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Arrow 3×23 Discussion: A happy ending, for a mediocre season.

arrow season 3 finale olicity happy ending

So Arrow season 3 episode 23 was the big season finale, and surprisingly the angst filled show ended on quite the happy ending. Let’s take a look back at what was Arrow season 3, and discuss the pretty good season finale for the kinda meh season!

Spoilers follow.

The main theme of Arrow season 3 was the existential crisis of Oliver Queen. Who is he? Oliver Queen? The Arrow? Al Sah-Him? Ra’s Al Ghul? This season was his journey to figuring out who he was, so that he can be happy. And it appears he has figured it out!

But first let’s talk about the final showdown of the season 3 finale of Arrow. The gang ended up not dying (phew I was worried there for a moment…) and Oliver and Ra’s take a ride to Starling City. Inconveniently Oliver’s “great” plan doesn’t work out, so instead of killing himself he has to go back to his old friends.

arrow season 3 episode 23

As season finales go, the season 3 finale didn’t feel like it had the intense manic threat the other season finales had. The final fight with Ra’s helped Oliver figure out who he was. Killing Ra’s was his final goodbye to his old life, in basic terms, he was sick of this shit. 

Overall Ra’s as a villain just didn’t do it for me. Yeah I get Oliver survived his sword so now he has to become the next Ra’s Al Ghul, but his motivations just weren’t interesting to me. Like did he want the world to be a better place? I have no idea. At least in the comics we know Ra’s does want the world to be a better place, just his twisted interpretation of that ‘better place’, in Arrow, who knows what Ra’s wants or envisions.

arrow season 3 finale ra's al ghul

Anyways so Oliver kills Ra’s and returns back to his friends. Where he announces his retirement. To go be with the girl. Because he’s finally happy. Well hey, I’m glad he finally figured out who he was and what makes him happy. He is Oliver Queen (as he yelled to Ra’s), and he’s happy when he’s with Felicity. And we saw a little bit of lightness in him.

I can’t say that I like this Olicity relationship, I don’t think it’s done anything good for Felicity’s character. But I know other people love it, so I’m happy you’re at least for now, getting your Olicity moments.

I hope that maybe now that he’s happy, we’ll get away from Batman-Arrow, and go to full on Green Arrow. Obviously it’s a bit hard to make a jump straight away to the sarcastic, quick-talking Oliver Queen from the comics, but it will be nice if they made a progression to that Green Arrow in season 4.

But it really was quite the happy ending. They literally drove off into the sunset (was it the sunset, I don’t remember maybe it was midday).  So is Oliver Queen and the Arrow no longer going to be in the show now, now that he’s gone off with Felicity???? Well obviously not, but it will be interesting to find out why and when he comes back (maybe The Flash season finale does something to the entire universe to ruin this happy ending).

With such a happy ending I’m expecting something really, really bad to happen. This is Arrow after all. Hmmm guess we’ll have to wait and see.

What else happened in the Arrow season 3 finale? Well Malcolm become Ra’s Al Ghul. Classic Malcolm, ever the schemer. It was pretty satisfying when he told the League to kneel. I like that he’s the new Ra’s, though what’s with these heroes and their huge trust in their villains? We still haven’t met Damien Darkh, so I’m guessing he plays some kind of role in season 4.

arrow season 3 episode 23

Thea has now officially become Speedy. So until Oliver comes back it looks like Black Canary and Speedy will be doing most of the work.

Speaking of Black Canary, you know, I’m liking Laurel more and more in these episodes. The way she stood up to her father, I was cheering her on. Hopefully they continue developing Laurel and her Black Canary persona in season 4, and make up for the horrible things they did to her character in season 2.

Oh and looks like Ray is about to actually become Atom and start shrinking!! I’m really curious to know how they will visually show his power, it’s a tricky one. And you know Ray needs some happiness right now, because Felicity absolutely crushed his heart. So I hope he shrinks and has a fun time with his new Legends teammates.

problems with arrow season 3
But yeah season 3, in my opinion, was the weakest. Too many characters. Convoluted story arcs. Dragged out flashbacks. And a villain who didn’t have the presence I expected him to. It’s a good thing Ray is going over to his own TV show, because Arrow needs to be more focused. I don’t like that everyone is now a hero, but I’ll get over it. Arrow just needs to remember its grounded roots. Sometimes the simpler stories that are explored extensively are better than the convoluted multiple stories that aren’t as extensively explored.


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    • Urgh I hope he doesn’t get a mask, I like that Diggle is kinda the normal, level headed one, the one not running around in a costume haha


      • Me too. That’s what made me confused. He has worn the arrow hood before so maybe another stand in while Oliver’s playing happy couple?

        When he gets hurt Oliver and Felicity both realize they are needed in Sterling and return.


      • WHAT? My Grodd, Diggle might be the Green Lantern? …Why is it that every time I read something on this blog I find a piece of information I should really have known already? Grrrr.


      • Hahah yeah people think he might be John ‘Diggle’ Stewart, which would be quite the plot twist, but I doubt it will happen


  1. I’ll admit, I watched bits of seasons 1-2, mostly due to school and work taking up time, but I liked what I saw and liked season 3 as I got the time to continuously watch it. Looking back, it does seem like they went into different directions all the time and sometimes they were weak, sometimes strong. I hate that Arsenal is gone, mostly because he fully became Arsenal and then just left in this season and the Arrow version of Roy Harper is the best one in years, especially since New 52 screwed him up in that trucker hat and stupid meathead characterization. Maybe he’ll come back and bring his daughter Lian. Deadshot could be dead and probably no more appearances of him, ARGUS, Waller, or Suicide Squad in the near future, with the movie coming out, though what’s the point of a multiverse if you can’t have multiple versions of stuff? I keep hearing that Damien Darhk and HIVE will be in season 4 and revealed to be behind a lot of stuff that’s happened in the show so far (and maybe bring back Deadshot since they hired him to kill Diggle’s brother), but I’d really like to see Deathstroke come back too because honestly, I think he’s the true archenemy of Green Arrow. Sure he had his roots in Teen Titans, but I like that he’s grown from fighting teenagers and 20somethings to fighting adult superheroes like Batman and Green Arrow as well as being his own character. Season 3 just ended way too much on a cliffhanger and not even a good kind of cliffhanger.


    • Yeah it’s a shame Roy left just when he was getting good. Agreed about Deathstroke I think he should come back near the end and be one of the final battles before the show ends. Season 3 just relied too much on fan service, so yeah people got their Olicity happy ending, but we got that at the expense for a good logical story which sucks. Hopefully season 4 is better


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