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Arrow 3×20 Discussion: Hello Al Sah-him (remember when this show used to be grounded)

arrow season 3 episode 20 al sah-him

Arrow season 3 episode 20 completely let go of the grounded world that once was Arrow in the earlier seasons, and gave us Lazarus Pit action and Oliver becoming the new heir to the Demon’s Throne. Yep, just look back to season 1 and to where we are now…things sure have changed. So let’s discuss Arrow season 3 episode 20!

Spoilers follow.

We all knew the Lazarus Pit was coming, and it finally has. Who’s the lucky user? Well Thea of course. As Malcolm warned, the Lazarus Pit may heal wounds and even resurrect some, but it isn’t without its consequences. The most famous example from the comics is of course former Robin, Jason Todd. When Jason was killed by the Joker and brought back from the Pit, he went a little nuts. He even adopted the old persona of the guy who murdered him, which is pretty crazy! So I’m assuming we’re going to see some hint of craziness in Thea soon. I mean the way she leaped out of the Pit was pretty insane, but I’m guessing there is a lot more of that to come.

Thea’s return from being half dead wasn’t the only big thing that happened on Arrow season 3 episode 20, we also got some serious steamy Olicity action! Personally, I prefer them to just stay friends as I can’t be bothered dealing with all the Olicity drama that is inevitably to come, but for all those Olicity shippers, I’m glad you guys finally had your moment. Even though it ended with Felicity drugging her new boyf (not cool).

felicity ra's al ghul

Although I like that Felicity isn’t afraid to take action and to stand up for Oliver to Ra’s himself. That girl sure has guts, even though she may not always have the best plans.

But of course the biggest part of the episode was Oliver Queen once again stripping his identity and becoming Al Sah-him, a temporary identity until he becomes Ra’s Al Ghul.

Now Arrow has always really been a show about identity, and who Oliver really is. He went from being a playboy billionaire, to being a vigilante killer, to just being a vigilante, to being the next Ra’s Al Ghul. And through all these identity changes, Oliver still doesn’t know who he really is. It’s this internal struggle that has been a constant throughout all the seasons.

Oliver knows that he hasn’t really achieved everything he wanted to achieve as the Arrow, and it is this lack of accomplishment that has really upped his whole existential crisis. So maybe the League of Assassins will teach him a thing or two, about how to create permanent change. Hopefully something that doesn’t involve mass killing of the population.

arrow season 3 episode 20 ra's al ghul

Although Arrow has for sure changed dramatically since it’s beginning, I’m glad the show isn’t afraid to keep changing the status quo. Get too comfortable, and the episodes become boring and formulaic, something Arrow hasn’t done yet, which is good.

But there still needs to be a line. This world shouldn’t get too far-fetched, otherwise the show will just become a parody of itself. I’m hoping that we don’t start seeing an immortal Oliver Queen, becomes I’m not sure if I could handle that.

Overall Arrow season 3 episode 20 was another great episode which continued exploring this new bizarre world of Arrow. The momentum has definitely picked up for the upcoming finale, which begs the question for who the real big bad of this season is, it is Ra’s Al Ghul, or the newly introduced Al Sah-him??? (ooooh).

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  1. With the intoduction of super powers, time travel, and the lazarus pit, the arrow/flash world is although entertaining, getting dangerously close to the edge of a video game. This is what happens when you start bringing in characters like the flash, which i’m actually ok with. This is also the reason why i dont wanna see characters like supergirl or green lantern in this universe. Aliens in that universe will fracture the tone in my opinion.

    Like you said there has to be a line. In the movie universe aliens exist with superman and all, HOWEVER, there won’t be any lazurus pit, time travel, or particle accelerators in the snyderverse, i can guarantee you that. Arrow has turned it around overall so it’s ok.


    • Yeah I get so excited when they give Green Lantern easter eggs in The Flash, but those type of characters would probably be too much. Hopefully the show doesn’t get too much crazier, though I am waiting to see how they explain Sara’s return. I hope they’re not going to be like ,’oh she’s a clone’ or something weird like that


      • Caity lotz will play a different character, not sara. Sara is dead and they havent put her in the Lazarus pit. I would be floored if they did that.


      • Even if she’s not playing the same character, they’re going to have to make some weird plot device as to why this person looks like Sara


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