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Suicide Squad Comic-Con Trailer Analysis: The joke was on them

suicide squad comic con trailer analysis

So much for not officially releasing this, WB have now decided to release the Suicide Squad Comic-Con trailer after the leak, which is the smart thing to do. And after the eerie trailer, I’m feeling slightly, completely creeped out. Keep in mind this is just a teaser trailer/first look, so you don’t really get much from it (the movie is coming out in August 2016), but anyways let’s discuss the Suicide Squad Comic-Con trailer!

suicide squad amanda waller

The trailer opens up to Amanda Waller talking to military officials. She talks about the group she has put together, and that yes, some of them have powers, “Maybe Superman was some kind of beacon for them to creep out of the shadows”. First of all I already buy Viola Davis as Waller. Amanda Waller is the real one in charge, no one else, and she may not always be ethical in her practices, but she gets the job done. She also talks about Superman, suggesting that this takes place after Man of Steel. And also suggests that before Superman’s appearance there weren’t really any super-powered villains. So he’s not only a beacon for hope,  he’s a beacon for the meta-humans to come out as well. After he displays his powers in public, I guess they feel like they can too.

“If anything goes wrong we blame them, we have in-built deniability”. Yeah something will go wrong, that’s for sure. Suicide Squad are a government sanctioned group that are sent out on missions too dodgy and dangerous for anyone else to do. Criminals agree to join the Squad for reduced jail time, or even just the chance to have something to do. Of course the joke is on them because they get bombs implanted in their necks just in case they do anything wrong, also there’s a good chance they get killed. So if the government are poking their head in something they shouldn’t be, they can just blame a bunch of reckless super-villains acting in their own self-interest.

suicide squad trailer harley quinn

Then we see a bunch of random shots of the Squad. The main players seem to be Harley and Deadshot, with their origin stories being displayed. The main force in Harley’s origin is the Joker, and the main force for Deadshot’s motivations for joining the Squad is his daughter, both of which we see in the trailer.

suicide squad comic con killer croc

We also see Killer Croc all tied up Hannibal Lecter style. It’s clear Killer Croc is going to be the crazy tank in this movie. We also get a glimpse of Enchantress. June Moone’s character has a mystical force take over her body, giving the split identity of June Moone/Enchantress. We don’t actually see her walking with the Suicide Squad, and the rumour is that their first mission is to find Enchantress, a woman with a lot of unknown power (she’s kinda the wild card).

suicide squad comic con trailer analysis

An interesting shot we see in the trailer is Harleen Quinzel in what is probably her working in Arkham Asylum. It looks like the prisoners have got out, and are attacking her and strapping her down to the table. And by the end of the trailer we find out why…

suicide squad trailer joker

We also get a shot of a fully clothed Joker (yes he’s not always shirtless) walking with his bodyguard Jonny Frost. In Brian Azzarello’s Joker graphic novel Jonny Frost meets up with Joker after he is released from Arkham Asylum. The pair go around regaining all the power back from the other villains in Gotham. Jonny likes to tag along because he likes the excitement, and finally feels a sense of purpose. He then figures out that Joker, is just plain crazy. And of course Joker doesn’t really care about power or money, he did all that to get the attention of Batman.

So maybe we could be getting a similar situation here. My guess, Joker is in Arkham after Batman finally catches him for killing Jason, Batman retires, Joker gets out of Arkham and is sad Batman has retired, now he wants to get his attention again. We’re not sure where this movie takes place in the timeline, but word is that it takes place after Man of Steel but before Batman v Superman.

suicide squad comic con trailer batman

Then we get a look at the scene we’ve all seen the leaked version of, Batman riding on Joker’s car. I’m guessing this is a flashback, building up Harley’s origin.

suicide squad comic con trailer joker

The very end of the trailer we get our Joker reveal, and if nothing else, it is pretty creepy. Now its way too soon to be comparing Leto to Ledger, but I’m feeling good about Leto after seeing this, and I think he’ll be the craziest, most terrifying Joker yet. From the way the trailer is cut, it looks like he’s torturing Harleen Quinzel, slowly turning her into Harley Quinn. And it makes sense, he doesn’t kill her, he just hurts her really, really bad.

suicide squad comic con trailer harley quinn

This is what I think will go down in Suicide Squad: Harley will be working for Waller in the Suicide Squad, but will really be working for the Joker. She’s willing to backstab her teammates until she realises that she actually cares about them (and people in general) and doesn’t agree with the Joker’s ways, and then ends up actually being on the Squad’s side.

suicide squad comic con trailer screenshot

Overall I’m liking what I’m seeing from Suicide Squad. Suicide Squad is one of my favourite comic properties, and what’s important is nailing the team dynamics. The Suicide Squad Comic-Con trailer didn’t exactly give us much of an idea of the overall story, but it set up the creepy, grim tone and overall feel of the movie. One thing is clear, if you aren’t interested in dark, gritty comic book movies, you’re probably not going to enjoy DC’s 2016 movie slate. I think that Suicide Squad will be a lot more fun than Batman v Superman though of course, when you have characters like Harley Quinn and Captain Boomerang, but this movie will still keep in tone with what Man of Steel started. But yeah so far it’s shaping up to be good, but it is hard to get excited for a movie that’s still so far away, let’s just hope the time goes by fast!

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  1. I had chills when I watched the trailer, and the last time that happened was Star Wars. I’m very excited for this one for 2 reasons, Harley and Joker. They’ve always been my favorites.


      • Idk if you’ve seen David Ayers war film “fury”. Suicide squad looks Like it has the same gringy tone, but with comic book elements in it. Also, batman v superman looks very dark, but with comic book elements in it. I see a pattern here.


      • Yes I have seen it, loved it! Definitely feel a similar tone to it, and what’s great about Fury is the chemistry and interaction between the characters, so I’m expecting something similar in SS. But yeah it’s they’re going for a darker tone, yet maintaining a comic book feel


  2. I’m still not sold on Will Smith Deadshot. I need to see more- I need to see how much he’s playing for laughs or if they make Deadshot the deadpan straight man he always is. In the comics, Deadshot always serves the purpose of grounding the carziness of Harley/ Boomerang/ whoever else is in the runs, and if Smith is going to play Deadshot the way he has other “hero” parts in the past (i.e. Independence Day) this movie will risk being all crazy, no grounding.

    Excited for Katana and croc though, and I like the costumes we’ve seen so far.


    • Yeah agreed, Deadshot is one of my favourite characters so I’m hoping Smith gives a nice balance to the character. Looking forward to Croc and Katana as well, really curious to know if those rumours about Katana possibly working for Batman are true…


  3. WOW! This is a great trailer! Jared as the Joker is scary! David Ayer have done a great job with the characters and Margot as Harley is really extraordinary. I’m happy to see the origin of Harley in the movie and I think that Joker will be very maniacal in this movie.


      • This joker looks very intimidating, not his muscle mass but just his aura. This origin for Harley quinn will be more realistic than the comics, not just a doctor who falls for a nut job. That’s not realistic.


      • Agreed, even in the few lines he had in the trailer he had a real presence. And yeah it looks like Joker is going to really torture Harley, so it’s going to be more understandable when we see how crazy she becomes


    • Yepp, mediocre movie but great chemistry! I really think that the entire Suicide Squad will have great chemistry with each other, which is what you need


  4. What I love about this trailer is definitely all the characters, the premise, the character moments, everything. It definitely fulfills the idea of a movie trailer because it really isn’t giving much away, unlike other trailers, but then again Suicide Squad has a pretty simple premise and anyone can see that, so it’s not giving a lot away in that regard. Only thing I’m worried is that it might turn into “Harley Quinn and friends” instead of just the Suicide Squad. But then again comic teams go thru changes all the time and she has brought the Suicide Squad back to prominence and this movie is reflective of that, as well as the 1980s Squad and some new faces. I guess she is to them what Wolverine is to the X-Men.


    • Yeah Harley Quinn, Deadshot and Joker will probably be the main focus of the movie, but you do need leads that are more developed than the other characters. But the trailer did a good job of balancing all the characters so hopefully most of the team members get developed well (well those that don’t die within the first 10 mins of the movie that is)


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