn’t. Well finally we’re here with Cyborg #1 and we get to see Cyborg in a non-team context which is interesting.

Cyborg #1 by writer David Walker with art by Ivan Reis and Joe Prado kicked off pretty strong. It’s great to finally have an ongoing series that solely focuses on Victor Stone.

An integral part of the Cyborg character is his relationship with his father and how he deals with being more machine than man. The debut issue of Cyborg deals with that straight away. The core story picks up after what occurred in the sneak preview of Cyborg #1 where Cyborg died but was then mysteriously brought back to life and regenerated by his suit.

So Silas Stone, who typically isn’t the best at paying attention to his son, finally has a reason to acknowledge him, as the technology incites his curiosity. But therein lies the problem. Does he care about his son Victor, or the technology of Cyborg? 

cyborg 1 review

And it’s a real struggle for Victor to have a father who fails to show genuine love for him. Thankfully he has Sarah, who actually sees him for the human he is.

So the comic raises an interesting conversation surrounding the dichotomy between man and machine. How is it that people are more interested in technology then their own sons? It’s an ever-growing divide we see in society today, as technology continues to overtake our lives, we lose genuine connections with other people.

Cyborg #1 was really about fleshing out the struggles of Victor Stone. As he is more machine than man, Victor will do anything to keep his sense of humanity. Unlike Batman, Superman and the other heroes of DC, Cyborg can’t take off his suit and just be Victor Stone. He can’t escape being Cyborg.

cyborg 1 review

Another great thing the first issue did was give us a sense of his personality. I like Victor Stone being a little funny and more “chill” than other people. Victor Stone is one of the younger members of the League, so he should act like it. He was a college footballer before his accident. Of course he probably wishes to be a normal kid again. So yeah he does joke around with his dad about being dead, which his father doesn’t think is hilarious…

Because the issue was very much character focused we don’t see Cyborg in action, but we are introduced to the larger threat, who we don’t know much about yet except that they are some alien species interested in specific technology.

The writing and art are both great in Cyborg #1, what’s left to see is what the overarching story will be for this arc. Overall it was a solid debut issue, and what’s important is fleshing out his personality and exploring more of the man vs technology side of the character, which is what helps differentiate him from the other League members. Looking forward to more Cyborg action (will Walker take some inspiration from Teen Titans and have him say “Booyah” that is the question…) 7.8/10.


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  1. I’m glad that Cyborg has his own series and he’s been elevated to new heights. I know I’m being purist/nitpicky when I say this, but I’m not exactly all foe him being a FOUNDING MEMBER of the Justice League and removing Martian Manhunter (also glad he has a new comic as well). Before New 52, Cyborg did become a member of the Justice League, after everything he went thru with the Titans and all, forming close relationships with other Titans and the stuff they went thru, all gone thanks to New 52. But he has his own series now so I guess that’s something


    • Yeah it was weird when they kind of took Martian Manhunter out of the core 7, but I am glad Cyborg is part of the team because he is different compared to the other League members. But yeah it’s good that Cyborg and Martian Manhunter both have a solo series now


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