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Is there a DC Comics Pilot conspiracy going on?

supergirl pilot leak dc

By now you probably know that the Supergirl Pilot leaked online a couple of days ago, and whilst I won’t talk about that until it’s officially released, the question I pose is, how is it that 3 DC TV show Pilots have leaked? Last year it was The Flash and Constantine, and this year, 6 months before it’s released, it’s Supergirl. Is this some kind of marketing move???

TV shows leak sometimes. One of the biggest leaks this year was 4 episodes of Game of Thrones before the season started. However it is rare. Every year plenty of Pilots go into production, yet we don’t see any leaks. Yet last year The Flash Pilot leaked online months before it’s release. That was quite the shock, and the internet started buzzing. Mostly everyone who watched the Pilot loved it, which sent positive ripples across the internet, leading The Flash to be the highest rated show on The CW.

the flash season 1 poster

But The Flash wasn’t the only DC show to leak last year, so did Constantine. Okay so the first time it was a mistake, the second time it’s a coincidence? The Constantine leak didn’t create the positive ripples The Flash Pilot had. Discussions were had online surrounding the issues of the Pilot. A few weeks after the leak we get an announcement that Lucy Griffiths’ character on the show will no longer be on, and instead we will be getting Zed. And surely the producers saw online the complaints people had about the Pilot after it leaked, aiding their decision to change the main female protagonist.

constantine episode 13

And then again this year we get another DC leak, the Supergirl Pilot! 3 of the 4 new DC TV shows that went into Pilot production have been leaked. Gotham didn’t leak, and Legends of Tomorrow have yet to film their Pilot. So when 3 of the 4 have been leaked, it doesn’t seem like a mistake anymore. Especially when the Supergirl Pilot leaks online merely days after the preview was posted online.

Now that preview didn’t have the overly positive reaction they were probably hoping for. There was a lot of cynicism surrounding the Supergirl preview (just look at the Youtube like/dislike ratio from the CBS official Youtube vid). And the problem with the preview was that any sense of a good story was overshadowed by the cheesiness. And until we saw the entire Pilot we couldn’t know for sure if that cheesiness would be present in the episodes as well. So instead of people talking shit about Supergirl for months up until it’s release, how about they knock that negative buzz out by having the Pilot online for people to judge?

supergirl preview screenshot

Looking at the comments online after the Pilot leaked, yes there is some negativity, that’s to be expected, but many people are saying that it’s not as cheesy as the preview made it seem. In fact most people seemed to have enjoyed it! So now the Pilot is genuinely getting positive buzz from people who have seen it. So it’s kinda smart isn’t it?

TV shows aren’t movies. One episode of TV show leaking online is nowhere near as bad as a movie leaking online. Even though a Pilot leaks online, people don’t have access to the rest of the season, so they watch it on TV. A movie leaks online, there is no need to view it legally, you’ve already seen the entire thing. So it isn’t that big of a loss for a Pilot to leak. Maybe ratings are affected, but The Flash did fine, because it had positive buzz from the leak. The Flash did add 3 extra minutes to its official broadcast of the episode to get people who had watched the leaked version to watch it on TV, so perhaps Supergirl might do the same.

legends of tomorrow poster

Will you leak online as well?

All I’m saying that it’s pretty suspicious that this many DC TV shows have leaked. I don’t see any other Pilots leaking. Now if we get a leak of the Legends of Tomorrow after the Pilot is filmed, then we know something has to be up! No way they can have that bad security. And you know, these leaks do help gain a consensus of what people think about their show, so changes can be made before too many episodes are aired. It’s the best test market you can have! So what is it, bad security, or a good marketing move?


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  1. I can remember when the Bionic Woman (2007) pilot leaked there were a lot of changes made to the broadcast version when it eventually aired. There is little doubt in my mind that the leaks are by the makers, but I think they are unlikely to ever admit to it because they could be accused of hypocrisy when complaining about piracy.


    • Yeah it’s just wayy too coincidental that this many DC tv shows have leaked, and if it means they can figure out what to change before they air then it’s good for them, but you’re right, no way they would ever admit it


  2. I can’t express enough how much I disliked certain aspects of the Supergirl pilot. I am really surprised that the reaction was so positive, because it worse than I imagined.

    I agree though that the leak was most likely intentional. I mean, really, the quality is too good.


    • Was it really that bad? I think we need to show some patience. The show will obviously improve over time. I guess wb feels forced to leak these pilots early because people are just so cynical and judgemental. So yeah, these leaks are obviously intentional. If need be it allows them to do reshoots.

      Eventually people will realize that not all of these dc tv shows and films are designed to satisfy everyone. You just pick which one appeals to you and move on.

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      • It was not the worst pilot I have ever seen (that honour still belongs to Beauty and the Beast and I doubt that something takes this crown anytime soon), but it managed to push all my annoyance buttons. Above all the fact that they didn’t make a series about Supergirl. They made a series about “Superman in female”, and translated the female part into “insecure and mopey”. The big difference between Supergirl and Superman is for me not that she is female, the big difference is that Supergirl remembers Kryptonian society while Superman doesn’t.

        In addition, they just had to emphasis “it is a female Superhero!!!” every five minutes or so. It was like the show was berating the audience. “She is female, that’s what you wanted, so like her!” That’s not how this works. And, sorry, a guy who doubts that Kara can’t beat up a guy who has the same powers as her and who has defeated her before doesn’t say that because she is female like the show claims, he sais it because she shouldn’t be able to defeat him. That was just stupid.

        And as if all this weren’t enough, the pilot was full of plot holes. So, Superman fetches her from the capsule, but somehow overlooks the giant prison which crashes beside her and doesn’t bother to secure the capsule itself? How did this secret whatever organisation even know where Kara was? And what ten year old doesn’t know the job of her mother? Then the show tries to claim that Kara is somehow responsible for what happened in the phantom zone, even though she did nothing but sleep.

        And that is not even counting the various contrivances. Like the criminals deciding to get active after ten year, conveniently exactly when Kara starts to use her powers (and why exactly didn’t she use it before? I don’t think that this was well explained.

        And the sister is a b…, the best friend a douche (so it is great when she is lesbian because that would explain why she isn’t interested in you? And that’s the kind of guy she tells her secret immediately?) and James Olson would be a likable enough character, but he has nothing to do with Jimmy Olson, they simply slapped his name on someone.

        The boss wasn’t as bad as I thought she would be and the lead actually pulls the role off and is pretty likable, even if the character she plays borders on annoying. The scene with the plane was pretty nifty (and should have been, imho, happen at the end of the episode). But that doesn’t make up for everything else.


      • Most Pilots have plenty of issues. There’s always that struggle of introducing all your characters and your universe into one episode. I agree that there was too much on the nose girl power stuff, but Agent Carter had the same problem, and cartoonified their male characters to emphasise that she’s a “strong woman yeah!”, so we just have to wait and see how they go about with that stuff in the rest of the season. Overall I do see potential in the show though, I just hope we move past the cliche awkward/cute girl routine they have going for her


      • Agent Carter addresses the theme in-universe in a setting in which it makes sense for her to do so. That is not the same as the show practically turning around to say “see? We heard what you said about little girls needed heroines, too”. And the male characters of Agent Carter were all portrayed as very competent in what they do, when it made sense for them to be competent in the situation. I strongly disagree with the notion that they were in any way cartoonified.


      • Competency wasn’t the problem, the problem was their initial lack of characterisation other than being a douchey male.


      • Lack of characterisation? Thompson was clearly portrayed as someone who intended to climb the ladder, Sousa as someone who has to deal with being a cripple, and Dooley as the non-nonsense kind of boss. And that was only the first episode. The characters became more and more nuanced from episode to episode. It was a solid foundation.

        See, Agent Carter constantly called out sexist ideas and did it well. Supergirl (at least in the pilot) pays lip service to the idea and then turns around and is unintentional sexist itself.


      • Other than Sousa what you described are just basic characterisations designed to emphasise the go girl power of Carter, rather than creating actual characters. And I know it wasn’t until later that we saw actual characters, which is why I’m saying that Supergirl still has the opportunity to flesh out their male characters like with what Agent Carter did


      • Sure…but I didn’t even criticize the level on which the male characters are fleshed out at this point with the exception of the “best friend” who has pretty much the role of Angie. Now imagine that Peggy had told Angie in the first episode that she is truly a secret agent. Would that have made any sense whatsoever? If the guy were just sitting in the office making remarks I would lean back and wait what they do with the character. But what happens is that he gets told the secret Kara kept for years without any explanation why there is this level of trust between them. And, for the record, if secret agent guy had doubted Kara’s ability in a context in which it didn’t make sense to doubt her and then gets called out on his sexism, it would have been perhaps heavy-handed, but a totally okay scene. As it is it shows a mind-set in which the main character is not seen as a character which should be judged based on her abilities and actions, but as a FEMALE Superhero. If someone says that Peggy can’t make useful remarks about Howard Stark it is sexist because she is a trained agent who knows him very well, and I applaud when the show calls this character out on it. If someone says that Kara will most likely loose against a guy who has the same powers as her, is a hardened criminal and beat her up beforehand and he gets called out on sexism, it undermines the very idea of feminism, which is that people should be judged by abilities and actions, and not their gender. Saying that Supergirl will succeed because of “girl-power” just another kind of sexism.


  3. By now it’s obvious that these leaks are intentional. People are so cynical now and we live in such an instant gratification society, wb feels Like they have to use these kinds of tactics with superhero tv shows.


    • Yeah impatience is definitely one of the biggest problems of the internet generation, so it makes sense for them to do something like this, to stop the constant whinging.


  4. Ive always been a big Superman & Supergirl fan so I liked it and am looking forward to see what the rest of the seaon is going to be like, They have fitted alot in the pilot, but its a good start well done producers,


    • there was a lot going on in the Pilot, hopefully they flesh out the world a little more slowly in the rest of the eps, because the premise is interesting


  5. I haven’t watched the leak yet, but it’s tempting.

    It is a little suspicious that so many of DC’s shows have had their pilot leak, but if it’s intentional, it could work to DC’s benefit if they’re well received. Most of the time when there’s a leak, someone in the creative process or the company behind it is involved.

    If it’s intentional, than it’s an interesting marketing move by DC and their TV partners. If it’s not intentional, than DC has a serious security leek that they need to look into before someone starts leaking movies.


    • Yeah I didn’t even try to stop myself from watching it, no self control haha. But if it wasn’t intentional, could you imagine what would go down if BvS leaked, I’m hoping it’s intentional otherwise they need to take a good look at their internal security


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