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Punisher on Daredevil: Why Neflix was one of the best things to happen to Marvel

punisher on daredevil why netflix is great for marvel

So last week we heard that Punisher would be appearing in season 2 of Daredevil, played by Jon Bernthal, signalling that whilst the MCU would be home to the lighter side of Marvel, Netflix would be the home to the darker side of Marvel. And as much as it is fun to watch Agents of Shield and Agent Carter, I feel like the Netflix shows have the potential to be really great and showcase a whole other side of the MCU.

You know what I wouldn’t really expect to see in a Marvel Cinematic Universe movie? A guy crushing another guy’s skull with a car door. It doesn’t exactly fit in with the established tone of that universe. But that’s exactly what we saw in Daredevil. Netflix allowed the MCU to explore the darker aspects of its universe, without upsetting the current tone of the movie universe.

Look I love me some Avengers beating up aliens/robots etc, but sometimes you want to see those street level heroes and the dark, brutal and unfair world they’re living in. Thankfully Daredevil gave us this on Netflix. And now that we know we’ll be getting The Punisher, it appears they will continue exploring this side.

punisher on daredevil

Introducing Frank Castle’s character onto the show is great as it will set up an interesting discussion on what means does it take to clean up a city. How does one effectively stop crime? Because whilst the Avengers are out stopping aliens and world-wide destructive events, who’s stopping the crimes that are happening on the streets. The mob bosses who have taken over cities? And Netflix allows the Marvel universe to explore this side. To take a darker approach and examine the harsh reality of crime.

The Punisher is veteran who lost his family because of street level crime. Because of mob violence. Because of that his focus isn’t generally on what evil alien force is trying to take over the world, but rather on what’s happening on the streets. He uses lethal force and isn’t the reluctant hero trope that we often see. This moral certainty will play off perfectly off our hero Daredevil, who isn’t as lethal.

punisher fighting daredevil

Matt Murdock is a man who has respect for the law (being a lawyer and all). So he has his bounds. But are bounds an inefficient force when dealing with crime in a place like Hell’s Kitchen? Perhaps The Punisher would be more effective? These are the types of questions that will be dealt with in season 2 of Daredevil.

Netflix has provided a platform where we don’t have to see watered down versions of these characters to fit in with the lighter tone of the MCU. I’m really not expecting to see Daredevil or Punisher popping up in the movies for these reasons (although there is a rumour floating around that Daredevil has popped up on the Civil War set).

It’s interesting, whilst the MCU are using their television side to showcase the dark and gritty, the DCCU are kind of doing the opposite. You have lighter shows like The Flash and Supergirl on TV, with the darker stuff in the movies. Either way we get to see both lighter stuff and darker stuff from both the universes, which is great.


Heroic Hollywood has suggested that characters like Blade and Ghost Rider may be popping up in the Netflix world as well. Again, these characters are more suited to the Netflix world than the movie world, because of the dark violence that comes with them. However introducing those characters means introducing the supernatural world, so it will be interesting to see if they use the Netflix world to open up more of the supernatural world of the MCU.

I’m hoping Marvel television have built a plan for their Netflix shows, that builds up in well developed phases like their movie universe. Netflix have provided a wonderful platform to showcase the dark and ugly side of the MCU which is pretty exciting (or maybe I just have a dark soul).

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  1. We seem to be thinking similarly! Any chance you read my Daredevil review? 😉

    I seem to recall hearing that Daredevil and the other Defenders may/will pop up somewhere in the two-part Infinity War, but aside from that…

    I like this idea of descending from the superhero skies, down to the streets and gutters. It just gives the world more depth, ya know? And between Punisher and (hopefully) Elektra joining the ranks, we’ll really get to talk about the question: how far is too far? When does the cost of consciously not killing people outweigh the benefit? How much did the world improve after Daredevil triumphed over the Kingpin, who will no doubt return and do MORE harm?

    But, then again, how much did things improve when the Russian mobsters were all murdered? If you kill people and things do NOT improve, then isn’t the cost already higher than the gain? Daredevil’s already had to struggle with the question of how far he needs to go, and while he hasn’t deliberately killed anyone, he hasn’t been very careful either, and he’s left bodies behind him. He’s also been spared the cost of killing people partially because the villains took each other out before he ever had to contemplate it. Yet, for all the people he’s lost, he’s saved innocent lives.

    So what happens when he faces Punisher, his inner darkness and temptation given form and flesh? Especially when he learns about Karen having killed Wesley, and likely at least one other person, to defend herself and her loved ones?

    Oooh, this is gonna be good! (heh, sorry, kinda rambled!)

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    • hahaha great minds think alike :p
      But I know it’s exciting, and it does add more depth! It’s great to see this distorted mirror reflection of Daredevil’s character come onto the show in the form of Punisher who subverts the normal moral code. Especially in a place like Hell’s Kitchen those questions you mentioned are so important and I hope they centre their story arc around those ideas. And I almost forgot about Karen killing! Will be interesting to see how that all unfolds…season 2 is looking pretty good so far

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  2. I’m not a huge fan of the Punisher and I’m not really reading his series, but I’m definitely looking forward to him appearing in Daredevil. There’s so much potential with the dynamic between the two.

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    • Yeah fair enough, I think that those two characters will really play-off each other well in the show. It will be great to see another costumed on the show, and how Daredevil deals with that

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