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Lets discuss the official ‘Batman v Superman’ Aquaman Image (i.e. how it’s beautifully badass)

official aquaman image batman v supermanSo what’s up with comic book news coming out at random times? Anyways Zack Snyder revealed the first official image of Aquaman from the upcoming Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice film, and it looks pretty incredible! The image also interestingly enough contains the caption ‘Unite the seven’, so lets discuss the first official Aquaman picture!

Just when I was thinking how we haven’t really gotten any official Batman v Superman news in a while, I jump on Twitter, and there it is! The first official Aquaman image from Batman v Superman.

Now first of all, we all knew with the Jason Momoa casting, Aquaman was going to be a badass. Aquaman has been the butt of a lot of jokes because of his campy first appearances, heightened by things like Entourage and Family Guy. Aquaman started to be really taken seriously during DC’s reboot, the New 52, where Geoff Johns came out with the new Aquaman character, and well and truly made him a character to be respected.

Within the comic community, gone were the days of making fun of Aquaman, the New 52 made Aquaman a character to be taken more seriously. He was the true King of Atlantis, and I’m sure most of you know and love this panel from the New 52 Aquaman:

aquaman new 52 i am your kingSo it wasn’t too surprising to hear that WB went with Jason Momoa, mostly known from Game of Thrones, to play Aquaman. No he wasn’t the blonde haired beach babe we normally associate with the character of Aquaman (although Momoa does have light streaks in his hair), but he definitely had the potential to have the look that screamed King of Atlantis.

And that potential was proven with the first official Aquaman picture. Yes, like all the other officially released Batman v Superman images, it’s heavily filtered, so it’s hard to know the exact colours of the costume, but the one thing you can get out of it, is that it looks great! The bright orange and green Aquaman costume from the comics would probably have a hard time transitioning to live action, so it makes sense they went with a more nuanced version. Aquaman looks like a warrior king in this image, and that is how he should be.

The costume looks similar to Aquaman’s costume in the 90s (except he has both hands), so it isn’t too radically different. He has the classic ‘A’ on his belt so I’m all good.aquaman costume The only thing that is a question mark right now is the real colour of his costume. However Superhero Feed uploaded the image how it would look unedited:

aquaman no filter no edit official image

From the image released it looks like we will be seeing a fully costumed Aquaman in Batman v Superman. His role of course is still unclear, but I don’t believe WB would release this image, if they only intended on showing a non-costumed Arthur Curry in Batman v Superman. It’s painfully obvious that the ‘Dawn of Justice’ subtitle wasn’t added for no reason, Batman v Superman will really be the Justice League origins film.

And what about that caption? ‘Unite the seven’. I’ve heard people talk about it referring to the Seven Seas, with Aquaman being the king of the ocean and all, and it could be, but I’m thinking it has more to do with the Justice League. Typically the Justice League has seven core members, so it looks like along with Superman and Batman, Aquaman will have a role in bringing together the Justice League.

And if this was a reference to the seven members of the Justice League, who are the seven?

  1. Superman
  2. Batman
  3. Wonder Woman
  4. Aquaman
  5. Cyborg
  6. The Flash
  7. ????

These are the characters confirmed for the Justice League movie, but who is the seventh? It’s most likely either Shazam or Green Lantern, but I’m hoping it’s Green Lantern. Interestingly enough in the recent Justice League #39 issue (spoilers follow for that issue), the issue ended with the return of Hal Jordan Green Lantern to the Justice League, after he had been missing from the team for several months after becoming the leader of the Green Lantern Corp. Sooo it would be pretty great timing if they announced the seventh member of the Justice League in the film universe was in fact Green Lantern.

justice league new 52It was about time WB/DC released something. Generally DC likes to come out with something official after Marvel comes out with something official and vice versa, so after the Spider-Man announcement we were all patiently waiting for DC’s move. Now this isn’t as big as the Spider-Man announcement obviously, but it’s still something. And I needed something official from Batman v Superman just to help keep my sanity until the movie comes out….in 13 months!

So is this the start of the official Batman v Superman marketing campaign? Will it be a picture reveal once a week leading up to the trailer? I hope so…pretty please.

But anyways what are your thoughts on our first official look of Aquaman from Batman v Superman? Let me know!

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  1. The wonder woman, aquaman and batman costumes are all spectacular, and we haven’t even seen cyborg yet. Unless there is an economic collapse which is very possible, this movie will make a lot of money.


  2. It looks great, for sure. Big fan of Momoa, so I am excited about him playing Aquaman. He’s probably going to be the Thor of the DC Cinematic Universe, and I am excited to see if his solo film is going to work. Still worried about a lot of the DCCU films, but I definitely like the look.


    • The dcu and mcu: ironman equals batman. Captain America equals wonder woman ( the w.w. movie will be a period piece). The flash is a more popular quick silver. Cyborg is a combo of black widow and hawkeye. Instead of being owned by shield he’s owned by star labs. Green lantern is basically hulk. Neither will be box office draws.
      I equate superman to thor, both aliens. Except one can kill without fan backlash. Aquaman is what will separate the dcu from marvels in my opinion. An underwater character can be interesting or just terrible, we’ll see.


      • I’d disagree. Aquaman and Thor are, in my opinion, the most bizarre additions to their teams. Atlantis and Asgard are worlds that need to be perfected for them to be believable. Supes should be the DC Cap, I am talking characterwise.


    • At least we know that the look of the characters in these films will be great. The only film I’m really worried about is Wonder Woman, because I have yet to see Gal Gadot be a good actress, but I guess we’ll just have to wait and see

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      • Good point. Yeah Gadot does worry me a bit. Suicide Squad and Shazam excite me. And while I’m looking forward to Dawn of Justice, I am very worried about it being overcrowded.


      • I’m not worried about BvS being overcrowded. A lot of movies have as many characters as BvS, people just assume that the other characters have big roles, but I believe characters even like Aquaman will make brief appearances, the main focus will be on Bats and Supes. Or I could be completely wrong, I don’t know haha

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      • A wonder woman film in modern day wouldn’t work and would be a terrible mistake. A wonder woman film in world war 1 and 2 is perfect for the character. As long as they go that route i wouldn’t worry.


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