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Justice League #42 Spoiler Review: Bat-God has arrived

justice league 42 spoiler review bat-god

Whilst Justice League #42 was more of a moving parts issue, we did get some few cool moments, such as the birth of the Bat-God. Yes all those memes have come to life, as Batman is literally a god now. So let’s discuss Justice League #42!

The issue picks up with Superman and Lex Luthor hanging out. Well not so much hanging out, but more so Supes saving Lex from dying after his sister shot him. This is all we see from the pair this issue, but it’s clear that we’ll be seeing more from this team-up (a future issue will be pitting a “corrupted” Superman against Lex Luthor). How will Superman, a symbol for hope, operate in a place that seems so devoid of it? 

What’s interesting is that when Darkseid finds out Superman has come, he’s not even slightly worried. So many people view Superman as this larger than life person, a god amongst men. Darkseid, being the arrogant one he is, merely thinks of him as some mortal, and sends his slaves out to kill him. That’s how little Darkseid thinks of Superman.

justice league 42 darkseid

That’s what’s so great about Darkseid. He’s so confident about himself, he doesn’t have time for anyone he considers is less than him. And considering he thinks he’s the greatest force in the universe, he doesn’t exactly have a high tolerance level.

We also get a conversation between Mister Miracle and Myrina. Now Myrina Black is definitely an interesting character. She says that she’s the only Amazon that kept fulfilling their original goal, to save the world from war, so she wants to end Darkseid, yet she does this by starting a war…Myrina had a child with Darkseid just so she can use that child against him, cold. Clearly her logic has been corrupted by the intense hunt she has going on against Darkseid. It’s easy to be consumed into the darkness when you hang around Darkseid too long.

justice league 42 spoiler review

Then we get back to the rest of the League who are saved from Grail by Metron. Metron goes on to tell them that there’s no point in trying to fight anymore, the world is going to end either way. And with a war shaping up between two of the most powerful forces in the DC Universe, Anti-Monitor and Darkseid, that’s to be expected.

Of course the League aren’t willing to give up that easily. What’s great about Justice League #42 is that the League seem so inferior to the real gods and monsters appearing in the issue. Outside we view the Justice League like gods, but faced with real gods, you can see that they aren’t perfect gods with all the solutions, they’re a group of individuals trying to do the best they can.

So Wonder Woman (who looks amazing in this issue thanks to Fabok) yanks Metron out of the chair. To stop the chair from disappearing Batman gets on it, and is consumed by it. Say goodbye to Batman, and hello to Bat-God.

justice league 42 wonder woman

Bat-God now knows all there is to know about the universe. All this information in his head cannot be good. He tests the chair out first by asking who killed his parents, which the chair answered correctly. Interestingly enough the second question he asked the all-knowing Mobius chair is, “What’s the Joker’s true name?”. Out of all the questions in the world he could have asked, that’s what he asked.

Clearly the Joker will forever have a huge presence and impact on Bruce’s mind. And the way he responds to finding out the answer, with denial, makes it seem like he knows this person. I doubt we will ever find out the answer to that question, and that’s fine. The Joker works best as a faceless, random monster. But it will be interesting to see how knowing the Joker’s true identity will impact him going forward for the rest of this arc.

So how will Batman/Bat-God operate now that he’s the God of Knowledge? The solicitations for the next few issues make it clear that the rest of the League will become real gods as well, and will be burdened with this new power. Knowledge is a dangerous thing. The reckless hunt for knowledge can be enough to destroy the world, so Bat-God has to be careful.

justice league 42 bat-god

Considering Batman is the type of guy who wants to know everything about everyone and anything he considers a threat, imagine what he will do now that he knows everything. The power of limitless knowledge could really drive an already cynical and paranoid man, insane. 

Overall Justice League #42 had some big moments, but it definitely felt more like a moving pieces issue, setting up what’s about to really go down. Witnessing the Justice League become actual gods, and how they handle that power and how it will impact their attitude and relationship with the rest of humanity will be a strong plot point for the rest of the arc. The Darkseid War arc is grand and epic in scale, fitting for the greatest pantheon of DC hereos. Looking forward to what the rest of the arc will bring. 7.9/10

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  1. Pretty epic issue but one thing that made me laugh, groan, and rub between my eyes in frustration was when Wonder Woman asks Metron who the Anti-Monitor is. This is written by Geoff Johns for crying out loud. He’s written A LOT of stories which featured Anti-Monitor, especially in his GL run. Darkseid War is ok so far and does some interesting things, but it’s also recycling stuff that’s been done before, and Geoff Johns is better than that. I just hope with Bat-God around maybe he’ll realize how different things things are now and remember what came before New 52.


    • Haha fair enough. It’s hard not to use things that have been done before because these characters have been around for so long, but definitely interested to see what role Bat-God plays in all of this


  2. I mentioned that Geoff Johns wrote Anti-Monitor in his GL stories a lot, from Sinestro Corps War to Brightest Day, and that’s important to remember because Hal Jordan, the GL of the current JL right now, was also the primary character of those stories and should also know who AM is. AM was the Guardian of the Sinestro Corps, forced to become the Central Power Battery by Nekron and then freed, and during Brightest Day he tried to take the White Lantern and use its power to destroy the multiverse. New 52 apparently wiped that out yet also acknowledges that? I’m sorry, but I can’t help point out the inconsistencies here with this, and again, I know Geoff Johns is a better writer than this. There’s gotta be someone higher up forcing him to do this, though Johns himself is Chief Crestive Officer, so probably someone more higher-up than him. I can’t think of another explanation for it.


    • Yeah the continuity of the DC universe is still pretty off, especially after Convergence acknowledged that everything still happened. I don’t know, perhaps it’s just one of those things they are choosing to ignore or it will be incorporated later on, it’s probably best not to think about it too much or you’ll drive yourself crazy haha


  3. Great review, Darkseid is a great villain and I can’t wait to see the rest of “Darkseid War” unfold and gather steam. Fabok is one of my favourite artists at present, I was sorry to see Ivan Reis depart the title but Fabok is a more than adequate replacement.

    Shame Reis is pencilling a solo Cyborg title though and not one of the Batman or Superman books which are in dire need of superior artwork!


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