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Arrow 3×22 Discussion: What the heck is going on?

arrow season 3 episode 22 fake out So Arrow season 3 episode 22 showed us that this is apparently the show of fake-outs, man don’t these writers love all these fake-outs! I’m finding it harder and harder to take Arrow seriously anymore. But let’s discuss Arrow season 3 episode 22! Spoilers follow. Fool me once, that’s okay. Fool me twice, okay you got me! Fool me again and again, and it’s not good writing anymore.  Why does Team Arrow think it’s a good idea to make all these convoluted plans, and not tell the other people about it? How can you possibly think that’s a good idea? From Roy’s fake death, to Oliver’s fake betrayal in the span of a few episodes, the writers need to think of better ways to get these characters out of tricky situations. Because now, it’s come to the point where everything is ridiculous. How on earth could Oliver think that kidnapping his best friend’s wife was a good idea? Maybe season 1 Oliver could be so dumb, but now? After everything they’ve been through. After all the times they’ve kept things from each other, and then later realising that was stupid? And if that’s not enough to annoy your audience, the writers had to go and make Felicity the whiny girlfriend. I loved Felicity before, but now I’m actually finding myself enjoying Laurel’s character a lot more. Probably because her character isn’t bogged down by an annoying soap opera romance. But we did have a pretty good classic Felicity moment in episode 22, when she thought she took out the bad guy, oh well, you tried! arrow katana fight Speaking of that scene, the episode wasn’t all bad, that fight on Nanda Parbat was pretty awesome! From Atom flying in, to Katana killing her husband. Now I’m not sure if Arrow is doing the whole soul-taker sword thing, but in the comics Katana’s sword stores the souls it slays. The first soul to be in the sword, was the soul of Katana’s husband. And of course in episode 22 we see Katana kill her husband with her sword. And now that Arrow has gotten super weird, they might as well have Katana start talking to her dead husband’s soul through her sword. As for the Roy/Thea story arc, it looks like Thea will become the new Arsenal. But she’ll probably be less Arsenal, and more Speedy. And hey, basically everyone else has a costume on the show now, so she might as well have one too. The episode ends with Oliver presumably killing his friends, whilst going off to marry his dead ex-girlfriend’s girlfriend (as you do). It was quite the dramatic ending, although any sense of tension was gone once they showed us the promo for next week’s season finale, where everybody is absolutely okay! arrow season 3 episode 22 team arrow Popping up next week is The Flash as well. Now it’s going to be very weird seeing good old Barry Allen dealing with the Ra’s situation, things in the Arrow world are completely whack now. Overall I can’t say I even know what to make of Arrow season 3 episode 22. Everything seems to be bordering on the line of absolutely ridiculous. The season finale looks like it’s bringing us another episode of Starling City in chaos, yay. I’m really hoping that the showrunners have a great plan to set-up season 4, because right now I can’t say I have loved season 3, which is a shame because season 2 was completely awesome.

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  1. Don’t expect it. It is a trend I noticed back in season 2 already, melodrama over good writing and the slow dismantling of Felicity’s character because the writers are apparently not able to see a female character as, well, character as soon as she becomes a love interest. Those were the main reasons I dropped the show at the start of the third reason, though the writers made it really, really easy for me.


    • It’s such a shame what they did to Felicity’s character! Just because I’ve invested so much time into this show, I still have hope, but if the finale does something even crazier than what’s been going on now, then I don’t know how long I’m going to last


  2. I totally agree with you. I saw this episode yesterday. It is ridiculous. Oliver Queen is definitely not divergent lmao!


  3. I actually think this show had gotten better over the past 5 weeks. Unfortunate that youre disappointed by it. Hopefully itll be better next season.


    • I’m having a love/hate relationship with the second half of this season haha, but I’m hoping the season finale wraps things up and sets other things up nicely


  4. I really like the show but I am ready to get this whole story arc done with. Ra’s seemed like a good nemesis at first but as you say it’s now bordering on the ridiculous after all the twists and turns and plain dumbness from a bunch of extremely smart people who have been together for long enough they shouldn’t need all these secrets. Hoping for a great send off and better season to come.


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