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Batman v Superman hate: Whatculture, what is wrong with you

batman v superman hate whatcultureWhat ever you do, don’t go onto, your brain may fry from all the stupidity. I regret my decision going onto the site, but I did, and I read some stuff, and I’m wondering what the heck is going on here?

So for some reason I ended up on the Whatculture site. For those of you unfamiliar, it’s basically a fluff site that writes a bunch of top 10’s, generally with very stupid, click-bait titles. One of the articles on the homepage right now is: “9 Ways The Batman V Superman Trailer Proves The Movie Will Suck”. Now this article is so ridiculous, I just have to talk about it.

Point number 1: The trailer has a generic introduction

The writer talks about how a lot of the trailer was devoted to voice over narration, and that it didn’t open up with a shot of Batman or the fight. First of all, as I said before, this is a teaser trailer. So why would they give away the good stuff now. Second of all, when does a trailer ever start with the big climax? You could make this complaint about basically any trailer ever made, because the purpose of a good trailer is to tease.

Point number 2: The use of CGI

The writer doesn’t like that the film will be using CGI. I just. What? You know Batman and Superman are fictional characters right? They are going to have to use CGI, which does mean the use of green screen etc. To be fair, the writer did say you can’t judge CGI off a trailer, so I don’t know why they even bothered mentioning it.

batman v superman trailer analysis discussionPoint number 3: The droning music

The writer now goes on to complain about the seemingly generic trailer music. Me personally I thought the score of the trailer was really great, and did a perfect job of creating the mood. Did it have some of the same beats some other trailers do as well? Sure, but compared to the music played in other trailers, the Batman v Superman trailer music felt a lot more evocative.

Point number 4: The teaser for this teaser trailer was crap, therefore the movie will be crap

Apparently Zack Snyder insulted us with that 20 second footage he released to announce the trailer. I can’t even respond to that.

Point number 5: The trailer seemed too much like The Dark Knight

You know that amazing line Alfred says in the trailer, about turning good men cruel? Well the writer didn’t like it as it sounded too much like what Michael Caine’s Alfred would say. They are playing the same character, they are going to say similar things! That’s what Alfred’s character has always been, this master of wisdom.

batman v superman gunPoint number 6: Releasing the trailer close to the Star Wars trailer and Age of Ultron also apparently means the movie will suck

We all know that the trailer wasn’t supposed to come out the same day as the Star Wars trailer, that was the case of an unfortunate leak. As for releasing it near Age of Ultron, why wouldn’t they? Age of Ultron will be one of the biggest films of the year, and is the first movie of the year to bring out all the superhero hype, so why wouldn’t WB want to try to utilise that hype? This point just doesn’t even make sense.

Point number 7: Cheesy dialogue

The writer goes on to criticise the dialogue in the trailer, and if you don’t think the dialogue isn’t good then that’s your opinion, and it’s fair. But he also says this; “Quite how Supes hears this deep voice over the pouring rain and lightening isn’t quite clear (has he developed super hearing?)”. That right there says enough.

Point number 8: The trailer is bad because it over-emphasises that Batman and Superman are in the movie


batman v superman hatePoint number 9: We’ve seen it all before

Again what? The writer complains that we’ve already seen Superman use his strength in previous movies so the trailer showing us Superman using his strength is boring. And also that we’ve already seen Batman in his Dark Knight Returns suit from the leaked Comic-Con footage. Well yes, but we saw that in crappy cam format (unless you were in Hall H), and besides this scene was different anyways.

Now I don’t like to normally crap on other people’s work, in the case of this writer’s article, but he pretty much just sums up a lot of the DC haters on the internet. Their predetermined judgment of this film, means they will even come up with the silliest points to hate on the movie. I just fail to see the logic. We have the two most iconic superheroes coming together on screen for the first time, so can’t we just enjoy it? I guess this was my bad for reading the article in the first place, but everywhere I go on the internet, there are DC haters, everywhere! If you watch Batman v Superman and then decide you don’t like it, that’s completely fine, everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Let’s just not hate on something for the sake of hating, just sit back and try  to enjoy.


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  1. I can’t go anywhere without seeing trailer breakdowns! Seriously, breaking down fragments of advertisements has to be a new low for film lovers and people in general. Can’t we just wait till the movie? We’ll find out all we need to know when the films come out, won’t we?


  2. Why do you even bother? By responding to this you give them the fuel they need. I would have stayed blissfully unaware of the article.

    Frankly, I am not excited about this movie. I have a really bad feeling about it, mostly because it builds upon a movie I really, really don’t like, and obviously picks a tone which is a hard sell to my own personal taste. But here the same applies as for the Fantastic Four movie: I fear the worst, but if it is good after all, I’ll rejoice. And a teaser can be good or bad but that says nothing about the movie.


    • Think of it as my PSA for people to making such thin-slice judgement. And yeah that’s fair enough, it’s not like you’re going into these movies saying you’ll hate it, we just have to wait before we can really judge


  3. People complain on the internet, that’s what they do.

    The movie may very well be terrible, but I certainly want it to be good and I’ll give it a chance!


  4. I think that whatculture is not a site, just a bunch of people that write stuff without thinking.
    The teaser is much better than a lot of trailers, everytime with the same sound, songs, scenes. This is a real comic book movie, this is what we need. A great movie with the two greatest superheroes of all time. Superman is the first comic book superhero. This movie will be epic! The haters complain about nothing.


  5. Well said. Sadly, some smart person is making money from the advertising on sites like the ones mentioned with vapid, shallow pointless “articles” and “content”. One of the reasons I started a Batman blog with all original content is that I went looking for good in depth articles on Batman and found the internet lacking. All the good stuff was in traditional print. Another reason was as a reaction to sites made up of crummy Top 10 lists, which I enjoy, but a whole site of them? Ugh!


    • I know there’s so many of these type of articles it’s ridiculous. Well I for one am glad you made your blog to help combat all these click-bait articles. It’s pretty sad there’s a whole site devoted to them.

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      • Yeah it’s a real head scratcher that one, but then I think what did all those heist movies teach me?
        Follow the money.
        Some people are making a bloody fortune from those sites, and it is NOT the people writing for them, who do the hard work to make other people wealthy. They could be building their own sites, which takes times time of course but in the long term, some of those people (even the ones who write crap) could actually make a living if they wrote for themselves rather than those sites run by people they have never met with very fat wallets.

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  6. I’ve grown sick of WhatCulture. I used to like it but now I don’t. The only articles I read there are some bookmarked ones I have that are actually good. Aside from that it’s a horrible website. The writers are stupid and lazy people who have nothing better to do than trash movies and act like their opinion is the only one that counts. They need to go through some changes.

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      • Anyone who devotes their time to trashing movies really has issues. There’s nothing wrong with being a film critic, it is a legitimate profession. But these stupid sites like cinema sins and these click bate sites are just indicative of our society now. An overall desperation to matter, to get attention, regardless of any perspective.

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      • Yeah well said, it’s okay to fairly criticize something, but making such a harsh judgement about a movie that hasn’t come out yet doesn’t even make sense


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