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Batman v Superman Comic-Con Trailer Analysis: Are you convinced yet?

batman v superman comic con trailer analysis

As expected we got ourselves a Batman v Superman full length Comic-Con trailer, and with it got a real sense of the story, and suffice it to say, I thought it was amazing. Not surprising because I’ve been rooting for this movie since day one, but it’s good to get a greater sense of what the story is, apart from two guys punching each other. So let’s discuss the Batman v Superman Comic-Con trailer!

holly hunter batman v superman

The trailer opens up to Holly Hunter, who’s playing a Senator talking about the presence of Superman. It’s clear she’s on the anti-Superman train, talking about how it’s important to find out what he stands for. It’s great to get the political aspect in Batman v Superman. How will the people in power feel when someone with more power comes to their doorstep?

batman v superman comic con trailer analysis

Then we see Superman going to meet the politicians. This is a scene that has happened many times in the comics and animated stuff. Superman wants to be able to operate in peace with the government, so if asked, he will go talk to them. Although that doesn’t mean he’s going to be working for them any time soon.

batman v superman metropolis bruce

Then we cut to a familiar scene. We’ve heard for a while now that the mass destruction ending of Man of Steel plays into Batman v Superman. In the trailer we see Bruce in Metropolis during the Zod vs Superman battle. It’s really interesting to see the battle from his perspective. As everyone is running away from the battle, Bruce runs straight into it, because he’s the goddamn Batman, why wouldn’t he run into a fight between two gods? So clearly this is personal for Bruce. Superman’s fight destroyed his building, and his employees, who I’m sure he feels responsible for.

Then we get to see the Batcave that looks like crap. Batman hasn’t been operating for a little while, and it’s Superman’s presence that brings him out of retirement. I almost feel like he’s extra mad at Superman because he wants a purpose again. Who is Bruce without a battle to fight? Having Superman in the mix gives him a direction and objective again, something he might have not had for a while. “I’ve been in Gotham for 20 years and how many good guys are left?”. This is a Batman with not a lot of trust left, it’s almost like he’s given up on changing the dire state of his city.

newspaper batman v superman trailer

We see Bruce holding a newspaper article about the destruction to Wayne Tower, with the words, “you let your family die” on there. Hmmmm now this is interesting. The two main possibilities for the sender of this message is the Joker. I mean he does like messing with Bats on a regular basis (and currently in the comics knows Bruce’s secret identity). The other possibility is Jason Todd, aka Red Hood, we’ll get to that later. Or it could just be a disgruntled employee, who knows…

daily planet clark kent batman v superman

Now we’re back to Clark’s perspective, and we finally see journalist Clark Kent. I loveeee journalist Clark Kent, I always think it’s a mistake to not emphasise that he’s a journalist. He’s a seeker of truth, and he wants to find out the truth about Batman. “Like a one man reign of terror”, clearly Clark does not approve of Batman’s brutal ways. So whilst Batman is investigating Superman, Clark is investigating Bruce. And after we see shots of Batman’s beaten up, branded victims, we see Superman being a saviour to victims.

batman v superman comic con trailer analysis

After which we hear from Martha Kent. I loved Ma Kent in Man of Steel, and what was great about her was that she wanted Clark to embrace himself, and be the hero he can be, but she was still a worried mother. She tells Clark that he can be the hero the world needs, or he doesn’t have to be either, he doesn’t owe them anything. Ma Kent has probably witnessed the backlash of Superman’s presence and is just making sure that he doesn’t feel pressured to be somebody he doesn’t want to be, especially with all the haters. This is the time for Clark to figure out who he wants to be, and if he is a hero or not. Many complaints about Man of Steel was that all Clark did was listen to the directions of his two fathers, without making his own decisions. I think in Batman v Superman, we’ll start seeing a much more independent Superman.

Cut back to Superman hater Holly Hunter, we see she’s teaming up with Lex Luthor (who’s seems to be wearing the wig for most of the movie). I don’t think Holly Hunter’s character will be a bad guy in the movie, I think that once she realises the extremity of Lex, she’ll back down, and figure out who the real bad guys are.

superman kneeling lex luthor

Then we see Supes kneeling to…Lex? This was a weird scene, and Superman did not seem happy about it. Later on in the trailer we see that Lex has found a giant piece of Kryptonite, so maybe that’s why.

zod body batman v superman

Lex is clearly busy because he also has Zod’s body! We heard rumours about Zod’s body making a reappearance. The rumour is that his DNA is going to be used to make Doomsday. Whether that’s true or not we’ll have to wait and see. But it’s good to be bringing back Zod’s character, signifying to Superman, the consequences of his actions.

robin suit batman v superman trailer

Then we get to another really interesting scene, ROBIN!!! Yepp, there’s an old Robin suit that’s been vandalised, presumably by the Joker, “Ha Ha Ha, jokes on you Batman”. This is probably Jason Todd’s Robin suit. I’m guessing Batman has this on display to remind himself of why he retired, because he failed. So are they setting up Red Hood potentially for a future movie villain? Perhaps. Perhaps Bruce thought Jason died by Joker’s hand, hence retiring. Although he doesn’t and now Jason is pissed. In the comics after Jason returns from the dead, he wants to kill Batman. Because Batman “let” Jason die, and because Batman seemed to move on so quickly. So maybe Jason sends the newspaper article to Bruce, tormenting him for letting his family die.

batman fighting superman soldiers

“He has the power to wipe out the entire human race”, Bruce talking about Superman. We get a scene of the Superman soldiers kneeling to Superman, and Batman fighting the soldiers (looks like Gaslight Batman here). Speculation is that this whole Superman soldier thing is a dream sequence. Maybe this is what Bruce envisions the future to be, if Superman’s power is left unchecked. Similar to Injustice: Gods among us, eventually Superman will become the dominant force on Earth. So this could all be some hypothetical future Bruce has made up in his mind.

We get back to Alfred who, as usual, has some wisdom to offer to Bruce. “He is not our enemy”. I’m sure Alfred has watched Bruce slowly get deeper and deeper into the darkness over the years, watch as he has let the rage fill him. Seeing him get all worked up about Superman probably has Alfred worried. And perhaps Bruce is in the need for some perspective, that maybe Superman and Batman have similar goals.

batman v superman comic con trailer analysis

The final shots of the trailer are of Batman and Superman fighting (shocker). As Superman rips open the Batmobile’s doors, Batman looks a little tired out, but he also looks like he doesn’t really give a shit. Love it!

Overall I was super impressed by the Batman v Superman Comic-Con trailer. Visually it looks stunning, and I’m glad Snyder got Larry Fong back on board on this film, after the great work they did on Watchmen together. I’m convinced that Ben Affleck will be a great Batman. The fighting style looks like it’s ripped straight out of the comics (grapple gun!!!), and his Bruce is tormented, angry and fragile. Superman still great, love that we get to see more journalist Clark Kent. Lex Luthor, so far I’m happy with what I’m seeing. Every time he comes on screen I hate his smugness, so he’s doing something right. Although I’ll need to see more from him to be convinced, because he could become a bit too cheesy.

wonder woman batman v superman trailer

Seeing Wonder Woman in action was great, she looks very badass. Didn’t hear her talk, which is a shame (need to look at Gadot’s acting abilities), but visually she’s great. Looks like her bracelets can do more than block bullets! Although with Joker and possible Jason Todd references, I’m wondering how everything is going to fit in the story. We’re going to have Batman v Superman, Lex Luthor with Zod’s body (possible Doomsday introduction), Wonder Woman, Cyborg, Aquaman introduction, Joker teases and possible set up of Red Hood along with all the political stuff. So my only concern is there being too many story arcs. The last thing I want for this film is an Amazing Spider-Man 2 scenario. Hopefully Chris Terrio (they don’t even mention Goyer anymore), has balanced the script well.

Anyways Batman v Superman doesn’t come out until another 8 and a half months, so I’ll just be here…. re-watching the trailer over and over again.

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  1. True story…I was watching the trailer and kept wondering “Who is that guy who gets so much screentime? Is that supposed to be Jimmy Olson?” before I suddenly realized “Oh, right, that’s the actor who is supposed to play Lex Luthor”….so not sold in this regard. Otherwise I hated the use of the “people hate/fear/are afraid of what they don’t understand” line. This line has been used so often it has become a really, really tired cliché (I won’t hold some other clunkers against the movie because they might sound better in context, but this one isn’t good in any context).

    Otherwise…it was okay. Nothing particularly offputting, but nothing particularly great either. Robin’s costume was kind of the high point.


  2. I thought the trailer was amazing! I think the Robin suit could be Jason Todd as well, be interesting to see what Zod’s corpse has to do with everything – I’m hoping its Doomsday. Great to see Wonder Woman as well, sure she will be the one to bring the trinity together. Agree, hat final shot with Superman tearing open the Batmobile and Batman just standing there is so awesome! Can’t wait to see this film.


    • Ahh it was so good! I would be devastated if it’s Dick Grayson’s suit! But yeah Wonder Woman looks great, and she seems like she’s going to be portrayed as really powerful. And that final shot of the trailer was perfect, classic Batman.

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      • A lot of folks have speculated doomsday in this film but, a few others have mentioned bizzaro or even amazo in this flick. I’m game but I don’t wanna see any mind controlled superman nonsense. That would ruin the movie imo.


      • Yess 100% agree! I hate mind control bs, which I was a little worried about in the part where Supes is kneeling to Lex. Hopefully they don’t go down that route


  3. Jessie eisenberg as lex luthor really has a quirky mad scientist vibe going on, and I like it. This might be my favorite incarnation of lex, he’s really going to bring the evil. I have yet to see a lex interpretation that I’ve respected. Hackman was campy and spacey was a perverted real estate schemer. Even rosenbalm was way to close and friendly to clark for my taste. Lex luthor and clark Kent should never be friends, NEVER. Have I ever told you that I thought smallville was trash?

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  4. I have noticed a few things about the trailer
    1- In the funeral scene the grave of Richard Grayson is already there
    I think it’s a grave of someone of Dick’s family but not him nor his parents as he wasn’t even born when the Waynes were killed.
    2-When Batman is fighting the soldiers on his knees he snapped a soldier’s neck and on the teaser the Batblane destroyed cars with men in it so the question is “IS THIS BATMAN A KILLER ? “.


    • I saw the set photo of Dick’s gravestone, but his birth year/death year made him seem really old, so it might just be something the set designer put in to fill up the set, because it’s the grave where Bruce’s parents’ funeral takes place.

      Yeah as for the killing, I’m was confused by that as well, which is why I thought it could be a dream sequence, have to wait and see I guess


  5. Yeah, I had a similar theory about Jason. It wasn’t that detailed but I just thought maybe they’d have some back-story with that then explore it further in the Batman solo film.


  6. For me this is the best trailer ever made! It’s perfect! There is almost every main character. Ben as Bruce is extraordinary, and Gal as Wonder Woman is very badass! I already love her as Diana! Henry as Supes is already an icon and I love the scene between Supes and Ma Kent. This new Alfred is amazing and I’m glad that they have chosen the great Jeremy Irons. The character of Holly Hunter is a villain for sure and I think she’ll work a lot with Lex. I didn’t expect a Robin easter egg and I love the fact that they are faithful to the comics.


    • Yess Affleck’s Bruce/Batman was so good in the trailer, you really get a sense of all the emotions from him which is great. But yeah loving all the characters so far, I wonder how far Holly Hunter’s character will go with Lex, I feel like she might be a little more morally strong than Lex


      • Not to be the contrarian here but sorry nkay96 I am not looking forward to this movie nearly as much as SS, Deadpool, or Captain America Civil War. I feel it will be more of the same stiff slow Batman with no martial arts skills and a just ok superman (like the movie). I really hope that I am wrong because I love the animated movies and love Ben as Bruce but the real live Batman movies action scenes pales in comparison for me. Sorry.


      • Didn’t you see his fighting skills in the trailer, they looked sick!! As for Superman, I guess if you didn’t like him in MOS you’re probs not gonna enjoy him in BvS, but hopefully you’ll enjoy the actual movie


      • I thought MOS was worth the watch yet I felt that it was just ok. He just simply did not completely feel like the Superman character to me. Maybe it was the different uniform or the fact that he did not sport his signature curl. It could have possibly been that I was expecting the entertainment level to rival that of the Avengers and yet, it paled in comparison. I have come to the following narrative, Marvel Cinematic Universe= live action (Hoping the X-men follows Spider man’s lead and switch) and DC Cinematic Universe= animation up until this point. Hoping this will change starting with BvS.


      • I think that we’ll see a more developed Superman in BvS considering MOS was just the start of him becoming the character we know. Hopefully you’ll enjoy BvS!


  7. A Young Justice movie would be good if they stay true to the correctors. Cartoon Network should have never canceled the Cartoon. Loved that show!


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