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Do we even care who plays Spider-Man at this point?

spider-man casting

Asa as Spider-Man is what we thought, jokes he’s not, he’s in the running though, along with five other teenage actors I don’t really know about. Honestly even if they announce who’s playing Spider-Man this week, it’s not really going to do anything to impact my excitement level.

Although previously the word was Asa Butterfield had the role of Spider-Man, turns out he hasn’t gotten it just yet. The Hollywood Reporter is reporting that on Saturday 6 young actors tested for the role. The list includes:

asa butterfield spider-manAsa Butterfield: The name we’ve already heard, he was in Ender’s Game, which was a movie I can’t say I’ve watched. Although looks-wise he does have the whole young awkward Peter Parker thing going for him.






tom holland spider-man

Tom Holland: He played Tom Hardy’s son in Locke…although you never see his face. He’s around the same age as Asa and also has that young awkward Peter Parker look going for him.







judah lewis spider-man

Judah Lewis: You can find him as ‘young Johnny Utah’ in the upcoming Point Break remake. He looks slightly way too young. I get they want this Spider-Man to be in the universe for a while, but this may be too baby-faced.







Matthew Lintz: We’ll get to know more about him in the upcoming Pixels movie. Again he’s another really young actor. Who ever gets chosen needs to be able to handle a huge franchise like Spider-Man by themselves, and I feel like someone this young might not be able to do that just yet.






MV5BMjQxMzI3NDI1NV5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTgwMDU3NzI0MzE@._V1_SY317_CR12,0,214,317_AL_Charlie Plummer: Probably the one with the most acting experience of the lot, he’s currently on Boardwalk Empire.







charlie rowe spider-man

Charlie Rowe: We saw him a bit on Red Band Society. Looks wise he looks a little more mature than the others, so if they want the whole freshie look for Spider-Man, then we might see another choice other than him.






First of all I just want to say poor Asa if he doesn’t get the role. The internet has been trending with articles over the last couple of weeks that he was Spider-Man, so it would pretty disheartening (and awkward) if he doesn’t get it.

Now honestly I may kinda recognise a few faces here, but I don’t really know any of these actors. And casting an unknown for the role is perfectly fine, in fact it’s great! Spider-Man is going to be the newbie Avengers, all fresh-faced and new, might as well get an actor that matches that in real life.

I’m sure if these actors have been short-listed from all the thousands that auditioned, they’re good actors, good enough to get to a testing with Feige and the Russo Brothers in the room. So really whoever gets the role, it’s going to be fine. Because it’s not the actor who plays this character that’s exciting, it’s the character that is exciting.

Now of course the actor has a big role to play in doing justice for the character, but because all these actors are relatively unknown I’m not going to have a major reaction when we do finally find out who’s playing Spider-Man. And because there’s been so much back and forth about who’s playing Spider-Man from Dylan O’Brien to Asa, I’m at a point of wear out, where I just want them to hurry up and cast the guy.

Of course we should expect an announcement soon considering they’re filming Civil War right now, so time is of the essence. What will be exciting is when the first pictures released (or leaked) of Spider-Man standing alongside Captain America and Iron Man. That’s going to be exciting.

It’s pretty awesome that we’re going to be getting a world in which Spider-Man will be fighting alongside (or against hmm) Cap, Iron Man and the rest of The Avengers. As if the MCU wasn’t huge already, having one of the most iconic fictional character in history is going to do nothing but propel the sheer awesomeness of this cinematic universe.

So I can’t say I have much investment in who’s playing Spider-Man right now, all I care is that we’re getting him, and he’s in the hands of some very talented people.

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  1. Asa Butterfield would be my choice from the above as he just seems to have a little geek to him. 😀



  2. Unless Marvel execs are coming to my house and deciding to go with a fatter. more 30 something Spidey I could care less who plays him.


  3. I really never care which actor plays which character until I have seen the performance. Not that I am not happy if an actor gets it I like for one reason or another or unhappy if an actor lacks something I consider important for the role, but in general, there is always more than one option for a role.
    In this case I want an actor with a very lean body built and overly long fingers. AB does have those long fingers, but he is not the only one on this list. And I think it is pretty pointless to speculate about anything until there is official word.

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  4. I’ve seen Asa in ‘Hugo’ and ‘Ender’s Game,’ and the kid has an amazing amount of talent. That said, I can’t quite see him as Spider-Man, but maybe that’s just because I haven’t seen him in a quick-witted, quippy role. He’s got the intelligence and emotional range to do great work. Not sure about the others; some of them look so young, I wouldn’t even trust them with a driver’s license, much less web shooters. But I wouldn’t mind an unknown actor cast in a role this size, especially with as many big name actors as the Marvel Universe has been picking up lately (Michael Douglas, Benedict Cumberbatch). I’m not complaining about these casting choices, but unknown would make for a nice change.


    • Well that’s good to hear. Yeah I mean I doubt any of them have been in a role that really showcases their ability to be able to handle that side of Spider-Man. I agree, and unknown would be nice, and he’ll be fine because he’s surrounded by so many talented people in the MCU


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