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Batman #41 Review: Give Jim Gordon a chance! (Spoilers)

batman 41 review give jim gordon is great

It has finally come, Batman #41 introduced our brand new Batman in the form of Jim Gordon, and you know what, Jim Gordon Batman is actually pretty great. Having a Batman that isn’t a vigilante raises some really interesting questions. So let’s discuss Batman #41!

Full spoilers follow.

We knew it was coming. Ever since the dramatic ending of Batman #40 we knew things were about to change a lot in the upcoming Batman issues. And change is exactly what happened in Batman #41. And with change comes anger…of course. But this isn’t the first time we’ve had someone else be Batman. And having Jim Gordon as Batman isn’t just fun, it also introduces some really interesting considerations, like maybe a Batman that works within the law is better.

So at the end of Batman #40, Bruce Wayne is presumed dead. In Divergence we saw that the new Batman would be Jim Gordon. Jokes were made about the new costume, but within the context of the story it makes sense. The GCPD want a new Batman, but they want him to work within the law. They try to train some top graduates to become the new Batman, but none of them cut it. They’re too young and innocent. So they turn to Jim Gordon. Here’s a guy that’s been through a lot, and knows Gotham pretty well.

batman 41 review

With Jim Gordon comes a new suit. The Robo-Bat-Bunny jokes were made in the comic as well, but that part of the suit is just an exoskeleton. Jim Gordon ain’t no martial arts expert like Bruce, so it makes sense for him to have this suit, even if it may not be the prettiest. The Bat suit underneath looks cool enough though.

Having Jim Gordon as Batman is pretty cool. He’s clearly out of his depth here. Being Batman isn’t easy. I mean Bruce is one of the most tortured souls out there, being Batman comes with its toll. Having Jim trying to figure out what to do and fumble around a bit is pretty great. The tone feels a lot lighter in Batman #41, especially compared to the last issue.

It’s because we have a new point of view in the form of Jim Gordon, and he isn’t as dark as Bruce, and it’s refreshing. He’s a guy in his mid 40’s who’s trying to figure out what the heck he’s supposed to do in his life. Now he’s been thrown into this completely weird and new position, and it provides an interesting narrative. Everyone’s now relying on him to be Gotham’s new saviour, but he has to be that saviour in a Batsuit, not a trench coat, and that’s something he hasn’t adapted to yet.

batman 41 review jim gordon panel

This new Batman, unlike the old one, isn’t a vigilante. He works within the law. And although Bruce used to help out the GCPD, he wasn’t one of them. So the question is, does a Batman that works within the law, make a better hero? He’s accountable now, but he’s also being controlled. Bruce used to have the freedom to investigate whatever he felt needed to be investigated, Jim on the other hand is being pointed to the crime by the GCPD. Is a Batman that’s constrained by the law even Batman anymore? Batman was a free force of justice, that was there to help everybody, and wasn’t controlled by anybody. Now the new Batman must work with the GCPD’s orders, it’s a completely different situation.

However having a Batman that works within the law evokes trust. He finally is accountable to somebody, if he does something wrong, the law will punish him. Perhaps the citizens of Gotham will be happier having a Batman that is forced to work within the rules. Or perhaps they will see Batman as more of a tyrant figure enforcing Gotham law. I mean if you look at it through the perspective of the police unleashing this man controlled machine to work for them onto the streets, it does allude to some familiar dystopian sci-fi movies.

batman 41 review

Anyways it will be interesting to see Jim Gordon continue his Batman adventures. And it is refreshing and nice to see some new perspective. It’s not like it’s going to be like this forever, because as the ending of Batman #41 hinted at, Bruce Wayne is not dead.

But I mean that’s not really all that surprising is it? They had to bring him back sometime. Word is Bruce Wayne Batman will return around issue #50, which basically coincides with the release of Batman v Superman, so it makes sense. The ending of Batman #41 had a rugged looking man sitting on a park bench with a man walking past asking if he was Bruce Wayne. Now maybe he isn’t Bruce, and Scott Snyder is just being a mean son of a bitch and teasing Bruce Wayne when it isn’t actually Bruce, but hopefully it is Bruce.

batman 41 bruce wayne not dead

Why he would be chilling on a park bench, I don’t know. Perhaps he’s just taking a much-needed break for a little while. I’m assuming if they’re teasing Bruce now he’ll appear in the next issue. It would be interesting to see two-story arcs unfolding, one of Jim Gordon as Batman, and the other of Bruce recovering from what happened to him, and forming a new plan.

Overall Batman #41 was a pretty great issue, which showed us that Snyder has a plan, and Jim Gordon isn’t Batman to change things for changes sake, it actually makes for a really great story. I’m hoping that Bruce does appear soon though, just to see what he’s up to, even if we don’t see him as Batman. Capullo as usual did an amazing job with the issue, the bright colours and cinematic action panels along with those mock Batsuits were the best. Hopefully those that were skeptical about this new direction, are on board now, because it looks like we’re going to be getting some more great Batman issues. Batman #41 8.5/10.


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  1. I like the idea of Jim Gordon being Batman, but I don’t think it’s gonna last long, which is a shame. If Dick Grayson couldn’t stay Batman, then neither will Gordon. Plus it’s kinda funny that this is happening with Gotham tv show going on. Powers International, the company from Batman Beyond, is also supplying him the Batsuit, so I bet there’s gonna be some Batman Beyond tie-ins here or there at some point. Speaking of Batman Beyond, I’m not a big fan of Tim Drake being Batman Beyond. Call me a purist, but Terry McGinnis has and always will be Batman Beyond. Hopefully the Tim Drake Batman Beyond will just be a gimmick and Terry will come back.


    • Yeah well Snyder made it seem like Bruce would be Batman again by issue #50. I was thinking that as well about Gotham, I guess I could kinda imagine that Jim Gordon being Batman, seeing as he’s always grumpy and yelling haha.

      As for Batman Beyond, yeah I didn’t really follow that newer comics that much, but I read the first issue of Tim Drake being Batman and it was pretty good, and the ending was enough to make me want to read the next issue…


  2. I had some doubts that this would work, but I’m happy to say I really enjoyed Batman #41, and I think Jim Gordon is excellent as the new Batman. The new Bat-Suit was great as well. Its going to be interesting to see how Jim handles being Batman, and I think it will bring a really fresh perspective to Jim’s character and what it means to be a Batman trying to work within the law and the system. Keep thinking Bat-Thoughts! I think Jim Gordon’s time as Batman is going to be really exciting!


    • Yeah same! It’s a really interesting perspective on the symbol of Batman and how Batman can be the best hero. It’ll definitely be interesting to see if Gotham prefers this Batman that works within the law or not. The next few issues should be good, but I still want to know where Bruce at :p

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      • I agree, this new storyline has lots of potential. Going to be interesting to see how the new Batman’s role works out, and how the city reacts. Think this is going to be a very exciting story arc. I want to know where Bruce is as well. Can’t wait to see what develops.

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  3. I’m not fully convinced that Jim Gordon will pull off being Batman, but it’s off to a good start. Jim taking over makes more sense than most. Besides, with almost 100 years of Batman history, you have to mix it up every now and then.


    • Yeah fair enough, hopefully when he starts taking on some larger villains and story arcs instead of one off random villains, we’ll see how he really is as Batman. But yeah definitely, don’t want people getting bored!


  4. I believe in following rules, otherwise you have disorder. However, once you have to work within the confines of a system you become just another cog in the machine. A batman who works for the city police department would get things done, but would be limited by politics and rule of law.

    Another problem would be that the public would view it as an expanded police state, open tyranny. Of course I’m using real world logic, this is a comic book. This storyline will probably work for a while because it adds something fresh so, enjoy.


    • Yeah exactly, of course it’s hard to apply real world logic but it would be interesting if we see Gotham turn against this Batman because he is tied to the GCPD unlike the previous Batman.


  5. Hey Great post! I actually agreed with you on a lot of the stuff you said about “Batman working within the law.” I’ve been following you for a little while now. I like you’re writing style. I started a blog of my own recently and was wondering if you could give me any pointers or we can just go back and forth bouncing ideas off each other, being that I also wanted to write about comics!



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