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Agents of Shield 2×16 Discussion: It’s a Civil War!

agents of shield season 2 episode 16 civil warAgents of Shield season 2 episode 16 continued unraveling the civil war that’s going on in S.H.I.E.L.D. We also saw a cool place where a bunch of not so Inhumans hang out and Deathlok returns and doesn’t look as crap anymore. So let’s discuss Agents of Shield season 2 episode 16!

Spoilers follow.

Hunter is quickly becoming my favourite character, his reactions are just so real and priceless. Of course Coulson would bring a cyborg as back-up! Episode 16 continued exploring the battle between old S.H.I.E.L.D and new S.H.I.E.L.D and things have really started heating up.

To be honest, I understand where Gonzalez is coming from, Coulson can be a little bit whack sometimes, and doesn’t always make the right decisions. And he did come back from the dead, that’s a hard thing to deal with. However I feel like there was a way better way to deal with this situation then this. So now Coulson is teaming up with Hunter to go find Ward, which I like.

agents of shield hunterWard hasn’t been really used as much this season, so it will be good to see him back with the team. I couldn’t care less about Ward in the first half of season 1, but as soon as it was revealed he was evil, I was officially in. I’m not sure if Ward will ever join the side of good again, but I feel like he has a bit of a conscience in him. Of course the next few episodes will be looking into what’s in Fury’s little box, and I’m sure it’s all connected to something much bigger.

Skye in the meantime is trying to deal with her powers. She’s all “oh my powers are a curse”, but in a world where The Avengers exist, as if you wouldn’t be a little excited that you have sweet powers like them. 

And of course she has a very attractive guy helping her out with her powers issue. I hope Skye comes to start really embracing her powers soon, because it will be great to see her doing some badass Quake stuff. Although we know in next week’s episode Skye will begin training, so hopefully she’ll start to not be so depressed about her new powers.

agents of shield season 2 episode 16 afterlife inhumansThat whole Afterlife place Skye was in was a really interesting concept, which I’m hoping they explore more. All this set-up for the Inhumans has been really good so far, and having Raina, Skye and her father all together in this weird, creepy nowhere place is a great contrast to what’s going on back in the normal world.

Agents of Shield season 2 episode 16 did a really good job of balancing the different story arcs in a compelling way. They’ve done a really good job keeping up the momentum as the season is drawing to its conclusion. I have a feeling we’re going to be getting a lot more twists and turns in the upcoming episodes, especially because Age of Ultron comes out in 2 weeks, so who knows what repercussions that film will have on the show!

Oh and if you’re still in the Agents of Shield mood, then you can check out this sweet app that lets you create your own S.H.I.E.L.D ID badge (unless Hydra is more of your thing):



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  1. Well, they did say that the last few episodes of this season will tie into Age of Ultron. Also, this episode is good. I can understand why “the real shield” is taking things a bit too far considering the Hydra situation they had to fight their way through, but they’re really not helping to simplify things when Hydra’s still out there.


    • I know, the new Shield need to think a little more about the way they’re handling things. However i get that it’s annoying Coulson and Fury have a million secrets


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