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Gotham 1×20 Discussion: The Riddler begins!

gotham episode 20 the riddler

I think because the Batman v Superman trailer reminded us how cool Bruce Wayne and the world of Batman can be in live-action, Gotham season 1 episode 20 felt a little flat. And also I’m not sure if I’m liking the direction they’re taking with The Riddler. So let’s discussion Gotham season 1 episode 20!

Spoilers follow.

First the good: Bruce Wayne in high society is always fun. Bruce’s suits are really his actual costume. It was good seeing Bruce enter the high society world of Gotham, with the aid of his good old killing pal Selina Kyle. Bruce is on a mission to find out more about what’s going on in Wayne Enterprises, and I’m glad they’re exploring the boy detective side of things.

Gotham season 1 episode 20 also continued exploring the villain of The Ogre. It’s good that instead of doing the normal villain of the week, they are giving a multi-episode arc to this villain, however I’m not sure if he’s interesting enough to give a long arc to. Why not use an actual Bat villain? Although I do love me a good serial killer story, and finding out a bit about his back story was interesting (what is it with serial killers and their mummy issues?).

gotham season 1 episode 20 ball

But this episode did nothing for making the audience like Barbara more. I mean if a guy has that kind of room, don’t smile, run!!! Her character just gets stupider and stupider as the episodes go on. I thought in the Pilot she could be a good, supportive female character, but instead she’s become a nuisance.

Overall though I think Gotham is a pretty enjoyable show. I can’t say that I anticipate every episode, but every episode is a fun time. But my biggest gripe with this episode, was the way they are handling Edward Nygma.

We all know that Nygma eventually becomes one of the most popular Batman villains, The Riddler (if you couldn’t tell by all the riddles the guy tells on the show). Nygma has always been a quirky character, so I didn’t mind the over the topness of his character. Gotham season 1 episode 20 was a major step forward for the villainous nature of Nygma, as we saw him repeatedly stab the cop that stole his girl.

gotham the riddler









And I get that this is still his growth towards the character, but his spontaneous killing just didn’t feel right. Personally, The Riddler characterisation that I love is the calmer, egotist, who’s obsession lies with proving his intelligence and superiority over other people, through convoluted riddles and puzzles. The Riddler is at his best when he is a master of strategy, something we see in Batman: Zero Year and Hush. That is The Riddler I would like to see on the show.

Perhaps though his first messy killing will be the stepping stone he needs to become more strategic, and if that’s the case, then I’ll be a happy chappy! So really I can’t judge until I see where the show goes on from here, but hopefully they go for the egotistic and strategic Riddler, over the eccentric one that doesn’t come off as that intelligent.

But as I said overall Gotham season 1 episode 20 was enjoyable, however with only a couple of episodes left in the season, I hope they up the tension and give us a good climax. You have a show with some of the greatest mythology in fiction, so use it to your advantage! Also next week, we get a hint of the Batcave, oh yes!



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  1. I try to avoid reading your episode reviews because I’m always depressingly behind on these shows, but I had to read this because The Riddler is by far my favorite Batman villain (I refuse to count The Joker, because then any contest is just unfair). If he continues like that I might give up on Gotham. Grrrrrrrr.


    • It’s only the beginning so they can improve his character, I just don’t want them to make The Riddler a joke, because he’s so much better than that!


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