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The Importance of Deadpool’s R Rating (F*** You Slater)

deadpool movie r ratingAs we all know by now, Deadpool will in fact be rated R, and a big deal was made about it, and for good reason too. Deadpool is now less than a year away now, so it’s time to start gaining back some of the good will lost from the character’s last live action appearance in X-Men Origins: Wolverine (urghh).

Ever since the announcement of the Deadpool movie, much of the discussion online has surrounded whether the film will end up with a R rating or a PG-13 rating. Many reports came out suggesting that Fox will definitely give the film a PG-13 rating, to widen the audience appeal. This of course didn’t make many internet people happy (but then again when are we ever happy?).

Then a bunch of R-rated films came out, and did pretty well at the box office, including Kingsman, and the next thing you know, we have a R-rated Deadpool movie. Honestly, I’m not sure if this was always their intention, I think Fox was definitely convinced to give the film a R rating after the box office success of many R rated films recently.

deadpool movie test footageSo now we have a R rating and the internet is cheering again. Deadpool needed to do this, because giving the film a PG-13 rating doesn’t exactly scream of confidence. The issue with the last appearance of Deadpool, was that they were almost embarrassed to embrace the comic book roots of the character. They changed his origin, didn’t give him the famous costume and sewed the Merc with the Mouth’s mouth, because that makes sense!

Thankfully, Ryan Reynolds seems like he does genuinely love this character, along with the others involved with the project, so now it looks like they are finally embracing his comic book roots. The way they announced the rating was marketing genius. That move well and truly made everyone excited and confident that the Deadpool movie won’t suck.

Of course with a R rating, we can’t expect the movie to make Avengers money, but it doesn’t need to. I’m assuming this movie will probably have a lower budget of around $50-75 million dollars, so it’s not the type of film that needs to make $100 million on its opening weekend. This character already has a big fanbase, and relatively good name recognition amongst the mainstream audience. So what it needs to do is appeal to the fans, which it is already doing by giving it the R rating it deserves.

deadpool r rating movieThe R rating will also help differentiate the movie from the other comic book movies coming out. In 2016 we’re also getting Batman v Superman, Civil War, Apocalypse, Doctor Strange etc, so there’s going to be a lot of superhero stuff going on. If people want something a little different, then as soon as they hear the concept of Deadpool, they’re going to be interested. A R-rated meta comic book movie full of dark fucked up humour sounds good to me!

Everything that we’ve been hearing about this movie so far has made me feel pretty confident we’re going to get something great. That “leaked” test footage was a teaser for the awesomeness that’s going to come.

I won’t expect a trailer for this until maybe 3-4 months before the film’s release, so we might see some footage around late October/early November woohoo!


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  1. The deadpool movie will make money. As you said the budget will be below $100 mill, there’s a fan base and passers by will see the name “DEADPOOL” on the theater screen and be curious. Realistically it’ll probably earn about $450 mill.

    I think that the days of big budget solo superhero films are nearing and end. They’re too risky. Green lantern- flop, man of steel- decent box office returns but highly polorizing, both hulk movies- underwhelming returns. Thor the dark world- nothing to scream about. Guardians of the galaxy and the winter soldier were both team up movies, I think you get my point.


    • I think the budgets for these films will increase, but like you said, they probably won’t really be “solo” movies in the truest sense. I’m expecting cameos in all these movies, which will justify the huge budget, which will hopefully mean big box office returns


      • Thats interesting that you think the budgets will increase. Maybe youre right, who knows. I also think it’ll depend on the character, certain characters have a greater appeal and translate better to film than others.

        That’s why there are no hulk movies on marvels line-up. Personally i dont believe were gonna get another green lantern film, i think wb will back off of that 2020 release for it. Too much special affects and cgi aliens. People dont buy into it. Im not even sure if were getting another solo superman film in the future. Look for more grounded relatable chatacters. Notice how dc swapped martian manhunter for cyborg, coincidence?


      • I think that the studios feel like they need to keep upping the stakes to keep the momentum going with these superhero films which is why i reckon the budgets will increase. But yeah it all depends on the character, if we do get a Green Lantern, i think it will be more of a green lantern corp movie, rather than just focusing on one lantern, because people love team-ups. I don’t know, I don’t think people mind weirdness, Guardians of the Galaxy was anything but grounded. DC obviously are more interested in keeping things grounded compared to Marvel though


      • Perhaps you’re right about escalating budgets. Just pretend that you’re a wb executive and suicide squad is a big hit with a $100 mill dollar budget and wonder woman is a hit with a $140 mill budget. Would you green light a sequel to one of those or make another $200 mill green lantern movie? No answer needed just food for thought.


  2. If this movie does well, maybe they’ll decide to make Wolverine 3 R-rated also, and we really should get an R-rated Wolverine movie before Jackman retires from the roll. It shouldn’t be that difficult either. Wolverine doesn’t need that many special effects – he’s better with simpler, more brutal action.

    Also, I completely agree with the test footage. If the movie is anything like that (with restraint of course), it should be amazing.


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