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Gotham 1×19 Discussion: Christian Grey, what are you doing here?

gotham episode 19 ogreGotham episode 19 returned with our new villain of the next couple weeks, Christian Grey Ogre! Selina is a bad influence over Bruce, Mooney continues being weird, and Penguin is on his path for vengeance. So let’s discuss Gotham episode 19!

It was good to see Peter Petrelli back on our screens again in Gotham episode 19, but this time he was less hero and more serial killer…They call him Ogre, for some reason, and he’s a rich guy who has intense control issues and a room full weird shit (sound familiar?). Gordon being the stubborn son of a bitch he is, is on the path to finding Gotham’s serial killer, especially since Loeb set him up.

And I have to say, I want to like Gordon, I really do, but his character isn’t written the best at times. I know Jim Gordon is supposed to be determined and what not, but in the comics he’s a bit more subtle. He isn’t grabbing people by the throats and yelling like a mad man all the time, which is something this Gordon does…a lot. I’m all for justice too, but sometimes it’s better to not piss everyone off.

gotham episode 19 gordonThe Ogre was an okay villain, although seemed more like a filler villain than anything else. Perhaps his involvement with Barbara in next week’s episode will better connect him with the larger story.

Over at Mooney’s camp in Gotham episode 19, she’s a woman with a plan! As far as we know right now, Fish Mooney won’t be returning in season 2, as stated by Jada Pinkett-Smith, so it will be interesting to see how they will conclude her character. I don’t think she will die, I’m thinking she will just go elsewhere, and we’ll just never see her again. I’m not as irritated by her character as I used to be, however I just don’t understand the point of her presence to be completely honest.

Another subplot was to do with Penguin, he’s a man with a plan! To take down Maroni. I like that we’re seeing the tactical and strategic side to Penguin more and more. The Batman vs Penguin showdowns aren’t really a battle of brawn, they’re a battle of brain.

Speaking of Batman, the world’s greatest boy detective is at it again. One of the biggest complaints about the Dark Knight Trilogy was that we didn’t really see Batman be the detective that we see him be in the comics. What Gotham has been doing really well, is developing the detective side of Bruce. 

gotham episode 19 bruce wayne selina kyleAnd it’s clear that although Selina Kyle can teach Bruce about the streets, she may not be the best influence on him. We saw Bruce struggle with his morality in episode 19, as he almost considered killing Reggie. But Selina took care of that struggle for him, by killing Reggie herself.

Now everyone knows about Batman’s strict no killing policy, so maybe it’s the guilt over this event that really causes him to form that policy once he eventually becomes Batman. Because what Gotham has the opportunity to do, is really explore the motivations of Bruce and why he ultimately chooses to become Batman, and be the way he is.

Overall Gotham episode 19 was pretty enjoyable. Although this show probably should have stuck to the original 16 episode long season they were going to do before, to help create a more focused and tight season.

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  1. Although the villain was clearly evil, he just seemed forgettable to me. He is definately a filler villain. Also i’m suprised that they had Selina push that guy out of the window like that, man, that was really dark, even for Catwoman,or Catgirl. I’m more interested in bruce investigating the shady doings of Wayne enterprises than Barbara or Fish at the moment. They’re doing a fine job as actresses, it’s just that Fish has not been written to be believable enough and barbara has been forgettable.

    They may have to take a different approach next season with the main lead on this show, Gordon. I like Ben Mckenzie but you’re correct he should be a bit more subtle and ease up on the constipated facial expressions. Harvey Bullock right now is a more natural and believable character to me than Gordon. Anyway there’s time for them to figure things out over the summer. Clayface, Mr. Freeze, and the Mad Hatter are slated to appear in season 2, so i”m expecting this show to improve as far as villains go. The main thing will be how they approach Gordon next season. Keep doing what you’re doing I like these reviews.


    • Thanks so much! And yeah he was such a filler villain, which is why I think they should have just stuck to their original 16 episode plan. I don’t mind Selina doing dark things because she’s always been a kind of bad influence on Bruce anyways. And yeah as for Gordon I hope they smooth out those kinks next season, season 2 should be better with those villains, instead of these random filler villains.


      • And can you explain to me what they have done with Montoya and Allen? They have been abandoned completely. Although i dont wanna see that lesbian nonsense anymore with Montoya and Barbara. Maybe that was the only reason she was included into the show. What a waste of an actress and a character.


      • Oh I completely forgot about them, I wish we could get more of Montoya because her character as The Question is awesome in the comics. I reckon they were probably going to include her more in the story before everyone started hating on that story arc, for good reason because it was weird and random


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