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Green Lantern Corps Movie: Would this be the right move? (Rumour discussion)

green lantern corps movie

Word from Collider is that WB are looking at focusing on multiple human Green Lanterns in their upcoming Green Lantern movie, suggesting a Green Lantern Corps buddy cop type movie (umm yes please). Everyone seems to have their own favourite Green Lantern from Hal Jordan to John Stewart, so this could be a great way to showcase the different fan favourite characters.

Remember that Green Lantern movie that came out in 2011? Well WB reallllyyyyy don’t want you to remember it, hence giving the Green Lantern reboot a date of 2020 (soooo far away). Green Lantern is a tricky property to put on the big screen. Dealing with that mythology is hard because it requires a deep exploration of world of the Guardians and the Corp. You can’t just put the audience into the world of the Green Lanterns and expect them to get it.

But if you lay out the groundwork well enough for the movie, there are some really cool things you can do with the property. I mean they are space cops, who doesn’t love space cops!

Even though the 2011 Green Lantern movie focused on Hal Jordan, apparently WB plan on mixing things up a little, by choosing to not just focus on one, but at least two. The main contenders are Hal Jordan, John Stewart or Guy Gardner.

hal jordan and john stewart

The obvious pairing would be Hal Jordan and John Stewart as they seem to be the favourites amongst most Green Lantern readers. Also if they were to position the movie as a buddy cop type movie, then the personalities of Hal Jordan and John Stewart work perfectly for that. Hal will be funny and cocky one, and John will be the straight one.

It would be surprising if they chose to go with Guy Gardner, seeing as he’s the one everyone loves to hate, but it could work. I would love to see the Green Lantern movies introduce the different colour corps, so maybe Guy Gardener could be our introduction to the Red Lanterns. Red Lanterns are fueled by their rage, and up until recently Guy Gardener was part of the Red Lantern Corps. Introducing characters like Sinestro and Carol Ferris could also help introduce the Sinestro Corps and Star Sapphires.

green lantern lost army 1 panel guy gardner

Of course the main focus should be on building up the mythology of the Green Lantern Corps first. One of the best parts of the failed Green Lantern movie was the parts on OA and the rest of space. Nobody could give a shit about him fighting a cloud on earth, the battle should have been kept in space. So hopefully after Guardians of the Galaxy, and after Star Wars starts dominating the theatres again, WB will be confident enough to set the majority of the Green Lantern movie in space with the rest of the Corps.

Collider also goes on to say that if there were sequels to the Green Lantern movie, each movie would focus on a different Green Lantern, which is interesting. Perhaps we will get to characters like Kyle Rayner if that were to happen.

green lantern corps movie

And if they do go with Hal Jordan and John Stewart, my guess is that they will structure the story similarly to how the comics have been using those characters recently. Maybe Hal Jordan will be part of the Justice League, and John Stewart will be leading the Green Lantern Corps. Hal Jordan seems to be the likely member of the Justice League when looking at their current roster, so I wouldn’t be surprised if they used those characters in that way.

Of course this is all still just a rumour, and the movie is still 5 years away (omg) so everything could change by then. With SDCC coming up in a few weeks we should know a lot more about WB’s plans for the DCCU. Collider also suggests that we may see some Green Lantern actors on stage with the rest of the Justice League at Comic-Con, which would be pretty crazy. Another rumour (so many DC rumours recently) is that Chris Pine is actually up for Hal Jordan. A few months ago we heard about that, but then the Steve Trevor rumour came up, but now the Hal Jordan rumour has returned. Yes it is all very confusing, so hopefully we will find out next month.

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  1. A Green Lantern Corps Movie could be awesome! My favourite is Hal Jordan, but I like Stewart too. I think that a space movie with a lot of Lanterns and a great villain is the right thing to do. Maybe they should stay with Hal for the JL team and use Stewart on the solo movies, with the introduction of Guy and Kyle. I wonder if is true that they will reveal at Comic Con the actor who will play Green Lantern, I hope so.


    • Yepp same here, love Jordan! I definitely think Jordan will be on the Justice League, and he will be our first introduction to the Green Lantern world. It would be pretty amazing if they reveal the actors at Comic-Con, also shows WB are thinking long term with the Green Lantern property which is great!


  2. Hal is by far the boringest of all Green Lanterns. I’d rather have a Sinestro movie than another Hal solo movie. I’d rather see a movie of just Mogo than another Hal movie.


    • Noo you don’t like Hal? I love what they’ve been doing with him in the New 52. But I definitely think either way we will be seeing Hal in the DCCU


      • I’ll admit it, I started reading comics when I was 12 in 1994 and I have not been a big GL guy since they brought Hal back, so my exposure to Hal is mostly silver age stuff with thin plots and characterization, and then you know– the part where he killed every other GL, then destroyed the multi-verse.

        Kyle’s my guy as far as GLs go, he was the only GL In the universe for a long time there. Plus Guy’s my guy from his time with the yellow ring hanging with Booster and Ted Kord. After that, obviously I’d rather have Jon Stewart than Hal– I mean do we always gotta pick the white guy when there are other choices for the movies?

        But, yeah, I don’t see them leaving Hal on the sidelines, so I will have to get used to it.


      • Yeah I definitely think either way we will be seeing Hal, considering they seem to be following the newer comics for their cinematic universe. It would be pretty cool to also see Rayner, but I can’t imagine them introducing his character first, probably will see him in sequels. John Stewart also seems like a guarantee at this point from what we’ve heard

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  3. I hope so much that this is true! The Green Lantern section of DC is fantastic and there are so many great GL’s to choose from, why not focus on them. Maybe they work the way Hulk does in the Avengers. Can’t carry a solo movie, but when part of a bigger system of heroes, it works wonders. The fact that GL’s are part of a “team” already makes this easy. Like you said, it’s a cop movie in space. Who wants to see a movie about one cop. What cop just works by him/herself? Getting to see John and Hal at the very least on screen together is an exciting proposition.


    • I know the Green Lanterns need to be a team focused concept, so hopefully this is true! Stewart and Jordan would be the best combo, it would be amazing if they bring them out in Hall H at Comic-Con


      • The biggest problem with the green lantern franchise is the budget. The more time you spend in space, the more you have to spend on special affects.

        Also, I feel like for people to take the character seriously they’re going to have to depower him. Shooting lasers and creating force fields is one thing, creating jets and race cars is another. Zack Snyder has already depowered wonder woman, she’s not gonna fly in that universe, very smart move. A flying wonder woman is an instant fail.

        I think a lot is gonna need to happen before another green lantern movie is officially green lit. The last one bombed really bad. But yeah, 3 green lanterns in one movie is the way to go if it really happens.


      • Yeah the budget will defs be a problem esp if they’re going to set the whole thing in space
        I don’t think they need to depower them tho, the creativity of their constructs are a big part of their characters, Hal will create a race car whereas John will create an army of soldiers, their constructs represent their characters
        But yeah hopefully they do some setup of the GL universe in the JL movies or something else


      • Yes the constructs represent their personality, but it’s a tough concept for the average movie goer to grasp. To be frank, all of their characters will have to be depowered to be taken seriously. Aquaman should be strong, but not strong enough to lift a building.

        The flash shouldnt run up buildings or vibrate through walls in that universe, leave that stuff for television. Even Superman was depowered in MOS compared to the Richard Donner films, that guy was able to do damn near anything. I guarantee you that Snyder and Goyer has already talked about this stuff.


      • Oh I definitely think they won’t be as powerful as their comic counterparts to fit in more with the grounded world they’re building, as long as they keep the core characteristics of all the characters I’m all good


    • Simon Baz would be pretty great as well, he has an interesting backstory. If they do his character though, I don’t think we would see him until the sequels. I definitely think their main focus will be on Jordan and Stewart


      • You know, I just recently rewatched the 2011 green lantern movie. Although I don’t think it’s nearly as bad as some make it out to be, (there are some things I enjoy), it just doesn’t work as a film.

        Still, I can’t believe it did so poorly at the box office. Comic fans love the character, but im starting to believe that the general public only care about bats, supes, and wonder woman for the ladies. They don’t really care about the flash, aquaman, cyborg, and the lanterns. Again, I’m talking about the general public, not the die hard fans.


      • I’ve only ever watched the director’s cut of Green Lantern, and I didn’t hate it, I liked the stuff on OA. As for it failing at the BO, tbh the marketing was terrible for it, the first trailers didn’t help sell the movie at all, and at a time where DC didn’t have the movie brand recognition that Marvel has now, content was the only thing that was going to sell it, and it didn’t have good content so it wasn’t surprising. I think once people become acquainted with the DCCU more after BvS and SS, they’ll be more open to other DC characters. Also guys like Wonder Woman as well!! haha


  4. The problem with the 2011 GL flick was that DC and others involved tried WAY too hard to make it like Iron Man and it resulted in pretty much a second-rate Iron Manish movie but with space stuff and ANOTHER Galactus cloud from Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer (seriously, the GL movie had to make a ripoff of the friggin GALACTUS CLOUD?). It’s funny that movie was also written and produced by the same people who do the current CW DC TV universe with Arrow, Flash, and Legends of Tomorrow. But yeah, maybe a GL team-like movie would be better this time around, and hopefully someone that’ll go nuts with it like James Gunn did with GOTG.


    • Yeah exactly, urghh I will never get over them using friggin parallax like that in the GL movie. I think once they embrace space a little more they will have a better chance. And after GOTG they probably feel more comfortable to actually have more space action and stuff


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