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Oh hey Fantastic Four, I almost forgot about you

fantastic four 2015 official posterBetween Batman v Superman hype and Star Wars hype, it’s been hard to even think about anything else the last couple of days. But out of the corner came Fantastic Four, reminding us that they still exist, with a trailer that definitely looks better than the first trailer released for the film. So let’s talk Fantastic Four trailer feels!

To be fair to the first trailer, it was a teaser trailer, so there’s only so much you can say about it. But we now have our first official full trailer for Fantastic Four, and it looks promising enough. The general premise of the trailer starts off with the good old plot point of wanting to save the world with science. We get introduced to Reed Richards, and soon the rest of the team meet and interact.

And you know, that’s what makes the Fantastic Four great. They’re essentially a family, and their team dynamics and bonds is what separates them from other superhero teams. So it’s good that the trailer gave us a hint at some of those dynamics (awkward failed fist bump). But then they give us a generic “oh I’m a badass shot” of Johnny Storm driving a fast car but what ever, I just giggled a little at that.

fantastic four trailer discussionThe first half of the trailer also did a good job of not taking itself too seriously. Sure you can make the Fantastic Four more mature than how they were presented in the first Fantastic Four films, but going too dark with this movie probably isn’t the best tone they can go for. But I am glad they have decided to make it less campy for sure.

Those shots of the Four displaying their powers on the lab table was great. All of their powers look great on-screen (damnn Sue sweet force field).

My biggest question mark right now is Doom. I’m glad they only gave us a tease of Doom, because they should save the real action for the final trailer. The synopsis of the film includes “Their lives irrevocably upended, the team must learn to harness their daunting new abilities and work together to save Earth from a former friend turned enemy”. Now of course that friend turned enemy is Doom. So if they explore the emotional repercussions of this friend turned enemy, and really have him be this compelling villain that isn’t just another bad guy to punch, then this movie could be really special.

fantastic four 2015 doom costumeFantastic Four looks like it is really pushing to be a little more Sci-fi and less superhero, so perhaps the clashing of the Fantastic Four and Doom will be a bit of a discussion surrounding the consequences of science. You know, hubris coupled with science vs using science for good.

Either way I’m interested in seeing Fantastic Four. In 2015 we will only be seeing 3 superhero films (I say only because next year we’re seeing 7 superhero films…yepp), and compared to The Avengers and Ant-Man, Fantastic Four does differentiate itself. Which is good, because as I said earlier, it’s much better to have different tones and themes in these films, to avoid wear out of superhero movies.

Fantastic Four comes out in early August, and will be the last superhero film of 2015.


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  1. This movie looks like it could be on the edge of either being good or bad. The movie is only gonna run for an hour and 40 minutes, Marvel cancelled the comic because neither they nor Fox can come to a sharing agreement despite FF being Marvel first (yeah I know they leased the rights because they went bankrupt at the time), and all the promos for the movie keep saying “from the people who brought you X-Men: DOFP” as if the movie couldn’t hold its own. I don’t get why Fox has held on to FF since they failed with it twice before while X-Men still goes strong (until there’s some kinda deal for them to appear in MCU that is). And yet I’m still pumped to see it because I like the casting, even the black Human Torch because it’s an adaptation and taking liberties with source material, the premise, the look and feel, and hopeful that Doctor Doom will be a forced to be reckoned with and not a whoopie (also happy that they decided not to name him “Victor Domashev” and have him be an internet troll).


    • Huh I did not know the runtime was that short, that’s so weird for a superhero movie. And yeah it’s so weird that Fox are so adamant on keeping the property, I guess it made them some money but not really that much. The movie comes out this week and I really don’t think it’s going to do well in the box office, there’s like no hype for this movie which is sad because it has the potential to be something good and different…


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