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Agents of Shield 2×11 Discussion: Inhumans, keeping things interesting.

agents of shield inhumans season 2 episode 11Yes Hail Hydra was quite the story arc for the second half of the first season of Agents of Shield, but season 2 episode 11 was the leap into an even better story arc, Inhumans. So let’s discuss Agents of Shield season 2 episode 11!

One of the biggest complaints about Agents of Shield, was the lack of superheroes. Before the show premiered, the promos were filled with Iron Man, the Hulk, and the rest of the Avengers. Unfortunately this made many people believe that we were getting a full on superhero show, when in fact we were gettting a spy show.

And it started off slow, but eventually Agents of Shield found its footing with the Hydra story arc. But things needed to start progressing, as the story started to drag a little again, and progress is what they did indeed.

Welcome the Inhumans! Briefly, Inhumans are a group of individuals that were tested on by Kree aliens, who went on to form their own society. Their society was very strict, and had an inner circle of Royalty. Not everybody can become an Inhuman, an individual must have certain genetic markers to become Inhuman.

This is what we saw in the mid-season finale of Agents of Shield, where Skye and Raina were able to get powers, whereas Tripp died, as he did not have the genetic markers.

So now it’s when things get interesting. Skye and Raina are the two Inhumans we all know and love (kinda). But they are both on very different paths. Raina directly searched for this path in her life. She always knew she was meant for greater things. Skye on the other hand was perfectly contempt not getting any alien powers, and is now in a position of trying to hide her powers.

agents of shield season 2 episode 11 skyeAnd you can’t blame Skye for that. What’s happened to them, and this outbreak of aliens and super-powered people, is looked down upon by the other members of Shield. Which you know makes sense, as they are always cleaning up the messes of all the crazy evil people.

Of course Fitz is the only member of the team that knows about Skye right now. But you know, she does start quakes around her, I’m sure the team will notice soon. It will be interesting to watch Skye grow to adopt her new powers, I just hope they don’t push the whole “omg I’m so depressed I have powers” angle for too long. I mean yes, change is hard, and they should definitely explore the impact this has on Skye’s life right now. But I hope that they don’t drag depressed Skye out for too long, because it will be fun to see her become confident with her powers.

Then you have Raina, who was also having a hard time accepting her new powers, but that’s more because superficially, she’s having a hard time adjusting. I mean I know if I woke up with thorns all over me, I would have a hard time as well, because you totally would always be accidentally pricking yourself. But luckily for her cool guy, ‘Reader’, has come to help her out.

agents of shield raina inhumanI don’t know too much about him, except that he is a good guy, that travels around trying to find out more about Inhumans. So hopefully he can help her accept her new thorny appearance.

I’m really glad Agents of Shield is starting the Inhumans story arc, before the movie. It’s great Marvel has allowed the showrunners to explore this arc before the film comes out (in 2019…).

Overall Agents of Shield season 2 episode 11 was a pretty good episode. However I feel like this show has too many characters, that things feel a little forced and rushed sometimes. But I’m definitely looking forward to see all this Inhumans shenanigans unfold in the coming episodes.

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  1. This episode almost feels like the start of a new season instead of just the mid-season launch, but that’s not a bad thing. There are some fantastic moments in this episode, but it did seem a bit bloated crowded at times with characters and events.


    • Yeah, it’s a whole new direction for the show.
      Exactly, overall I’m loving the new direction of the show, but there is a lot happening, the show needs to become a little more focused (I can’t keep up with all the new characters the show keeps introducing)


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