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Deadshot’s future after Suicide Squad? Secret Six please???

deadshot secret sixMy boy Deadshot is no longer going to be part of the New Suicide Squad title after issue 8, which is a little surprising considering he’s been the mainstay of the team, along with Harley Quinn who will also no longer be part of the Squad. And I’m fine with Harley no longer being part of the Suicide Squad, considering she already has her own title, and is getting another title with Power Girl, post-Convergence. Deadshot on the other hand, only had Suicide Squad, so unless DC wants to feel my wrath via strongly worded tweets to their twitter account, I’m hoping to see Deadshot somewhere, anywhere in the DC universe after the New Suicide Squad line-up begins.

Spoilers follow for New Suicide Squad/Secret Six!

Okay first things first, the New Suicide Squad team that will begin in New Suicide Squad #9 includes: Parasite, Black Hand, Poison Ivy, Reverse Flash, Cheetah and Talon. The new line-up is fine and all, but no Deadshot??? What is this!

new suicide squad line-upIn the current New Suicide Squad issues, Deadshot is out of commission because of injury he received courtesy of Deathstroke. This injury could be the reason for his departure from the team, but I hope it doesn’t also mean his departure from the DC universe. He may no longer pop up in the Suicide Squad title, but maybe there’s an old team Deadshot can reunite with….Secret Six!

The Secret Six comic recently relaunched, and is currently on it’s second issue. Now granted there are currently already six members of the team, but I’m more than happy to sacrifice a member (except Catman that is) to put Deadshot onto the team.

Of course before the New 52 began, Deadshot was part of the Secret Six, with his best friend Catman. Now I don’t know about you, but I loved the relationship between Deadshot and Catman, and Deadshot and the rest of the team. As much as Deadshot liked to pretend he didn’t care about anything or anyone, he viewed the Secret Six as his family, and on more than one occasion went out of his way and risked his life to save the rest of his team.

deadshot catman secret sixI can’t imagine that DC would just not have Deadshot appear in any comics moving forward from New Suicide Squad #9, as he’s going to be in a movie next year…..played by Will freaking Smith! Considering one of the main goals of the post-Convergence DC comics is to place greater focus on characters that are appearing in the live-action universe, I feel like they are going to have to put Deadshot somewhere, and the best place I can think of (other than a solo title which will probably never happen) is in the Secret Six.

However it may be a little awkward to put Deadshot into the Secret Six. Because in the Secret Six comic, a group of six individuals were place in a box under the sea for an experiment, and have now banded together to fight back those who captured them. Right now the Secret Six have really started bonding over their shared plans for vengeance, so I’m not sure how Deadshot could fit into that story. Also with the New 52, Deadshot and Catman don’t even have a relationship (boo), so I’m not sure how they could work him into the story.

suicide squad movieRegardless DC needs to put Deadshot into something else after he leaves the Suicide Squad. First of all for the sake of my sanity, because I will go slightly crazy if I no longer get to read Deadshot on a monthly basis, and second of all, to help popularise his character before his film debut in 2016’s Suicide Squad movie!

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  1. How is Talon in Suicide Squad? I thought he was Court of Owls only or whatever…
    Also: Yes, Lawton needs to go somewhere. Maybe add yet another villain-centric book to the lineup with him and maybe Catman doing stuff? DC’s villains are often (but not always) some of their strongest characters… what do you think?


    • Well he is one of many Talons, so I guess Waller caught one
      Also I like that idea, I love villain team-ups, even if it was like a mini-series i’ll be down for that


  2. Deadshot series, nuff said. And I know that Suicide Squad always does a rotating roster, but no Deadshot and Harley Quinn? Hopefully they’ll still do Captain Boomerang and bring back Rick Flag and Bronze Tiger.


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