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Is Powers good and worth watching? If you’re looking for a time filler, then yeah!

is powers tv show goodPowers isn’t a bad show, and it isn’t amazing either. It definitely has the potential to do something really great, but I really don’t think the Playstation Network is going to allow Powers to reach that potential. So let’s discuss Powers!

So briefly for those that aren’t familiar with Powers, the show follows the Powers Division. These cops are forced to deal with all the super-powered beings who are out in the open in this world. In this world, these ‘Powers’ are idolised, and viewed as celebrities. They have fan followings, but aren’t really heroes, they’re elite. Back in the day, one of the cops of the Powers division, Christian Walker, was a hero Power, but lost his powers. The big bads of the show include Johnny Royalle, with the power of teleportation, and Wolfe who…eats people (yupp). He was also the mentor of Johnny Royalle and Walker, one turned into a superhero, the other a villain.

So Powers has a great concept. If there were super-powered people in the world, not all of them would become either heroes or villains, there should lie some kind of middle ground. In this world they are the celebrities, the elite, and the cops don’t exactly know how to deal with this situation.

is powers worth watchingBut the problem is, Powers has a pretty crappy budget. Sometimes when I’m watching the show, I feel like I’m watching a fan film, because the visual effects are not good enough to explore this world of super-powered individuals.

Another problem is the over expository dialogue of all the characters. The show takes the audience and thrusts them into this world that is full of history. All these characters have intricate pasts that connect with each other, and the way they have been exploring that so far is not by showing us, but by telling us. This means we end up with a lot of character interactions that basically go along the lines of “hey remember that time that blah blah blah”. And it gets a little tedious. Thankfully in episode 3 we started seeing some actual flashbacks to the past, rather than just a character forcefully explaining their past in a drawn out monologue.

powers tv show castHowever the new, growing relationships between the characters that they are showing us are actually interesting. Walker and his partner Deena, and Royalle and Calista (who unfortunately is the most irritating, dumb character) are forming interesting relationships, that they are actually showing us grow, rather than just informing the audience of their relationship.

For Powers to really exceed, they need to spend more time fleshing out this world. What the rules of the world are, and what the past of this world is. And they can’t keep doing this through expository dialogue.

So is the Powers TV show good? Overall the show is enjoyable enough, if you don’t think about it too much. I really do think it has the potential to be great, they just need to keep it a little more focused, and flesh out these characters more. So if you’re looking for something to watch when The Flash, Arrow and Agents of Shield isn’t on, you should watch Powers!

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  1. I felt the clunkiness at the start but I think the show has really started to iron itself out. I think you’re forgetting that in the first 3 episodes of any given genre show where it’s not exactly in our universe the show needs some time to world-build, and that takes about 3-5 episodes before you can see if the show is going to be watchable or not. A lot was explained yeah, but a good bit of that was people talking about powers as celebrities complete with a celebrity E!-type show about them. Not all the expeditionary dialog was that obvious, and you forget that all the shows you mentioned had a good 3-5 episode gap where they had to establish their world (including AoS) to help immerse the viewer. Hell, Skye was STILL annoying and worthless half way through the first season of AoS, and Arrow STILL has a somewhat silly 20 second tag at the beginning of each episode that is pretty unnecessary. ;p

    Anyway, the show is really picking up and if Sony can figure out a better way of distributing it (probably through their SlingTV-type service that’s in beta) then I think it’ll get more life for a wider audience. Sony is a major studio so this tiny experiment could end up launching a new streaming ‘network’. We’ll see.


    • Oh yeah the first half of season one of arrow and agents of shield were a mess of so I’m sure they will smooth out the bumps
      But yeah this Playstation network is so limited, it’s not like netflix, they need to figure out a way to make it more widely available because not many people even know this show exists


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