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The Flash Episode 13: Flashpoint confirmed?

the flash episode 13 flashpointThe Flash episode 13 may have been a little slow, with the main focus being on love and stuff, but we got a great reveal that strongly alludes to the adaption of the Flashpoint story arc. The showrunners have already hinted at a possible Flashpoint story arc, but after tonight’s episode (and the preview for next week’s) it becomes pretty clear what’s about to happen.

Spoilers follow!

The Flash episode 13 mainly focused on the relationships between Barry and Linda, and Caitlin and Ronnie. For those that aren’t a fan of love centric story arcs, they probably found this episode to be a little slow. Me personally, I love that Barry has moved on from Iris, to Linda, who is wayyy cooler than Miss Onlyisinterestedwhen theguywhoproclaimedlovetohermoveson. And showcasing Barry’s adorableness is fine by me.

But the best part of The Flash episode 13 was the confirmation that Barry was at the scene of his mother’s death. Now most people already suspected they were going down this path as soon as it was revealed there were two speedsters on scene at Barry’s mother’s death. But what’s the significance?

Well for those who have read the comic story arc Flashpoint, or have watched the Flashpoint Paradox animated movie, know what this is all about. Basically in the comic Barry uses the Speed Force to go back in time to stop Zoom from murdering his mother. However stopping Zoom from murdering Barry’s mother had a ripple effect and completely changed the current timeline.

the flash episode 13 flashpointFor example in the changed current timeline Batman is now Bruce’s dad, Thomas Wayne. Superman doesn’t exist as he is trapped in a testing facility, which means there is no Justice League either. Once Barry figures out what has happened he decides to reverse his actions, which is a little troubling as he no longer has his speed. Long story short, he gets his speed back and goes back in time to merge with his younger self, to stop his younger self from stopping the murder of his mother, so that the timeline goes back to normal.

In the comics, the Flashpoint story arc is what caused the New 52, meaning the timeline still didn’t go back to normal.

the flash episode 13 flashpointNow I’m not completely sure what The Flash is going to do on the show, but judging from next week’s promo, once Barry realises he was at the scene, he will try to go back in time (once Harrison Wells confirms time travel is possible) to stop his mother’s death. If Barry does end up stopping his mother’s death, then it will probably completely change the current timeline.

Because this is a TV show, not the comics, I doubt this will happen, as it will not only affect The Flash TV show, but also Arrow, as they are set in the same universe. Instead I’m assuming Barry will figure out that maybe messing with time isn’t the best idea. But who knows, The Flash has been quite the surprising little show, so if they do go through with the Flashpoint story arc, I’ll be very impressed.

So I guess we’ll just have to wait and see what happens. Overall I quite liked The Flash episode 13, even if it was a little slower compared to previous episodes. These constant reveals are keeping the show exciting, and I can only imagine what they are building to for the season finale.

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