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The Flash Season Finale Discussion: Did we just create a multiverse???

the flash season finale multiverse

The Flash season 1 episode 23 was the big season finale, and quite the rollercoaster it was. And it looks like the events of The Flash season finale is going to be our formal introduction into the DC multiverse, which is all very confusing. So let’s discuss The Flash season finale!

Spoilers follow.

So half of the The Flash season finale was spent on Barry going back and forth on whether he should save his mother or not. Apparently Barry’s dad is the only sane one, who flat out says no, that’s a horrible effing idea. And it is! It would change so much!

Eventually Barry chooses to indeed go into the future and save his mum. This is where we see the Speedforce. I have to say, they did a great job visually showing the Speedforce. In there we saw a lot of big things, such as Caitlin Snow being Killer Frost! And Barry Allen in jail???

Side note: Geoff John’s likes to describe the DC live action universes as a multiverse. So wouldn’t it have been cool if in the Speedforce gave us a hint of the cinematic universe to kinda confirm that the entire live action DC universe is a multiverse?


Once there, future Barry luckily stops present Barry from saving his mum. So future Barry, judging from his lack of shock from seeing another one of him there, must have known this was going to happen, or at least has attempted to do the same thing before.

And because Barry didn’t save his mum, Reverse Flash is stuck, and isn’t happy about it. Who saves the day? Eddie does! By killing himself, he breaks his lineage and stops Eobard from existing. But with good intentions comes bad, bad repercussions.

the flash reverse flash

We saw that the wormhole starts overtaking the city, sucking in everything in its path. So why is the wormhole going crazy? Because Eddie killed himself and stopped Reverse Flash from existing, he has completely disrupted the timeline. 

2nd side note: Tom Cavanagh, who plays Harrison Wells/Eobard Thawne is returning for season 2 to be a series regular. So maybe now that Eobard Thawne never existed to kill real Harrison Wells, real Harrison Wells will be the one we see in season 2?

Now time travel is always completely mind boggling and if you think about it too much you’ll do your head in. The Flash season finale left us with so many big questions. If Reverse Flash doesn’t exist, doesn’t this mean Barry’s mother never died? Who creates The Flash then? Etc etc.

Really we can’t answers these questions, not until we get a lot more information. But one thing is for certain, there is going to be a multiverse. Grant Gustin even stated in an interview that they will be introducing different Earths.

Basically what this means is that The Flash has started to establish DC’s multiverse. In the comics right now, there are 52 Earths. So the current Flash show timeline is just one of many Earths.

the flash multiverse

Remember that metal hat that fell out of the wormhole? That belongs to Jay Garrick’s Flash. Right now in the comics, Jay Garrick is from Earth 2. So perhaps he will be our first introduction into Earth 2. Generally Earth 2 is similar to the main continuity Earth, just with some slight changes.

The producers of The Flash have already stated that next season we will be seeing more Speedsters (I’m assuming Wally West and maybe even Bart Allen, or just some other random Speedsters), and have said that they tend to follow up on easter eggs they give out, so I’m definitely expecting Jay Garrick’s appearance next season.

And because Jay Garrick’s helmet came out of the wormhole, what else from the other Earths will come out? Perhaps characters from different Earths will start appearing. 

the flash season finale killer frost

A theory running around right now is that the Caitlin Snow Killer Frost we saw in the Speedforce, is actually an alternate Earth version of Caitlin Snow. Because our Caitlin Snow is the biggest sweetheart right now, it would take a lot for her to become evil. So maybe this Killer Frost Caitlin Snow we saw is from Earth 3. Earth 3 in the comics right now is the evil version of the main contiuity Earth. So evil Superman is Ultraman, evil Batman is Owlman, and maybe evil Caitlin Snow is Killer Frost.

So we might be getting some answers about how they’re going to do Caitlin Snow’s comic book persona in the show, but what about Cisco? In the comics Cisco is a superhero known as Vibe. He can, surprise surprise, cause vibrations. Because of that, it was clear that he was either a meta-human, or was going to create some tech that made him Vibe. Looks like we’re going down the meta-human route. I was wondering why he could remember the alternate timeline and nobody else, guess we got some answers.

the flash cisco vibe

Now this is interesting because it makes him even more powerful than he was in the comics. Now he can look through the vibrations of the different timelines, so perhaps he might be able to see the different Earths, hmmm….

The Flash season finale overall was quite the emotional whirlwind. The strength of all these characters really shone in this episode, showing us what a great job they did with developing all of them. My only gripe with the episode was the wedding, it was just like having a wedding just for the sake of having a classic season finale wedding. I’m glad they’re not afraid to deal with all these crazy time travel, alternate timeline, multiverse story arcs though. Comics have such a crazy history and world, why not explore that? The Flash has done such a great job building up to this moment of creating the multiverse. And because of that, it’s become my favourite comic book TV show. Definitely looking forward to how they go from here in season 2!


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  1. Thanks for the infos and ideas about the multiverse 🙂
    And I am still in shock (just finished the episode 5 min ago :D).
    Poor Eddie 😦
    So how do I survive until fall? O_O


  2. What’s being set up on the flash is not just alternate timelines, but also alternate universes. Things are going to get complicated for the people who are unfamiliar with what this stuff really means. I hope the writers can explain things in season 2, which they probably will do a good job of. All in all, the cw will be a great outlet for wb/dc to showcase their characters.

    Legends of tommorrow will be like mini movies. The show will have the same budget as the flash, but with a little over half the amount of episodes. The cool thing about what dc/wb is doing is that there’s gonna be something on for everyone.. From a pre batman show, to a girly Supergirl show, green arrow which is grounded, the flash which is more comicbook like, to legends which is just fully embracing comic book elements. There’s even an empowering female zombie show on, and a more serious comic book show on the way on tnt with teen titan characters. So for the people who hate what snyder and wb is doing with the movies, they have plenty of options.


    • Yeah people are already getting confused with The Flash, so I hope that they find a way to introduce the larger multiverse without losing too many people that are unfamiliar with the comics.
      And you’re so right, DC/WB have a lot of variety with their stuff right now, so even though everything may not appeal to everyone, they’re trying to gain the largest audience possible, which is smart


  3. I liked your article but one of the things mentioned during the episode by the Reverse Flash was that he said that the Flash was going to be created but he needed to create him earlier so he could escape back to the future. He basically “rushed” the timeline by like 10 years or so. I think he said that while he was talking to the original Welles that he then killed. It’s been awhile since I’ve seen the show.


    • Yeah Reverse Flash basically created an alternate timeline by going back in time and interfering with Barry’s life early on, so it would be interesting to find out what the original timeline was like for Barry and his career as The Flash


  4. there can’t be a flash since Thawn’s great great grand father killed him self there was no one to return kill wells or to kill Bary’s mother. So, no smasher explosion. At least until the real wells and his wife create it later in the future as thawn said in the show .


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