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Batman vs Robin Spoiler Review: It’s actually pretty good, just don’t over think it!

batman vs robin spoiler review discussion Batman vs Robin is the latest DC animated film, and even though I usually find Damian to be an annoying little shit, I actually quite enjoyed this one. The film pulled from Scott Snyder’s Court of Owls arc, however it definitely isn’t a straight adaptation, with many big changes to the story. So let’s discuss Batman vs Robin!

Spoilers follow.

For those of you that have read the New 52 Batman run, you probably know about the Court of Owls. Essentially the Court is a secret organisation run by the wealthy of Gotham, with the goal of shaping Gotham into the place they want it to be. Clearly this draws parallels to Batman, who is a secret individual who is wealthy, and wants to shape Gotham into they place he wants it to be.

The Court of Owls was a great concept in the comics as it not only drew parallels towards the actions of Bruce, but also proved to be a considerable threat to him. Batman is a character of control and order, and to know that the city he loves has been secretly controlled by people other than himself isn’t easy for him to know.

In the Court of Owls story arc, we find out that the Court picked their Talons from Haly Circus. And Dick Grayson was their next choice, however that was interrupted as Bruce had taken him in.

batman vs robin court of owlsIn Batman vs Robin we don’t really see the links between the Court and Dick (except for a throw off-line about how he could have been a great Talon), as instead the film focused on Robin. And you know, it makes sense that Damian would nearly team-up with the Talon assassin, considering he was raised by assassins himself.

Unsurprisingly Batman vs Robin mainly explored the growing tension between Bruce and Damian. Bruce isn’t exactly the world’s greatest dad, and Damian isn’t exactly the world’s chillest son, so of course there are going to be issues. I’m glad the film focused on exploring the relationship between the pair, because even though Damian can be kind of a dick sometimes, the father-son relationship between Bruce and Damian is something that is really great to see.

The Talon in Batman vs Robin was essentially what Damian would grow up to be if he hadn’t been trained by Batman to fight for justice not vengeance. And now Damian is on an existential journey to find out who he really is. Me personally, I wouldn’t send my ten-year old son to the middle of freaking nowhere, but you know what ever.

batman vs robin talonIt will be interesting to see how Damian is after he comes back from his journey, as I’m assuming we will see a follow-up movie to Batman vs Robin.

Although people have had their issues with recent DC animated flicks such as Son of Batman and Throne of Atlantis, Batman vs Robin was overall a pretty great movie. But, don’t show it to your kids. This film along with Assault on Arkham have been pretty dark, there’s naked people and endless decapitations!

And don’t expect all the complexity you got with the Court of Owls comic in this movie. I’ve seen people complain about how easy it was that he got out of the maze etc, but at the end of the day, this film was about the relationship between Batman and Robin. Robin is constantly trying to prove himself to his father, and be the Robin he thinks he needs to be. And obviously that’s hard for him, as he wasn’t raised by Bruce, he was raised by assassins. Batman vs Robin is about Damian’s struggle to figure out his identity, and Bruce’s struggle to be a father, and overall it did that pretty well.

So now that we got one Batman versus movie done with, it’s time for the next (Team Supes on that one though).

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