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DC Cinematic Universe: Are we feeling more confident with it now?

dc cinematic universe

It’s been quite the week for DC, their comics returned from Convergence’s rude interruption, and so far seem pretty strong across the board, and another piece of the cinematic puzzle fell into place with director James Wan coming on board for Aquaman. We also received some comments from WB exec Greg Silverman surrounding the DC cinematic universe which were quite interesting.

So I want to pose to you a question: think back to 2 years ago after you watched Man of Steel and during the time of Comic-Con when Batman v Superman was announced. It was clear a cinematic universe for DC was shaping up, but at that time there was no slate other than Batman v Superman. We didn’t know who was playing Batman, we hadn’t seen any footage, we didn’t know what the movie really meant for the wider universe other than the fact it was introducing Batman into what was supposed to be a Man of Steel sequel. What were your thoughts on the future of the DCCU?

Me? Well I was excited, I’m on the side of the fence that really enjoyed Man of Steel, so I was looking forward to the universe expanding from that movie. However there were still a lot of unexplained variables, that made the future of DCCU look worrying, especially compared to the well organised MCU.

batman v superman wallpaper

Over the last 2 years we have not seen any new films from the DCCU, but we have seen the universe grow:

  • We found out that Batman was going to be older, and played by Ben Affleck.
  • Oscar winner Chris Terrio was re-writing Batman v Superman.
  • The movie was going to introduce Wonder Woman and other League members.
  • We found out the slate, and actors who were joining like Ezra Miller, Jason Momoa and The Rock.
  • We got a director for Suicide Squad and a director for Wonder Woman, lost said director, but then got another one soon after.
  • We saw official images and footage from Batman v Superman.
  • Chris Miller and Phil Lord joined the creative team for The Flash.
  • Official and leaked images came out from Suicide Squad (revealing Batman’s involvement).
  • And most recently we found out that James Wan was going to direct Aquaman.

So we essentially know a lot more than we did a couple of years ago surrounding the DCCU.

justice league cast

Now couple this knowledge with the recent comments from Silverman. Obviously WB knows the criticism they received from Man of Steel, and the concerns people have for the DCCU. Silverman’s interview with The Hollywood Reporter was just some much-needed PR to tell everyone, hey don’t hate on us just yet. When you have Marvel out there smashing box office records, and winning the hearts of the mass audience, people are obviously going to compare the DCCU to the MCU. And because they seem quite different based on the knowledge we have right now, not everyone is liking the way things are shaping up for the universe.

The filmmakers who are tackling these properties are making great movies about superheroes; they aren’t making superhero movies. And when you are trying to make a good movie, you tackle interesting philosophies and character development. There’s also humor, which is an important part.

You can interpret a lot just from this quote from Silverman. Not that I think he was taking a jab at Marvel, but more and more people have been criticising Marvel for their formulaic films, which seem to be quite similar, just with a different hero (although that argument is clearly flawed with films like Winter Soldier and presumably Civil War). Marvel have found a successful formula for superhero films, but it sounds like WB aren’t going to be copying that formula. Based on the nature of the characters and the filmmakers they have on board, the DC films seem like they are going to be quite different from each other. Whereas you can tell when you’re watching a Marvel movie, as Feige and everyone at Marvel Studios have done an excellent job creating a coherent shared universe, it looks like the DC movies maybe won’t feel as similar to each other. Suicide Squad looks pretty whacky, you have Joker zipping around in a hot pink car, it doesn’t feel similar to Batman v Superman.

joker car suicide squad

Silverman made a point to mention humour, obviously a direct reaction to that weird “no jokes” policy rumour that was floating around earlier. With Lord and Miller working on Flash, I expect it to have a much lighter tone compared to the other DC films. Wonder Woman will have a completely different feel to it, tackling the Greek mythology. Then you Aquaman which is described as “Aquaman, the King of the Seven Seas and the reluctant ruler of Atlantis, who is caught between a surface world constantly ravaging the sea and Atlanteans looking to lash out in revolt, but is committed to protecting the entire globe”, in the official summary released by WB, again suggesting a different feel compared to the other films.

And since those comments from Silverman, I’ve seen a lot more positivity surrounding the DCCU in the online world. Taking Reddit as an example, just a few months ago the R/movies subreddit was a very DC hate filled place, with the supporters being in the minority. However after those comments I feel like there’s been a lot more support and confidence in the DCCU.

It’s great to see that the DC Cinematic Universe is starting to really take shape, with directors and actors coming on board. I for one am feeling pretty confident in the DCCU. And all this information we’ve recently been getting surrounding the DCCU has been strengthening that confidence. Although the real test will come on March 24 2015 when I finally see Batman v Superman, but until then the universe looks good to me, but how does it look to you? Let me know!


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  1. I’m very confident in the DCCU. They have great directors and great screenwriters and I think that they’ll be able to create something unique and different from the others. The heroes of the DC Comics have different backgrounds and they work in different cities, and when they meet each other is like a real crossover. I’ve always thought that is really boring that the characters of the other company work in the same city, New York, there are almost every superhero in one city. DC already have different type of movies, like Suicide Squad, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Shazam and I know that a lot of movies will have different tones from each other.
    I love Man of Steel and I remember when they announced the team-up with Batman. I was excited to finally see the two biggest superheroes in one movie, for the first time ever. Superman and Batman are my two favourite heroes of all time so I’m ready for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. 🙂


    • Yeah it’s great that we’ll get to see really different environments with the DC films, I feel like there will always be something new with the different movies, even though they’re all “DC superhero movies”. Hahah and I’m with you there about Superman and Batman, so excited, only 9 more months to go!


  2. Yes and no. On the one hand, it looks like they now know what direction they want to take, at least regarding Suicide Squad. That’s reassuring. On the other hand though, people are hired for their projects and then change their mind shortly after, and word is that the Wonder Woman movie isn’t even green-lighted yet.

    Those words sound good, but the fans weren’t nervous because they announced so many movies at once or because they want to be “serious”, they were mostly nervous because Man of Steel felt like they tried to force the Batman concept on Superman, and it didn’t really fit. So they are the ones who have to show that they learned.

    So before I don’t see a good movie from them (not necessarily one I like, just one which I consider good), it doesn’t really matter what they say or do. The MCU mostly won me over with Winter Soldier and Guardians of the Galaxy. Those were the movies which changed me from a “yeah, this stuff is watchable” to a “This stuff is awesome! Gimme more!” fan. And since I consider neither Green Lantern nor Man of Steel watchable, DC has a long way to go to win me over, too.

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    • I feel like people are not gonna be able to enjoy what wb is doing with the dc properties unless they can get over the fact that superman isnt ever going to be portrayed the way he was in the 70s and 80s.

      In fact, it’s clear that Zack Snyder has even doubled down with batman v superman being even darker and more serious. Fans just need to decide whether it’s for them or not.


      • Regardless of tone, Man of Steel has a ton of problems. I think the fans would have been able to forgive the tone if the movie had been good.


    • Does man of steel have a ton of problems? Absolutely, I have issues with that film myself. However, ive watched a boat load of high budget action films and just films in general that are a lot worse than mos.

      After a while those films are just quickly forgotten or dismissed. With superman the complaints just never stop. I guess the answer is to not make another solo superman film, which is probably what will happen.


      • Other movies are not supposed to be the base for a multiple movie franchise. Plus, it’s a controversial movie. It’s not Superman 3 or 4, which everyone agrees were bad movies, or Superman 1 or 2 which are generally considered to be good. It’s like Interstellar, a movie some people will defend and others will never like.


    • Yeah you do get a sense that they have more of a plan now which is good.
      And that’s fair enough, they’re so early into their DCCU they still have a lot to prove before people feel invested in their cinematic universe. Winter Soldier and GOTG were the films for me that proved that the MCU can be more than just “simple fun superhero movies”, and actually tell really great stories and explore new characters.


    • Ok Swan i understand from all of your comments that you don like man of steel. Fine I don care since movie is subjective. But What I don understand is why makes you think that zack snyder turning superman into batman??In my opinion, Man of steel is the serious take on superman. Since when serious take on superheroes have to be always associated with batman. If anything superman also can be taken seriously. Superman don’t have to be always portray in cheezy or corny way like in the superman donner. Superman also can be a drama take. I don understand why you so against of superman being portray like this way??

      And in what way that superman is like batman in man of steel?? Yes i understand that superman is not happy or having a joy throughout the movie. But he is not overly brooding or psychotic crazy like batman. Even in man of steel, superman did have a happy and joy moment especially during flight scene or when he finally return home from his long journey and meet his mom. If anything man of steel presenting superman in a realistic approach on the burden that superman is facing and i can tell you that being superman is not something to be joyful at all.


      • I didn’t wrote that he turned him into Batman, but that he forced the Batman concept on Superman. If you watch Batman Begins, you get to see the story of Batman in an out of order fashion, showing how Batman travelled the world to discover who he is and trying to deal with his fears and the guilt he feels over the death of his father. If you watch Man of Steel you get to see the story of Superman in and out of order fashion, showing how Superman travelled the world to discover who he is and trying to deal with the guilt he feels about letting his father die and the fear of revealing himself to the world.

        Also, there is a difference between “serious” and “joyless”. I actually think that Man of Steel comes off as very juvenile with its focus on action scenes and destruction.


  3. I’m with Swan on this one. I’ve commented plenty on the thing with copycatting Marvel, and that’s exactly what DC is doing, or trying to do. But I don’t see any evidence of them doing so with a clear plan, which Marvel has always had. I don’t see the connection with the fans, which Marvel has always cultivated. And when you compare Man of Steel, for all it’s good points, against the Dark Knight trilogy, it’s all the more lackluster. Marvel has eleven good movies out of eleven, and they began on a good note with Iron Man. Man of Steel was not a good beginning, and Batman v Superman doesn’t really look that appealing to me.

    We’ll have to wait and see, the jury’s still out, but, yes, DC has a long way to go.


    • Yeah I guess people’s perspective on the DCCU really hinges on their feelings towards MOS. I feel like if you didn’t enjoy MOS then you’re probably not going to love BvS either, but hopefully with their different films like The Flash and Shazam, they can explore a different side of the DCCU, which appeals to different people.

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  4. Although the storyline was veritably anemic, I enjoyed the action scenes in Man of Steel. I do have to say… I undoubtedly prefer it to the over rated Thor movies. With that said, to invest so much in a Flash movie after the airing of the TV show just sounds like a recipe for disaster for both the movie and show. The origin has already been done for free. They run the risk of fan not wanting to pay to see a lot of the same with different actors? The mimicking of Marvel with Suicide Squad being the only exception may cause DCCU to swerve to the precipice of disaster with a Wonder Woman movie leading the way. If my recollection serves me correctly, the last attempt at bring her to live action crashed and burned in record time. Oh, and the fact that BVS had to be re-writing kind of bolster the naysayers point. The natural order in the comic book studios subsets is as follows… Marvel live action/DC animation. Other than SS, stick to what you do best. If it does work it will be a definite moment for all of us. Who does not love a good Super hero movie?

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    • Aww I have a soft spot for the first Thor movie, I loved it! Hahah
      As for The Flash, it seems like DC/WB movies won’t be doing as many origin stories, so The Flash movie will most likely not be an origin movie so they could do something interesting there. And to be fair, The Flash isn’t a show that is widely watched, so most movie goers won’t have even seen the TV show when the movie Flash comes.
      BvS being rewritten really wasn’t a problem because it had script changes done before filming, and this happens to films all the time. An actual problem is when films get rewritten during filming.
      But yeah, I definitely understand where you’re coming from, all we can do is hope for their success


  5. You love your DCCU…HAHAHA. I hope your right pretty lady. Have you ever played the DC/WB game “Injustice Gods Among us”? Arguable the best phone game app ever!!! Most of the Dc characters you love are on there and constantly being added.


  6. I grow more and more confident by the day and by the news story. I’m most anticipating Aquaman and Wonder Woman at this point. Aquaman because Momoa is perfect in this role and they hired a great action director and I’ve been clamoring for a Wonder Woman film for years and we are going to finally get it. To know that WB is looking for talent like Chris Pine to round out the cast for Wonder Woman is very encouraging. Lord and Miller on the Flash has me psyched! I love the Lego Movie. If they can make building blocks awesome, imagine what they can do with a real person. WB/DC is attracting great talent, we just have to see them put it all together.


    • I wasn’t really excited about Aquaman until they cast Momoa and released that pic, then I was fully on board. And yeah really looking forward to WW, just hoping that Gal can pull the role off. If Lord and Miller direct The Flash I’m going to be stoked, because they are actually the perfect fit for that character!


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