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Legends of Tomorrow Trailer Discussion: A superhero epic


DC’s Legends of Tomorrow unveiled their trailer, and it’s quite the superhero epic. Forget what once was the grounded DC/CW world of Arrow, we now have time-travellers, the dead brought to life, and a guy who can shrink really, really small. I love that this show doesn’t appear to be embarrassed by its comic book nature, and instead has decided to fully embrace it. So let’s discuss DC’s Legends of Tomorrow’s trailer!

So on paper the idea of a couple of Flash Rogues, a dead chick, one half of Firestorm, the Iron Man wannabe, and the two new characters being a team together didn’t sound amazing. But watching the trailer, it works! Sara is back from the dead, of course because of the Lazarus Pit. Poor Lance, dealing with his daughter being dead, then not dead, then dead again, then not dead again, quite the emotional whirlwind. But seeing her in the promo, made me realise how much I missed her character, and I gotta say, I much prefer this new costume.

Atom has gone from being the Iron Man wannabe, to actually being the Atom. Visually, his shrinking abilities look quite good, and it will be great to finally see him in action. By the time this show comes out, we would have seen Ant-Man so we can get an idea of how they will show his shrinking abilities in live-action fights.

Captain Cold and Heatwave, are the unexpected characters. Heatwave will generally do what ever Captain Cold tells him to do. But it will add an interesting layer to the team dynamics, to have a couple of villains, who are on a team, knowing that in the future they are “legends”.

Firestorm is a bit of question mark, because we don’t see his other half. As far as we know right now, Robbie Amell hasn’t signed onto the show yet, so maybe we’ll only see him occasionally pop up.

Hawkgirl looks badass! We only saw distant shots, but them wings look glorious! It’s pretty exciting that they’re bringing her character on board, and because we haven’t been formally introduced to her character yet, we don’t really know what role she will play on the team.

Then you have Rip Hunter (who I was hoping was going to be Booster Gold, but what ever), is the one with all the knowledge. I wonder why everyone is so quick to trust this random dude from the future?

What we got from the trailer

First of all, so much for riding off with Felicity hey Oliver! I’m not sure when this conversation with the Legends team takes place, but that’s Oliver, looking all very not-retired like. So that’s something, but obviously not surprising.

The Hawkgirl in this show is Kendra Saunders. Her past lives complex is mentioned as she is a soul that is constantly being reincarnated. It will be interesting to see if they bring Hawkman in, as their characters are always so inextricably linked. But the big question is, will she have a mace?

We saw Sara being bathed in the Lazarus Pit in the trailer. Which is weird, because surely by then her body was rotting away, she was dead for a while, in fact we see her body just chilling down in the Arrow cave for a little while. So I’m not sure how they’re going to explain this, but the important thing is that she’s back! But I hope they don’t go around using the Lazarus Pit for everyone. An important thing to remember about the Lazarus Pit is that it changes people once they use it. Sara was already pretty brutal and intense, I can only imagine how she will be like once she comes out of the Pit.

The big bad of the show is Vandal Savage. Basically Vandal Savage was a caveman, who encountered a meteorite (yepp) which let off a special radiation (yepp) which made him immortal (yepp). And because he’s immortal, that made him feel super-duper important. So throughout history we find traces of Vandal Savage getting up to no good. In the comics Vandal Savage has many children, but the one he actually considers his own is Scandal Savage. Interestingly enough, Scandal Savage hates her father even though Vandal considers her his heir. So perhaps they will bring her in to help out the team deal with her crazy immortal dad.

We also see a man with his back turned to the camera sitting on a chair whilst Rip Hunter is talking, and it is none other than Eobard Thawne/Reverse Flash himself! It makes sense to show him, as Reverse Flash was the character that introduced time travel to this world. So I’m curious to see what role he plays in the show, and what Rip Hunter has to say about him.

The rest of the trailer is just a bunch of cool action shots. It’s important to note that the show hasn’t actually fully entered production yet. What was shown in the trailer was either past footage, or shot specifically for this preview, to show at the CW Upfronts for advertisers. So who knows if what we saw is actually going to be in the show or not.

Overall I think that the Legends of Tomorrow trailer looks awesome and the show looks like it has a lot of potential. It’s quite exciting to see a superhero team on the small screen. I think the team dynamics will be a lot of fun to see, and I’m excited for how they are going to present Vandal Savage. All up, bring on DC’s Legends of Tomorrow!


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(I would have put more images in this post but my internet is so freaking slow that I can’t, so very sorry for the plain post!)

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  1. Forgive me if I’m wrong – I by far not an expert of DC whatsoever, (More of a Marvel girl myself) The Legends of Tomorrow looks like its going to be a wonderful show, if they take the time to do it right – plus would this be a show that would require the watching of Arrow and The Flash to understand the plot? Marvel may have a good chokehold on the Cinematic Universe, but if this show goes well I think DC might have the upper hand in the Television aspect.


    • They have some of the same characters but the plot really doesn’t have much to do with Arrow and Flash so you should get it 🙂
      But yeah agreed DC are doing great things on the TV side


  2. I initially had my doubts about the new series, but the trailer looks awesome. Really excited to see Legends of Tomorrow, there are some great characters in it, and I look forward to seeing what villains they end up battling!


      • Putting cold and heatwave in the show is a great idea and heres why. There’s only but so much you can do with them on the flash. How many times can you have them show up, do bad, then get away? It would start to undermind the flash in his own show.

        Another reason is budget, they dont have powers so it wouldnt get to expensive to use them. Now lets say instead of those two, they decided to use two more super powered characters. That equals increased special effects and less practical methods used. The only thing im unsure of is sara as white canary. I like the actress but it’s strange that they choose to resurrect sara. I said that i would be floored if they did that and, consider me suprised.



      • Yeah that’s true, it’s a lot more convenient to have them on this show
        It’s pretty crazy how many times they have brought back her character “from the dead”, but I love her so I don’t mind as much haha


      • Same here, that trailer really cast away any doubts I had about the series. With so many good characters they should make a great team, and I’m sure they will fight some powerful villains as well.

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  3. This looks awesome! And I am so glad that Sara is back *yaay*
    I love the fact that Barry and Oliver are also involved – Crossovers *yes*
    All these new shows… they are going to kill my social life (if I had one :P)


  4. The Legends of Tomorrow trailer shows a lot of promise. I thought Arthur Darvill was funny in Doctor Who and he could be a real asset to this show.

    I’m looking forward to it. 🙂

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