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Arrow 3×18 Discussion: Is Detective Lance the best Arrow villain?

arrow season 3 episode 18 lance villainLance is not happy with the Arrow, clearly, and in his words things have come full circle between Lance and Oliver Queen. From foes to friends to foes again, Lance may not be a villain in the truest form, but he’s definitely playing the role of the antagonist in the last few episodes, and it’s been pretty great. So let’s discuss Arrow season 3 episode 18!

Spoilers follow.

So what marks a great villain? For me it’s all about motivation and execution. You can be as intimidating as you want, but without those extra layers, a villain is boring. Ra’s Al Ghul is a great villain in the comics. The comics draw parallels between Ra’s and Batman, as they both strive for the same end goal, order and justice, however have very different methods of obtaining that.

Ra’s Al Ghul in Arrow hasn’t really made clear what his end goal is, however he definitely is intimidating. So it’s okay, but Lance right now is the best bad guy. Lance and Oliver Queen share a rich history. Queen has dated both of his daughters, and plays a big part in shaping their lives. Without Queen, Sara wouldn’t be “dead” and Laurel wouldn’t be the Black Canary.

arrow season 3 episode 18 ra's al ghul and lanceSo that’s a huge reason to be pissed off at Oliver Queen. The next thing you know, you find out he is the Arrow, now it’s time to really get pissed. As Laurel already said, Lance is deflecting all his anger and pain onto the Arrow, because it’s easy. He’s a broken man who’s looking for someone he can focus on, to make himself feel better. That person is Oliver Queen. And the growing tension between the pair has been one of the best parts of season 3.

The scene between Oliver and Lance in the police van was particularly well done, “I love your family” *bitch slap*. Lance may not be the bad guy who goes around and starts killing everyone in Starling City, but he is the bad guy who will ruin Oliver’s life. With Lance it’s personal, which is what makes him such a great foe.

As I already stated, I have my issues with season 3 of Arrow, but if they start focusing on really developing the antagonistic relationship between Lance and Oliver, they could be on to something really good. Because on a show like Arrow, you need a good bad guy.

Just look at The Flash. The reason the first season of that show has been really succeeding is because of the bad guy, Harrison Wells. And Arrow had that with Slade Wilson, and can have that again with Lance.

arrow season 3 episode 18 royWith Arrow on the home run of its season we can expect a lot more to come. As we saw in the preview Roy is going to jail! I’m glad they’re giving his character more to do, and I’m sure the adventures of Roy in prison is going to be fun.

Overall Arrow season 3 episode 18 was solid, and I’m really loving the direction they are taking with Lance and Roy. Also not one character pissed me off this episode, which is a plus. Laurel was good, Ray wasn’t being a douchebag, yayy for character growth! 

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