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Gotham Episode 15 Discussion: ‘Gotham: Earth One’

gotham episode 15 earth oneGotham episode 15 continued the origin story of the Scarecrow, and it gave me a little perspective on what this show really is. Now I like to look at Gotham as one of those ‘Earth One’ stories DC publishes. Set in it’s own little continuity, altering origin stories and changing characters. If I look at Gotham like an Earth One series I can learn to forgive them dramatically changing characters, and start to enjoy the show a lot more. So with that lets discuss Gotham episode 15!

Gotham episode 15 showed us Jonathan Crane quivering in front of a scarecrow. Crane is in a constant state of fear, with the sight of a creepy scarecrow haunting his waking life. And I actually quite like it. Very much like how Bruce became the embodiment of his fear of bats, Crane will become his fear of this creepy scarecrow in the future. Yes it’s a change to his origin story in the comics, but that’s okay.

When I first got into Gotham I couldn’t believe the changes they were making to these characters. It was ridiculous! But now I have come to accept that Gotham is just in it’s own little world. Gotham: Earth One.

Gotham will maintain some consistency to what the original comics portray, but they aren’t afraid to change the story up…a lot. In the Superman: Earth One stories, Lex Luthor has hair!!! Also he’s actually kind of a nice, understandable guy. In Batman: Earth One, Alfred is Thomas Wayne’s best friend, not butler. And in Gotham, which is it’s own Earth One, it looks like it will be making some major changes of its own.

gotham episode 15 bruce woodsOne of the biggest changes I see coming is the fact that Gordon will know who Batman is from the very beginning. Ben Mckenzie who plays Jim Gordon has already alluded to this and so has the showrunner. In episode 15 we saw Bruce in the woods, having to get himself out of trouble. Alfred watched as he struggled to climb up a mountain for an hour. Bruce has already began his physical and mental training at a very young age.

So we know Bruce is already beginning to get into that Batman mindset, and Gordon will notice this. Of course Gordon is helping Bruce with his investigation into the murder of his parents, so as their relationship continues to grow, so will Bruce’s path to becoming Batman, and with Gordon being alongside Bruce through this journey, it’s pretty obvious Gordon will know who Batman is from the beginning, and will continue to help Bruce.

In Gotham episode 15, the Penguin foreshadows the future relationship between Bruce and Gordon. The relationship between Penguin and Gordon is quite unorthodox, and Gordon knows this, to which Penguin responds, “Walking with a friend in the dark is better than walking alone in the light”. Yeah let me tell you who that friend will be, it won’t be Penguin it will bloody Bruce Wayne/Batman of course!

jim gordon batman friendshipAnd in next weeks episode it looks like we will be getting introduced to the Joker (unless that promo was totally misleading us). At first I was pissed that they would introduce the Joker on to the show and give him an origin, but then I was like eh, this is Gotham: Earth One, they can do whatever they want. And if it leads to a compelling story then I’m all good. Also that promo for Gotham episode 16 was pretty damn exciting (that laugh!).

So yeah Gotham is changing things up, but with a little perspective it’s all good. Gotham episode 15 was another really fun and entertaining episode, looking forward to next week!




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